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IMing   16.5.2020

Does anyone know why they stopped allowing IMing on here. This system does not work at all. I used to like the 3 IMs a day, now you get none. They are ruining this site by not letting you an IM.

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chans878 29 W
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i still want a relationship   10.5.2020

yes relationship is so sweet when you are with the right person

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Wantsome12plzme 50 W
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Freedom   6.5.2020

In building a relationship you can't take someone's freedom and expect it to work. It's about giving them their freedom so they can freely and willingly give it back. If you try to take it without it being given, you will lose everything you have ever worked for.

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Kingfisher020 44 M
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She's looking for women to share her feelings   6.5.2020

... and she thinks she's possibly gay. How can I beat the suspicion that she has carried with her since her teenage days? Men treated her rude, they abused her in a threatening way and took away her dignity, faith, joy and all. Nowadays, she's so beautiful. But unhappy. I tried to talk to her, and that's how I know about what has happened, and how she feels, but all of a sudden her ...

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Meeting her at her House   29.4.2020

Realizing he was wearing his military uniform, he felt self-conscious as he rang the bell at the address Tammy had given him. He hadn't stood there long when the door opened and Tammy stood before him stark naked. Her beautiful face and perfectly perky breasts with their erect nipples drew his immediate stare. "Like what you see?" she asked. "Not much not too like, " he ...

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relationship W/ GOD   24.4.2020

A priest sat at the bus stop one fine day when a young man, on a bicycle, going too fast, lost control and slammed into a telephone pole. Being only slightly injured and having torn his shirt, he loudly exclaimed; OF A BITCH!, the priest quickly responded; say "GOD HELP ME" when in situations like this. <br><br> It was another day at the bus stop when the same young man ...

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dom_x_uk 50 M
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BDSM   21.4.2020

Many people who do not understand the BDSM lifestyle think it is all about kinky sex, or 'kinky fuckery'. It is actually a lot deeper than that, when we say it is a lifestyle that is exactly what it is, a way to live your life. Yes those in the community have to pull on their 'vanilla' clothing and go to work, school, socialise in a way society dictates but when they get home, in ...

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Sex=relationship?   10.4.2020

I want a regular fwb but not a relationship because I don't like sex with strangers. First time is always akward and strange sex isn't fun for me. What is the consensus. Personally, I don't think sex = relationship but I suspect some people do.

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taboocandy4u 20 W
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how to ask   10.4.2020

when is taboo sex open to talk <br><br> a. on first date b.during sex c.after sex d.when you break up

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HungCOstud9 41 M
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building a swinging wife   8.4.2020

would love some advice and knowledge on how to get my wife to start swinging with me, we fantasize a lot about it, but she is apprehensive....

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TucsonBoneAlone 54 M
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BIG   27.3.2020

"Holy fuck!" Amanda gasped, unable to contain herself. The photos had, if anything, not done him justice. His cock curved away from his body, already semi hard, but dragged down by its own weight, and gravity's undeniable pull. Amanda could feel her mouth water, and her woefully unused cunt clench as she took in the sight of him. He was totally shaved, the shaft intimidatingly ...

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Bryser83 36 M
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Meet for fling   17.3.2020

Gona meet a older woman for hopefully a fling she got partner but he not doing job now its my turn

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Donsauce 24 M
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How to talk to older women   5.3.2020

Im a pretty young guy but im interested in mature women around their 40's. What is the best way to approach a women much more older than you.

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jessesan2 27 M
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What do you do when your partner who youre having sex with hasnt responded in a while.   25.2.2020

Do you wait for her/him, or do you look for another partner right away?

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Infatuated   25.2.2020

I am totally infatuated with a woman...she is hard working, funny, tells it like it is....but so far away and I dont know what she looks like <br><br> What would you do in my situation?

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No reciprocation Needed   20.2.2020

Almost every on this site looking for a is either a bottom, equipment doesn't work or simply a slut. This normally means that they want a load, but don't want to give a load. Sounds fun doesn't it. NNNNNOOOOOO......

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damian4u1 50 M
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Relaciones abiertas y honestidad   9.2.2020

Ser honesto es diferente a ser “poca madre”, cuando tu pareja te pregunta y pide comparar tus experiencias sexuales, es porque esta dudando de si misma; así que con eso en mente tendrían que ser tus palabras. Es mejor enfocarte en lo bueno que tiene cada una de estas personas y hacérselo saber, la idea es sumar. Absolutamente estarás siendo honesto. Y si no tienes nada ...

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alecitoo92 28 M
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Infidelidad   9.2.2020

Serian infiel solo por tener sexo con otra persona? Sin sentimientos de por medio ?

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KittyK1010 40 W
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Is it important to have a connection before you sleep with someone?   4.2.2020

For it’s fundamental. I’m not saying you have be soulmates, but you need get on, there’s got be attraction, there’s got be a spark. <br><br> I’m surprised therefore that so many guys approach on think of they a picture of their cock and spend 5 minutes talking I’ll drawers for them. <br><br> Beginning wonder if they’re the deluded ones or if I ...

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Goldenman56x 63 M
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Speed   3.2.2020

Men like to move a relationship quickly while ladies like to go slow. Do men base their relationship more on sex? Then they look at other things while woman want to drag things out. Many older woman seem ok to go without sex. Many not all. Some of the exceptions are on this site. Maybe one will be willing to chat to me and develop a relationship.

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rm_Allicia36 38 W
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Domesticando a MI perro.   31.1.2020

Entramos en mi casa, descolgué dos pequeños cuadros que allí tenia, tapando los dos grandes cáncamos que los cuadro disimulaba... Mientras tu perrito, estabas sentado en uno de mis dos sillones, mirando imagino que temblando, debatiéndose, entre sus deseos y el salir corriendo... Te dije, que no te movieras del sillón, y eso hiciste... Entré en mi dormitorio, me desnudé totalmente... ...

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points   30.1.2020


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fantasy65344 31 W
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Lets hook up   30.1.2020

Life is too short for games and drama

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hannadun 33 W
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Lets love each other   30.1.2020

Treat each other with respect

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BBC4fun946 39 M
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Building a relationship   29.1.2020

Building a relationship is not easy do. It's never perfect and always will have certain situations that comes with it. Building is the key success.

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Wayneb518518 41 M
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Build   29.1.2020

Build the

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Coolhungdude 33 M
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Sexbuilding   29.1.2020

Honestly I am curious on the perspective of building connection via intimacy. Most of my experiences revolve around passion with my partners that they legitimately dont find with others yet end up with someone else either because of existing or the false idea of security as if that negates sex and connectivity that isnt very fulfilling beyond the security and comfort aspect which is ONE aspect ...

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kent1234871 35 M
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Hookups   29.1.2020

Does anyone come here to hookup anymore? I think people just come to ghost other people and get picky.

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Daddysonlygirl2 28 W
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LOVE ON Transen Kontakte Yay or NAY???   24.1.2020

What is your take on this topic...... <br><br> <br><br> 1. CAn you find Love or have you ? on this site? <br><br> <br><br> 2. if you did .....hows your current relationship? <br><br> 3. if you didnt .......are you open to it?

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Pollotd 38 M
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Autodestrucción.   21.1.2020

La relación se autodestruye, en la medida en que se limita una pareja a probar nuevas ideas...

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AravGupt007 28 M
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Tips for Building a Healthy Relationship   21.1.2020

All romantic relationships go through ups and downs and they all take work, commitment, and a willingness to adapt and change with your partner. But whether your relationship is just starting out or you’ve been together for years, there are steps you can take to build a healthy relationship. Even if you’ve experienced a lot of failed relationships in the past or struggled before to rekindle ...

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andmysophie2 44 M
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真面目な出会いは可能か   16.1.2020

ここで「真面目」な出会いを探している人は 意外と(?)多い気がしています。 それもアリですよね?

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A Therapist’s Guide to Navigating Your Partner’s Bisexual   15.1.2020

Bisexual people often occupy a challenging space between gay, lesbian, and heterosexual communities. Despite research that shows monosexual identities — or the attraction to only one sex or gender identity — are becoming less common, bisexuality is frequently written off as “just a phase, ” or a stop on the way to coming out as gay or lesbian. And it’s not just straight people who are ...

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Pleasurecook83 37 M
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What is the best way to deal with a long distance one?   14.1.2020

Been pondering this issue for a while now..... I have someone I have fallen for but the problem is she lives on the other side of the country..... I am kinda stuck where I am due to my job and my , but yet I find myself wanting her all of the time. Uggg why does this site torture me so.....

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Bigpete3263 29 M
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Difficult?   14.1.2020

Is it just me or is it difficult building relationships with people on here? It seems so many lack focus on building a relationship and are just seeking strange.

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Justguy101 42 M
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Hot steamy sex   14.1.2020

I search and search on here find mostly everyone is married.and cheating or it’s guy posing as couple looking to hook up with guys n stop being fake just be upfront.. this what people off so stop being fake.its like saying u have 8 inch dick then having 3inches that’s just dum be you.

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TucsonBoneAlone 54 M
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Take it easy, baby   8.1.2020

The fiery liquid burned his dry throat, and Kenny began choke. Enjoying his obvious discomfort, Lynn reached over pat him on the bac <br><br> "Take it easy, baby, " Lynn cooed, "We don't want you hurt yourself." <br><br> As Lynn leaned forward, her low-cut, loose-fitting top gaped open. Kenny was ogling the most luscious pair of tits he had ever ...

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crristobal3 28 M
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Buscando compenetrar   3.1.2020

Construyendo dia a dia

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poly   1.1.2020

how should i explain to the wife that poly is the best option for us

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guylooking4u57 51 M
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soul mates   29.12.2019

I'm curious about the people that are on Transen Kontakte only find their soul mate. I understood this site to be for swinging and hook ups so I just wondered if anybody had any luck starting a serious relationship here.

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TattedH0tR0d8069 39 M
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Fat cock here. No homoss please   29.12.2019

B. Ccfxxxxxxxxcgniggers Vb..xxfkcfru9reitehl743w8bm

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hannadun 33 W
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Life is too short   27.12.2019

Love is the greatest gift of life

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trithis66 43 M
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trust   26.12.2019

how do we trust enough to build a foundation for us to work from. do you harm or do I harm you. do we harm others. is this good enough for two or good enough for three. is it time for us to share or time for us to hide. will we be strong and will we get along.

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enttreggada 46 W
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rm_negraPolly 56 W
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Mi opinión , la tuya ?   24.12.2019

Mi opinión , la tuya ?

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samuel31919 28 M
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What am I doing here?   23.12.2019

I need meet people

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cowboy408j 30 M
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Looking   22.12.2019

Just looking for some fun

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Bristolman999 37 M
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Looking for the most of luck   21.12.2019

Anyone who is interested in guys

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solterillo029 33 M
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De Amante a pareja--   18.12.2019

Que nos pasa realmente cuando estamos de amante, es solo la calentura que genera un numero de situaciones; atracción, adrenalina que se produce por ser pillados, juegos, celos, AMOR, deseo, posesión etc. sin duda alguna el que ha hecho de amante sabe de lo que hablo, pero que pasa cuando esto se transforma en una relación normal. aveces pierden muchas cosas inconscientemente. pero como ...

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The First Meet   17.12.2019

I often wonder why women don’t take even the least amount of precaution when meeting an on-line acquaintance. Meeting in a public place should be the primary requirement when meeting for the first time. Not doing so only invites what they call a “meet and beat” where the woman gets beat up by a sadist, that is not consensual! Another rule is that the first meeting is just that, a meeting ...

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Letsdothis8078 39 P
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We are always evolving   11.12.2019

So almost 2yrs ago I meet me bf. While I didn't want date and he was on the same page. Well you know what that means...... Yeap we were just fucking without kissing. It was amazing just sent a and we did what people do. Then 5 months we were kissing and the occasion of a sleep over. Then he called it hanging out with . Sex beer and pizza. Well we are dating now and trying add a 3rd. So you ...

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keepers71 49 M
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Building a Relationship   10.12.2019

I sure wish that it would be easier for a man meet another man and build that relationship. It always seems everything is always sex first. I would love see if there could be more it than just sex. I would love give it a try with a guy who would want build that relationship.

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Relationship   10.12.2019

How many on here are looking for a relationship?

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sexynfun01 55 P
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Hook up   10.12.2019

We've met a few couples on here that actually met through Transen Kontakte. One couple even got married. would have thought.

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curvyspice 34 W
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long distance   10.12.2019

Love at first flight (Izabella from Montreal) <br><br> My husband and I met on a plane. I was traveling from Athens, Greece to Yerevan, Armenia to visit my extended family. My now husband was travelling from Switzerland to Armenia via Athens. He wasn't supposed to be on my flight, but was set to fly three days earlier but since he lost his passport, he had to take the next flight, ...

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ThefunnewbiesATL 32 P
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Building a swinging relationship.   10.12.2019

Hi, we are new swingers and looking for advice. We are looking for a male to be able to play with. Even when the husband is not home. What do you think is the best way to approach this?

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Consolecollector 28 M
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Points   8.12.2019

This one is also for points, feel free to comment for some!

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desire50shades 49 M
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Men vs Women   7.12.2019

About 10 years ago I had an encounter with another guy out of town in a hotel room. It changed my life and I find sexual satisfaction with men as well as woman. <br><br> Tell me why you enjoy men vs women.

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Pet peeves   7.12.2019

I think we all have deal breaker pet peeves. I know I have things I try to filter question out for compatibility so I don't waste anyone's time early on. But nothing is more disappointing than to get about a week into knowing someone only to have one of you step on a pet peeve landmine that makes the other person so unattractive to you that you completely lose interest in talking to ...

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alecitoo92 28 M
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Como compartir experiencias que no lastimen   4.12.2019

Hay varios que tienen relaciones y infieles y otros no. Incluso hay parejas que se cuentan todo y ahi va mi pregunta, Como le cuentan algunas cosas que tu pareja te lo pide sin que se sienta mal?... Ej Si es gorda, si hay otra que se lo ha hecho mejor, Si el sexo oral es bueno... En fin se supone que la honestidad es primero pero de ahi a que no se sientan mal es un gran estrecho... Como lo ...

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DirtyThoughts002 39 M
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Started with sex ended with...   3.12.2019

Anyone here start with just fucking and then end up with a relationship? Just wondering how common/uncommon this is.

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Smoker728 28 M
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Meeting and Demand   2.12.2019

I was wondering about this question that I have in my mind for a while now. When you meet someone for the first time online and after a couple of messages, you and the person wanted start a slow relationship. Once you do that, it started off fine and well. Then, within a few days, the person started make demand get them something. I do know that you do give them something like gifts and stuff ...

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Cr4ziiB4bii81 39 W
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We associate good relationships with sexuality, assuming quite naturally happy couples have sex more often than their miserable counterparts. But have you ever considered just what it is about sex makes it so beneficial to a couple’s relationship? A new and well-conducted investigation Anik Debrot and colleagues (20) points to the surprising role not of the sex itself, but of the affection ...

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celestialwarrior 42 M
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Como entender a una mujer   1.12.2019

Este Tema ha sido el dolor de cabeza de muchos de nosotros, al grado que en el calo cotidiano se dice que no intentemos entenderlas que solamente las apreciemos, las amemos, en la opinión personal de este caballero es conformarnos y quedarnos con una respuesta mediocre solamente por no adentrarse en lo que se puede considerar uno de los temas más importantes hoy en día.


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rm_carlinha_45 35 W
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Gorda, Tetona y Casada.   1.12.2019

Hace como 2 años que me va bien acá pero me topé con tipos que no se interesaban por mi persona, sino justo por mi barriga, grandes tetas y ser casada. lo de casada lo entiendo como deseo por lo proibido. pero Qué tiene de atractivo ser gorda y exageradamente tetona?

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rm_negraPolly 56 W
35  Artikel
Mi opinión , la tuya ?   1.12.2019

Mi opinión , la tuya ?

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ikerman4u 28 M
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disfrutar dentro de la pareja del sexo con otras personas   30.11.2019

desde hace más de 4 años de los 6 de relación entre mi xica y yo tenemos sexo en trío o con otra pareja, de carácter bisexual casi siempre...nunca pensé que disfrutaría teniendo sexo con xicos ( de hecho no he tenido relaciones con unc chico a solas aún ) con mi novia al mismo tiempo, ella si habia tenido sexo con una amiga pero para nada era experta.Comenzó como un juego, viendo porno ...

2 Kommentare, 70 Angesehen, 45 Stimmen ,3.23 Gesamtpunktzahl
is it possible to build a relationship   30.11.2019

how often do people actually become a couple from meeting on here?

3 Kommentare, 36 Angesehen, 24 Stimmen ,1.88 Gesamtpunktzahl
looking for older white friend for fun my profile...get back...   27.11.2019

would love to meet some nice older men or man [65 and older]to get together to have some hot fun … the p g area md …… lets have fun......

2 Kommentare, 41 Angesehen, 28 Stimmen ,2.62 Gesamtpunktzahl
hannadun 33 W
5  Artikel
Life is too short   27.11.2019

Love is the greatest gift of life

1 Kommentare, 17 Angesehen, 15 Stimmen ,3.59 Gesamtpunktzahl
hannadun 33 W
5  Artikel
Love is beautiful   27.11.2019

life is too short

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Snk4u22 39 P
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couple wanting to meet other couple or women.   27.11.2019

So me and my partner Simon have been on the site for quite a few months. We’ve been a little quite for the last month due to illness but back and ready to meet. <br><br> So getting to the point. We’ve chatted to loads of people on and off here but how long do you think you have to build a relationship via messages chatting before meeting. A lot just seem to want to carry on ...

3 Kommentare, 50 Angesehen, 38 Stimmen ,2.49 Gesamtpunktzahl
Treat it like a business   26.11.2019

You want to have a successful business

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cowboy408j 30 M
6  Artikel
Anyone out there   24.11.2019

Looking for a fwb

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sirwithlovexxx 47 M
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fun in melbourne   22.11.2019

having luck in melb?

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Georgiaman28119 29 M
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Meeting up   22.11.2019

Y is it so hard find someone to meet up

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carifer666 46 M
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Quien queda conmigo   22.11.2019

Yo tengo la seguridad de que este es un lugar, también seguro para encontrar la relación fija que deseo ...No hay que caer en exageración de que solo sexo en términos grandes hay con la gente de aquí. Mi misión es encontrar una chica con deseos de buen sexo pero en una relación fija...Es muy agradable saber y conocer historias diversas de como se da el Amor entre personas con alto ...

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PicaronHot2 43 M
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Sitios Nocturnos   22.11.2019

Para los hombres que partidarios di ir a esos sitios nocturnos y pagarle a una mujer para tener sexo yo la verdad prefiero gastar toda mi charla mi labia y sacar a flote mis encantos como caballero y hombre para disfrutar del sexo con una mujer saberla conquistar, hacerla reir, tratarla como una reina, puedo llegar hasta a mentirle pero pagar por tener sexo con una mujer la verdad no he llegado ...

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bodega_sonora 40 M
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cimientos   22.11.2019

cuando se pone uno con su pareja a construir una relacion se tienen ke poner los dos al unisono sino se ira al traste la construccion

6 Kommentare, 52 Angesehen, 35 Stimmen ,2.97 Gesamtpunktzahl
si que si   22.11.2019

yo quiero una relacion y llegar a tener una construccion como la torre de babel grande y rico para ti mi vida las mujer mas hermosa tu eres

5 Kommentare, 62 Angesehen, 41 Stimmen ,4.18 Gesamtpunktzahl
guillermo197060 48 M
6  Artikel
primeros encuentros!!   21.11.2019

hola!!! aca me paso tener encuentros que solo duren una vez, quizas es un cuestion de piel, que no se dio o quizas es que la mayoria solo quiere sexo casual esa vez y no mas, para no generar compromiso...para construir una relacion tiene que haber quimica, piel, y mutuo acuerdo para continuarla...

8 Kommentare, 82 Angesehen, 47 Stimmen ,3.87 Gesamtpunktzahl
imaginario40 54 M
19  Artikel
Sexo Iracundo   21.11.2019

Existe un mito fuertemente arraigado que sostiene que no es conveniente tener sexo estando enojados. Como que lo ideal sería poder arreglar las cosas hablando, y no intentar solucionarlas en la cama, donde los conflictos parecen diluirse, pero tal vez sólo en apariencia. Esta creencia defiende la importancia de eliminar primero el resentimiento y la irritación, para que así pueda surgir la ...

6 Kommentare, 65 Angesehen, 33 Stimmen ,3.24 Gesamtpunktzahl
caminadorlargo 59 M
5  Artikel
Fuera del país   21.11.2019

Parece mentira, aunque yo no hablo muy bien inglés, he podido tener mejores chats con damas de otros paises, jeje solo que hay un problema para poder conocerlas y tener un encuentro , estamos muy separados , ni modo espero que alguna o yo podamos viajar y ver que sucede

2 Kommentare, 16 Angesehen, 10 Stimmen ,2.39 Gesamtpunktzahl
namcoland 49 M
33  Artikel
交友軟體 有真愛   16.11.2019

根據《mamidaily》報導,《美國國家科學院院刊》做出的研究顯示,2005年到2012年結婚的受訪者,在這1萬9000名裡,對婚姻關係感到滿足的伴侶,多是在「網路」上認識的,而且他們的離婚率也比較低。 ...

1 Kommentare, 11 Angesehen, 4 Stimmen ,2.47 Gesamtpunktzahl
airportgirl01 30 W
4  Artikel
黃金會員資格   16.11.2019

我是不知道男性是如何啦! 但是我從點數0到現在已經500看來 系統本身更新速度很需要加強 <br><br> 我目前只有按照他的網站架構來玩 所以直播im我都還沒開的情況之下 只要綁定證照(身分證、駕照、護照) 就能拿到兩周的黃金會員 如果怕對方拿身分證治號怎樣的話 拿雙面膠貼起來就可以了。 ...

1 Kommentare, 52 Angesehen, 11 Stimmen ,3.92 Gesamtpunktzahl
dimdim28000 30 M
3  Artikel
ques ce que construire une relations   15.11.2019

bonjours tout le monde ques ce que construire une relation ? <br><br> construire une relation sais bien s'entendre avec une personne avoir le feeling avec une personne est puis bien sur faut qu'il est du donnant donnant est pas l'un sans l'autre faire des concessions pour sa bien aimée sans les prises de têtes l'osmose

2 Kommentare, 16 Angesehen, 8 Stimmen ,2.32 Gesamtpunktzahl
Consolecollector 28 M
5  Artikel
Points   13.11.2019

For the points

1 Kommentare, 70 Angesehen, 59 Stimmen ,1.93 Gesamtpunktzahl
sirwithlovexxx 47 M
2  Artikel
breeding   13.11.2019

is keen

0 Kommentare, 46 Angesehen, 37 Stimmen ,2.31 Gesamtpunktzahl
Points galore   9.11.2019

Points galore

1 Kommentare, 19 Angesehen, 15 Stimmen ,3.44 Gesamtpunktzahl
Draylink1 37 M
3  Artikel
Real ladies in charleston   9.11.2019

Are there real ladies or most scams on here?

0 Kommentare, 37 Angesehen, 28 Stimmen ,0.57 Gesamtpunktzahl
Rockhard16202 35 M
3  Artikel
Why   4.11.2019

Do relationship lastt

2 Kommentare, 29 Angesehen, 21 Stimmen ,1.27 Gesamtpunktzahl
Relationship   4.11.2019

Does anyone really come here for a relationship. This is a sex site!

3 Kommentare, 38 Angesehen, 24 Stimmen ,1.08 Gesamtpunktzahl
Here   3.11.2019

Is this a good site try and build a relationship from or should it just be a sex based idea

2 Kommentare, 37 Angesehen, 28 Stimmen ,1.29 Gesamtpunktzahl
Has anyone   2.11.2019

Has anyone started a relationship here! Like a one on one just u n him or her??

1 Kommentare, 31 Angesehen, 26 Stimmen ,0.87 Gesamtpunktzahl
indio1375 54 M
21  Artikel
can u create 1 here   28.10.2019

wondering y we believe here will get or find a date

3 Kommentare, 40 Angesehen, 28 Stimmen ,1.39 Gesamtpunktzahl
Howaboutfunnow 35 M
1  Artikel
building   28.10.2019

always start fresh....

1 Kommentare, 40 Angesehen, 35 Stimmen ,3.68 Gesamtpunktzahl
Maxbillion87 33 M
7  Artikel
Lasting relationship   21.10.2019

How many of you have had a lasting relationship with another person from this site. Do you use it for dating or just try for occasional hookups.

3 Kommentare, 56 Angesehen, 40 Stimmen ,1.32 Gesamtpunktzahl
indio1375 54 M
21  Artikel
can u create 1 here   20.10.2019

wondering y we believe here will get or find a date

1 Kommentare, 18 Angesehen, 11 Stimmen ,0.74 Gesamtpunktzahl
indio1375 54 M
21  Artikel
can u create 1 here   18.10.2019

wondering y we believe here will get or find a date

0 Kommentare, 26 Angesehen, 16 Stimmen ,0.63 Gesamtpunktzahl
rene0072000 42 M
8  Artikel
EASY   16.10.2019

Durch meinen Umzug suche ich Sex oder eine Beziehung.Kommt mir momentan so vor als ob alle nur rumtun aber nicht zur Sache kommen. Keine Ahnung sagt mir mal wie ihr das macht. Ciau rene

2 Kommentare, 51 Angesehen, 9 Stimmen ,1.07 Gesamtpunktzahl
Danii250 28 M
4  Artikel
Aufbauen Einer Beziehung   16.10.2019

Es ist schwer hier irgendwas aufzubauen. Frauen schauen meistens echt nur nach dem aussehen oder auf die bestimmte größe. Oder auf die hautfarbe (Was ich schon eher rasistig finde ). EIne beziehung sollte immer auf vertrauen basieren. Immer die wahrheit sagen nichts verheimlichen. man sollte das gegenüber gut kennenlernen.

2 Kommentare, 40 Angesehen, 13 Stimmen ,1.63 Gesamtpunktzahl
bastian501 48 M
2  Artikel
wie ist das mit dem Erfolg von Transen Kontakte   16.10.2019

wie ist das mit dem Erfolg von Transen Kontakte wer hat schon Treffen gehabt?

3 Kommentare, 179 Angesehen, 12 Stimmen ,2.27 Gesamtpunktzahl
papiturbo1000 40 M
1  Artikel
sexo a la primera cita   13.10.2019

piensan que es bueno tener sexo a la primera cita , si hay quimica entre ambos y se haya acordado mutuamente?

3 Kommentare, 56 Angesehen, 16 Stimmen ,4.60 Gesamtpunktzahl
indio1375 54 M
21  Artikel
can u create 1 here   13.10.2019

wondering y we believe here will get or find a date

1 Kommentare, 12 Angesehen, 11 Stimmen ,1.30 Gesamtpunktzahl
cokincam2009 34 M
4  Artikel
réel au final ?   12.10.2019

bonjour a toutes et tous, je me demande si nombreux sont celles et ceux qui sont satisfaits des membres avec qui ils ou elles discutent .. pour ma part, les différentes convers' ne donnent au final pas grand chose car ce sont souvent des jeunes qui n'osent pas franchir le pas du réel alors qu'il est beaucoup plus appréciable que de simple dial chaud sur le site .. c'est vrai que ma recherche ...

9 Kommentare, 254 Angesehen, 39 Stimmen ,3.89 Gesamtpunktzahl
desir   12.10.2019

il est important de conserver le desir dans un couple

2 Kommentare, 25 Angesehen, 16 Stimmen ,4.74 Gesamtpunktzahl
milwaukeetop 54 M
3  Artikel
c=chat and say what you feel   10.10.2019

why dont people with you and tell you they are not interested or are interested

2 Kommentare, 35 Angesehen, 28 Stimmen ,0.98 Gesamtpunktzahl
stroh4456 29 M
4  Artikel
Relationship Building   10.10.2019

What does it take

2 Kommentare, 45 Angesehen, 38 Stimmen ,0.50 Gesamtpunktzahl
rm_whitehorse_1 40 M
5  Artikel
io   10.10.2019

mi piacerebbe sapere se mai qualcuno e riuscito ha sviluppare una relazione anche piccola, grazie ha questo sito, sarei molto curioso perche io ancora non ci sono riuscito.

1 Kommentare, 176 Angesehen, 11 Stimmen ,2.23 Gesamtpunktzahl
coppiainibita 41 P
9  Artikel
a proposito di cazzi   10.10.2019

Due donne si trovano a parlare della loro ultima avventura :l'una fa all'altra :-ma veramente ci hai fatto tutto? BEH PROPRIO TUTTO NO IL CULO NON GLIELO HO DATO -e se ti dava un milione di euro glielo davi? -UN MILIONE? PURE ADESSO GLIELO DO -lo vedi i culi si trovano sono i soldi che non ci stanno!!!!

3 Kommentare, 180 Angesehen, 37 Stimmen ,3.15 Gesamtpunktzahl
Transen Kontakte   9.10.2019

Do you think Transen Kontakte works as ahook up site or is it just to master ate to

3 Kommentare, 48 Angesehen, 39 Stimmen ,1.04 Gesamtpunktzahl
How to best do it   9.10.2019

If anybody has any suggestions...!

0 Kommentare, 25 Angesehen, 21 Stimmen ,1.15 Gesamtpunktzahl
Taking it to another level!   4.10.2019

Could your partners need/desire to add another dimension to your relationship, sexually, have a negative impact on your dynamic? #4TPTS

1 Kommentare, 53 Angesehen, 42 Stimmen ,1.85 Gesamtpunktzahl
davidthemeg 30 M
1  Artikel
It's all about Trust   3.10.2019

To build a relationship takes trust. Without it girlfriends, boyfriends, and marriages will fail.

3 Kommentare, 62 Angesehen, 38 Stimmen ,2.16 Gesamtpunktzahl
blacky0341 44 M
5  Artikel
Sexy moi !!!   1.10.2019

Le sexe sans désir n'est que ruine du plaisir

2 Kommentare, 74 Angesehen, 24 Stimmen ,4.27 Gesamtpunktzahl
It is what it is!!   30.9.2019

Fucking each other all the time is the best way say together!

4 Kommentare, 65 Angesehen, 45 Stimmen ,1.55 Gesamtpunktzahl
Eatitupnbeatit44 33 M
10  Artikel
Try to have fun   27.9.2019

Keep your woman happy n always eat her pussy before you fuck her

0 Kommentare, 33 Angesehen, 28 Stimmen ,1.29 Gesamtpunktzahl
sonrising54 55 M
9  Artikel
Sex Building   23.9.2019

Building a relationship based on sex can be satisfying as well as pleasureable. Most women prefer just have the guy give them things, take them dinner, or things for them. I have found the most intimate moments happen on the spur of the moment. So you all lets build our relationships on sex.

3 Kommentare, 58 Angesehen, 39 Stimmen ,2.42 Gesamtpunktzahl
Johnspeter2 40 M
2  Artikel
The dos and donts of building a relationship   22.9.2019

So to begin, the rules of relationships are easy enough. Be honest. Be honest. Be honest. <br><br> Honestly goes a long way. Wether its a closed relationship or open. With out honesty the trust isnt there. Without trust bitterness begins to haunt you. Betrayal can be a devilish thing. <br><br> So be honest with your partner and withyour self. You will be on the road to a ...

4 Kommentare, 66 Angesehen, 44 Stimmen ,3.01 Gesamtpunktzahl
Rollintogether 36 P
1  Artikel
11 years and it keeps getting better   21.9.2019

we have been married years and not until about a year ago was my wife able to tell she likes her ass licked. I asked her why and her response was she thought I would think it was gross and it would embarrass her. we had a long discussion about when you get married you just kind of get into a routine and you stop putting in the effort to go above and beyond. so we made a list of places we want ...

4 Kommentare, 52 Angesehen, 34 Stimmen ,3.60 Gesamtpunktzahl
Wbpolo50 52 M
1  Artikel
Good sex   18.9.2019

Warmth comfortable safe strong loving big penis

1 Kommentare, 56 Angesehen, 39 Stimmen ,1.77 Gesamtpunktzahl
Relationships   18.9.2019

When you start a relationship and sex is introduced do you find it makes your relationship stronger. Or is sex just expected and does not affect you.

3 Kommentare, 43 Angesehen, 26 Stimmen ,2.38 Gesamtpunktzahl
blah01blah01 32 M
5  Artikel
How do I get my wife to get outside her sexual comfort zone?   16.9.2019

I want venture a bit more in our sexuality. How do I get wife jump on board? Anybody have any advice?

3 Kommentare, 87 Angesehen, 63 Stimmen ,2.11 Gesamtpunktzahl
straponcpl314 39 P
6  Artikel
Anal trust   9.9.2019

Dominating your man can be the ultimate trust builder. If he can take it from you then he trust that you wont hurt him. In other words that you will take it gentle on him.

10 Kommentare, 105 Angesehen, 29 Stimmen ,5.75 Gesamtpunktzahl
Johnspeter2 40 M
2  Artikel
The dos and donts of building a relationship   9.9.2019

So to begin, the rules of relationships are easy enough. Be honest. Be honest. Be honest. <br><br> Honestly goes a long way. Wether its a closed relationship or open. With out honesty the trust isnt there. Without trust bitterness begins to haunt you. Betrayal can be a devilish thing. <br><br> So be honest with your partner and withyour self. You will be on the road to a ...

2 Kommentare, 68 Angesehen, 60 Stimmen ,2.52 Gesamtpunktzahl
sheldom9487 41 M
2  Artikel
我們不色。就不會來這。   7.9.2019

希望男女雙方都能冷靜一下 <br><br> 男仕們。多點耐心。她們每天要面對幾十幾百通“安安。妳好”的訊息。看久我們也煩。 如果未讀等太久。也不要失去風度。惡言相向。也許真的是被系統吃了。換一個吧:) <br><br> ...

1 Kommentare, 39 Angesehen, 14 Stimmen ,5.86 Gesamtpunktzahl
Goodloveingman69 32 M
5  Artikel
Trust   5.9.2019

I'm sure people I want to trust but it's difficult so just be patient

4 Kommentare, 49 Angesehen, 33 Stimmen ,3.15 Gesamtpunktzahl
why oh why must I   3.9.2019

Roses are red, violets are blue, we should get naked and wrestle pronto boo

1 Kommentare, 23 Angesehen, 17 Stimmen ,2.28 Gesamtpunktzahl
hechizada73 47 W
1551  Artikel
COMO VIVIR UN GRAN AMOR...IV...   25.8.2019

Un lema para todos: UNA RELACIÓN DE PAREJA ES SIEMPRE PARA ESTAR MEJOR. Una buena relación es un contrato entre dos, donde ambos hacen lo que está a su alcance para hacerse mejor la vida. Si no, no hay relación, pues tener pareja no es para competir, cambiar al otro o descargar las neurosis que padecemos.

Renuncia a sufrir, decrétalo, ...

2 Kommentare, 83 Angesehen, 22 Stimmen ,4.45 Gesamtpunktzahl
rm_negraPolly 56 W
35  Artikel
Mi opinión , la tuya ?   25.8.2019

Mi opinión , la tuya ?

1 Kommentare, 44 Angesehen, 2 Stimmen ,1.04 Gesamtpunktzahl
us2foragirl 57 P
4  Artikel
When to include a 3rd   24.8.2019

How often should a regular 3rd person be included during adult fun and how often is too much?

8 Kommentare, 80 Angesehen, 35 Stimmen ,4.38 Gesamtpunktzahl
Rockhardforyou42 42 M
4  Artikel
Best way to build relationship on hook up sites   21.8.2019

Seems like I am a bit aggressive when it comes chatting on here....any advice help in the future. I assumed this was a hook up site not a get know ya site lol

4 Kommentare, 44 Angesehen, 19 Stimmen ,3.92 Gesamtpunktzahl
pinkfluffydino 49 M
1  Artikel
Why not take a chance?   21.8.2019

Just texting and breezing over a profile may not allow the characteristics of someone behind the profile to come out. You really don't know until meeting up in real life if there could be a great connection. It could even lead to more. What does everyone think about how difficult it is to get past txt. call, and actually meet?

6 Kommentare, 58 Angesehen, 27 Stimmen ,4.40 Gesamtpunktzahl
Peak   21.8.2019

Building up a relationship is fun, but who finds you a peak where the fun slows and dies off ? <br><br> I find it happens to often

1 Kommentare, 44 Angesehen, 23 Stimmen ,3.36 Gesamtpunktzahl
Jburns17011717 30 M
5  Artikel
Talking   8.8.2019

Doesn't anyone enjoy the fine art of talking anymore? Having real meaningful conversations?

1 Kommentare, 27 Angesehen, 18 Stimmen ,2.44 Gesamtpunktzahl
Should a relationship start with sex   8.8.2019

Just a question

4 Kommentare, 55 Angesehen, 33 Stimmen ,2.32 Gesamtpunktzahl
kissableleo66 67 M
6  Artikel
Differences   8.8.2019

A boy makes his lady jealous of other women, while a gentleman makes other women jealous of his lady.

1 Kommentare, 27 Angesehen, 12 Stimmen ,3.33 Gesamtpunktzahl
abdoumarly 37 M
1  Artikel
relation serieuse   30.7.2019

tout relation serieuse est basè sur le confiance entre Les deux partenaire

4 Kommentare, 29 Angesehen, 11 Stimmen ,3.54 Gesamtpunktzahl
Benzzzy316 27 M
4  Artikel
Insecuritys   28.7.2019

Hi everyone. <br><br> I've been with this girl about 3 weeks now. We really like each other! <br><br> But when we get in bed, I just cant get over the hump. I think I'm afraid to have sex with her. <br><br> I've had sex with multiple woman. But with her idk what's going on <br><br> I get super hard but I just keep telling her ...

4 Kommentare, 77 Angesehen, 40 Stimmen ,3.16 Gesamtpunktzahl
allnicstakenlol 55 M
3  Artikel
bi realationships   27.7.2019

anyone here in or have been in a bi relationshipi and maybe have added a 3rd from time to time? would love to hear from you

2 Kommentare, 54 Angesehen, 45 Stimmen ,1.48 Gesamtpunktzahl
licknclitpro 36 M
2  Artikel
bring on the points   26.7.2019

thank you for all the free points and your welcome for the ones you get

1 Kommentare, 35 Angesehen, 29 Stimmen ,5.05 Gesamtpunktzahl
Building a Relationship   24.7.2019

Creating this article for the points. I need points.

3 Kommentare, 53 Angesehen, 34 Stimmen ,3.60 Gesamtpunktzahl
RedBubba_1981 39 M
5  Artikel
Lies   23.7.2019

How csn you expect people to trust you when you get cauggt in a lie

4 Kommentare, 53 Angesehen, 35 Stimmen ,3.59 Gesamtpunktzahl
all_single 50 M
8  Artikel
How to Build Good Relationships   23.7.2019

Let’s start with kindness. How kind should you be? As kind as you possibly can. Who should you be kind to? To everyone you come in contact with. From taxi drivers, to hotel clerks, to servers, to store clerks, to people on the street, in your office and home. Be kind to everyone. <br><br> A kind word goes a long way. Perhaps somebody is having a bad day and you don’t know it. He ...

0 Kommentare, 45 Angesehen, 33 Stimmen ,2.96 Gesamtpunktzahl
kelly922 53 T
3  Artikel
why?   20.7.2019

why are you on here if you dont want to meet?

9 Kommentare, 198 Angesehen, 137 Stimmen ,3.72 Gesamtpunktzahl
mepnj 40 M
5  Artikel
What would get you to reply to a guys message?   20.7.2019

What are ladies and couples looking for in the first online interaction with someone they seek? Is it a “hello”? Or is it more?

5 Kommentare, 72 Angesehen, 44 Stimmen ,2.49 Gesamtpunktzahl
understanding a woman   19.7.2019

dont understand them love them instead!

0 Kommentare, 33 Angesehen, 12 Stimmen ,3.68 Gesamtpunktzahl
WEBEtheCouple 39 P
1  Artikel
Let your partner have some space   18.7.2019

Remember to let eachother have som fun time alone. If your partner knows his body well and she the same, the sex will get sooo much better <3 check on eachothers kinks once in a while. In a longterm relationship change and so does our kinks and fantasies. How about filming and sending it to your partner? A little teasevideo of you touching your lovely pussy. Mutual masterbation is a winner ...

0 Kommentare, 34 Angesehen, 29 Stimmen ,4.14 Gesamtpunktzahl
bigdiknick44 24 M
12  Artikel
need the points   14.7.2019


3 Kommentare, 71 Angesehen, 51 Stimmen ,2.63 Gesamtpunktzahl
goestinginsex 50 M
1  Artikel
Relatie met geile vrouw?   9.7.2019

Hallo iedereen, ik zou graag een relatie met een vrouw willen hebben die even geil is als mij. Hoe kan je zo iemand vinden, je kunt dat toch niet als je een date hebt dat recht op de man af vragen hé. In begin zijn ze allemaal geil maar daarna . Dus hoe los je zoiets op? Groetjes

4 Kommentare, 29 Angesehen, 11 Stimmen ,1.86 Gesamtpunktzahl
Mysteryman0866 27 M
1  Artikel
asfhksdhfkjshfsdkjfhsdkjhfksdjhk   9.7.2019

sdfsdfs, djfnksjhdfkj skdfj jsd fkjsdkj

1 Kommentare, 35 Angesehen, 29 Stimmen ,2.94 Gesamtpunktzahl
xxlooking4u2xxx 34 M
3  Artikel
Fun after dark   2.7.2019

I always wonder if she thinks about me as she lays there looking so peacefully content as I ponder if I am enough for her

0 Kommentare, 30 Angesehen, 23 Stimmen ,2.31 Gesamtpunktzahl
CentralTexas72 47 M
0  Artikel
If you have old enough to voice their opinion make sure they support your decision.   28.6.2019

So I reconnected with my childhood sweetheart after not having seen her in over 25 years. We grew up together, our parents were best friends, our families got together several times a year even when they moved away to Bedford. I knew I loved her since October of 1986, but did not know how she felt about me. In college we wrote letters back and forth to each other and so after my divorce I had ...

1 Kommentare, 38 Angesehen, 24 Stimmen ,1.99 Gesamtpunktzahl
Chench090 29 M
3  Artikel
Free   20.6.2019

Free free free free free free

2 Kommentare, 40 Angesehen, 28 Stimmen ,2.73 Gesamtpunktzahl
RedBubba_1981 39 M
5  Artikel
Help   17.6.2019

Whats best way to get more points kn here

0 Kommentare, 38 Angesehen, 25 Stimmen ,2.58 Gesamtpunktzahl
Actually building one   12.6.2019

Is it even possible to build a relationship on here? Before you have a chance to even establish any traction you come across 25 new people you try the same thing with. I just think the format isn't conducive to relationships

2 Kommentare, 30 Angesehen, 19 Stimmen ,2.46 Gesamtpunktzahl
Lovelypeeps2 29 W
1  Artikel
work   11.6.2019

You are going to have to work to build a relationship and if you don't want to do that then there is no hope fro you.

7 Kommentare, 151 Angesehen, 113 Stimmen ,4.89 Gesamtpunktzahl
Nightangler1985 34 M
1  Artikel
Breaking into this scene   11.6.2019

Very very hard to know how to interact. Maybe not for everyone. But lemme briefly list and touch on a few im facing as a man that has been relatively sheltered sexually, going through a divorce, and just ready to feel a woman. Ready to feel her legs quivering, voice cracking and moaning while i please her orally. Lol, sry, got off track. Anyway, so many hurdles. I know if i was face to face I ...

3 Kommentare, 54 Angesehen, 31 Stimmen ,1.71 Gesamtpunktzahl
NioNBi 58 P
3  Artikel
Felicitation for Stronger Relationship! Today is the Birth Day of NioNBi wife!!   10.6.2019

I as the husband of NioNBi take this opportunity to announce that today is my loving wife's birth day. <br><br> In fact beside she being my wife, she is my assistant who has provided unparalleled exciting time for many a people with her magical hands to make them happy and healthy through our professional sensual scrub massages or through our ...

1 Kommentare, 61 Angesehen, 29 Stimmen ,2.24 Gesamtpunktzahl
Firsttrying 61 M
1  Artikel
My Wife's lover - letter from Istanbul   10.6.2019

While working away from you for four months in Turkey, you were on my mind most of the work day and all the time in the long hotel nights. I built a fantasy around you, speculating that you were not alone back in Ottawa. Maybe it was a slight guilt about leaving you while I was on my Middle East working adventure. More likely it was my fantasy around what you had told me about previous affairs ...

0 Kommentare, 61 Angesehen, 29 Stimmen ,2.54 Gesamtpunktzahl
True relationships   18.5.2019

True relationships are built on trust, respect, honesty and communication.

1 Kommentare, 45 Angesehen, 34 Stimmen ,2.43 Gesamtpunktzahl
herenow2see 52 M
7  Artikel
ANyone here dating from the site   7.5.2019

curious to know and how its gone so far

3 Kommentare, 31 Angesehen, 21 Stimmen ,1.52 Gesamtpunktzahl
Smiley_guy72 47 M
1  Artikel
Friends With Benefits   5.5.2019

Will a relationship based on friendship and sex most likely lead to a stronger long term relationship , or are you likely to get hurt as one or the other still whats the fwb to continue purely as a nsa relationship? I feel in seek a FWB it could always lead to one party ending up hurt, does anyone also feel it could go this way.

3 Kommentare, 81 Angesehen, 34 Stimmen ,1.89 Gesamtpunktzahl
breathewitme 43 M
2  Artikel
FWB Gone Stale?   3.5.2019

Have you ever had a FWB that was fun but it just got stale? How did you handle it?

3 Kommentare, 55 Angesehen, 31 Stimmen ,2.76 Gesamtpunktzahl
Niceguy694all 41 M
6  Artikel
How do I get Experience with bdsm?   3.5.2019

So im interested in a girl that is into the Dom and sub but never really done it before but I haven't done it before. But how would I even start to do it without feeling like a fool because pretty much a nice guy I always aim to please but looks like somebody I want to be with likes to be a sub am I capable of being a Dom I just don't know how I would even start so kind of just asking ...

3 Kommentare, 33 Angesehen, 25 Stimmen ,2.03 Gesamtpunktzahl
wantz2plzyouu 26 M
1  Artikel
Why is I.M. so terrible   1.5.2019

Why does the instant messenger hardly work..

2 Kommentare, 51 Angesehen, 38 Stimmen ,1.74 Gesamtpunktzahl
adidas69xo 43 M
4  Artikel
how to build a relationship   26.4.2019

building a relationship with someone new is a tricky thing to do these is hard to find someone who is willing to talk to you and get to know you..these days with the internet and so many ways to contact people you would think it would be easier to get to know someone. unfortunately I think it only makes it more difficult as there is so many other people out trying the same thing or ...

0 Kommentare, 42 Angesehen, 33 Stimmen ,1.86 Gesamtpunktzahl
xxlooking4u2xxx 34 M
3  Artikel
Trust   25.4.2019

How long does it take to build the trust in a new when hurt before do you always have scepticism and doubt?

2 Kommentare, 39 Angesehen, 18 Stimmen ,2.03 Gesamtpunktzahl
sheldom9453 41 M
3  Artikel
各位seafood請幫弟子解惑   23.4.2019

我一直認為我很有禮貌 講話都不會帶三字經 條理還算清楚 但就有人 好像跟我有仇似的 從第一句話 口氣就是很不好 最後就是把我黑了哈哈哈 <br><br> 我哪裡得罪她了嗎? 這的女人(不是全部)少部份好像都吃了火藥?

1 Kommentare, 31 Angesehen, 12 Stimmen ,2.80 Gesamtpunktzahl
Ladies sound off! Energizer bunny or not?   13.4.2019

Is it all about sexual gratification when, where, how? or is it best to develop some type of person relationship with someone before having sex. That is my question to the ladies on this site that is reading my post. <br><br> My idea is that some type of relationship should be built prior to expecting sex. Although some believe that us guys should also operate like the ...

2 Kommentare, 72 Angesehen, 51 Stimmen ,2.17 Gesamtpunktzahl
_bell_ 61 W
6  Artikel
relacionamento virtual   11.4.2019

ate quando pode durar um relacionamento virtual? sera que isso cansa a ponto de durar somente alguns meses?

14 Kommentare, 83 Angesehen, 22 Stimmen ,4.69 Gesamtpunktzahl
kn0tty_ness 48 M
2  Artikel
3 Things I've Learned Over the Years   10.4.2019

Below is a reply of mine to a comment a friend made regarding whether or not to believe a compliment received by someone on here.I can understand her point of view. <br><br> I've learned a few things over the years in no particular order. <br><br> 1. Always tell the truth. You don't have to worry about nor necessarily remember what you said if you do. That ...

2 Kommentare, 86 Angesehen, 61 Stimmen ,1.69 Gesamtpunktzahl
Sprinter100000 42 M
7  Artikel
Importance of sex   9.4.2019

In a relationship, sex is associated with stability because it increases bonding, especially when each other's sexual desires are fulfilled. ... All the married couples stressed that sex is very important in a committed relationship because it maintains a level of intimacy that both people need in order to succeed.

5 Kommentare, 141 Angesehen, 87 Stimmen ,2.72 Gesamtpunktzahl
t_l_a_2 26 M
1  Artikel
Buscando um relacionamento saudavel   6.4.2019

As veses a busca de um relacionamento saudavel é muito complicada. estou em um relacionamento muito complexo e delicado a anos. porem a sensação de tesao e do sexo ainda são muito boas. acho q é isso que me faz continuar...

2 Kommentare, 31 Angesehen, 8 Stimmen ,2.78 Gesamtpunktzahl
Liloneneeded 40 M
9  Artikel
Hi   6.4.2019

Just get naked and sot there and talk..

0 Kommentare, 26 Angesehen, 21 Stimmen ,0.28 Gesamtpunktzahl
Azfreshout 38 M
7  Artikel
Is it good to put it all o7t there   31.3.2019

I started seeing a new girl and I'm wondering if it would be better to tell her about my Greeks side or no

1 Kommentare, 58 Angesehen, 37 Stimmen ,1.88 Gesamtpunktzahl
Azfreshout 38 M
7  Artikel
Trusr   28.3.2019

I am trying to find someone to build a relationship up with in this lifestyle I know I have no problem allowing myself to trust them but can they feel the same

4 Kommentare, 84 Angesehen, 60 Stimmen ,1.72 Gesamtpunktzahl
Deepdiver2makeuc 42 M
1  Artikel
Letting Go   25.3.2019

Relationships just happen, right? Wrong! Any two people can meet, have a great time, that's when the hormones take control and suddenly they are wrapped in the sheets and the night is over! For those that want or need more than this, the building begans. This is where potential for love starts and sometimes ends. As we all know to well, sometimes one of us isnt quit ready for the ...

0 Kommentare, 38 Angesehen, 31 Stimmen ,2.86 Gesamtpunktzahl
rm_Hyalino 50 M
3  Artikel
Les éléments de la personalité et le caractère   12.3.2019

je rencontre, en me promenant dans l'iternet une personalité qui me paraît belle, et je vais la choisir. si je décompose cette opération, j'y peux distinguer trois phases successives: j'ai vu la personalité, _ elle m'a plu, _ je l'ai choisi. le premier état est une perception: la connaissance de la personalité qui s'est présentée à moi. _ le second état est un sentiment: ...

1 Kommentare, 41 Angesehen, 6 Stimmen ,3.08 Gesamtpunktzahl
Raj_funlover 34 W
1  Artikel
Earning   8.3.2019

How can i earn 1000 points to split among those amazing webcam girls out there? <br><br> Please help me people. I want to help them..

6 Kommentare, 67 Angesehen, 42 Stimmen ,3.31 Gesamtpunktzahl
blue_eeye 24 W
1  Artikel
Romance, love, sex, satisfaction   8.3.2019

As we all now building a healty relation is only depend upon love care as well as pure realation in which we include romance sex satisfaction. So we need to make balance of all these things to make healthy relation <br><br> As i women i hv judge with above mention activities we feel glad if we miss any thing we very sad <br><br> In my college tim i hv done no. Of ...

2 Kommentare, 50 Angesehen, 27 Stimmen ,4.82 Gesamtpunktzahl
mulher5309 63 W
36  Artikel
Relacionamentos...   4.3.2019


(Arnaldo jabour)

Se um homem quer você, nada pode mantê-lo longe.Se ele não te quer, nada pode fazê-lo ficar.

Pare de dar desculpas, de arranjar justificativas para um homem e seu comportamento.

Permita que sua intuição (ou espírito) te proteja das mágoas.Para de tentar se modificar para uma ...

4 Kommentare, 62 Angesehen, 8 Stimmen ,5.33 Gesamtpunktzahl
SingleFitDude 40 M
5  Artikel
Not on Transen Kontakte   28.2.2019

Relations exist beforebut not after Transen Kontakte!

1 Kommentare, 47 Angesehen, 37 Stimmen ,1.12 Gesamtpunktzahl
WilliamLvPk 50 M
1  Artikel
Trust Fail...   22.2.2019

Not sure if this makes me sound foolish, but what the Hell. There's a lesson here somewhere. <br><br> A few short years ago I met a woman online. Not Transen Kontakte, but one of the sister sites. <br><br> Now here's the thing, I'm not a stupid person and I've been around more than long enough to know when someone is lying to me. So when she said that she was in her ...

3 Kommentare, 55 Angesehen, 32 Stimmen ,1.64 Gesamtpunktzahl
walkinbanana2 40 M
6  Artikel
Is it worth it...   22.2.2019

Once someone cheats, is it worth rebuilding? I've always thought "once a cheater, always a cheater". Thoughts?

3 Kommentare, 97 Angesehen, 50 Stimmen ,2.29 Gesamtpunktzahl
Saffire 40 W
1  Artikel
Introvert trying to open up   22.2.2019

I'm more of an introvert and trying to be more open to people and building a relationship. Is there anyone who is an introvert who as tried this or have been involved with an introvert. <br><br> How did things work out for you in either situation?

2 Kommentare, 47 Angesehen, 29 Stimmen ,4.74 Gesamtpunktzahl
Pointz   20.2.2019

For the points.

2 Kommentare, 43 Angesehen, 34 Stimmen ,3.96 Gesamtpunktzahl
NottoRR4 61 M
1  Artikel
Interaction   20.2.2019

Whew, you are something else, unfortunately I find myself in a situation I totally have no control over, but you on the other hand have no control either. Your fantasizes must be going a mile a minute, mine are. I had to change my search engine today and it was a pain. I had already decided what I was going to write to you and then got sidetracked. I hope these messages are relaxing you, after ...

0 Kommentare, 20 Angesehen, 14 Stimmen ,4.26 Gesamtpunktzahl
if you are a lady and want a real one   7.2.2019

am also aged man if u r alone or bored looking for a aged man , I am there ooking for a aged man , I am there cl me nine hi seven hey three for hey eight to three hey five three ok am also aged man if u r alone or bored looking for a aged man , I am there am also aged man if u r alone or bored looking for a aged man , I am there am also aged man if u r alone or bored l ok ok ...

0 Kommentare, 29 Angesehen, 24 Stimmen ,2.11 Gesamtpunktzahl
Mr85x 33 M
2  Artikel
First time   7.2.2019

Isn't t just wild when we think about our first relationship. How long how was it, let's your mind drift back. Good bad or wha?

0 Kommentare, 46 Angesehen, 34 Stimmen ,2.70 Gesamtpunktzahl
klulululu 28 M
4  Artikel
心美人就美   6.2.2019

感情的路上會遇到多種人,回想一下會發現往往最讓你想和她在一起長長久久的是個性最好的那一個, 這就是標題"心美人就美"。

因為年輕貌美雖然初看很有吸引力,但只是人的視覺加上衝動。若個性不好,也無法讓你長久想與她相 ...

0 Kommentare, 15 Angesehen, 8 Stimmen ,3.48 Gesamtpunktzahl
tgluver6 59 M
1  Artikel‚ Punktzahl 0.1
Transgender   30.1.2019

Can someone give me a little advice on build a ltr with a Transgender woman? Are there any issues that come up that are unique to building a long term relationship?

3 Kommentare, 53 Angesehen, 30 Stimmen ,1.28 Gesamtpunktzahl
Ich Suche Frau die dieses Siel auch liebt, treffen und Leute kennen lernen, und auch zu Zweit   25.1.2019

Frau gesucht , für dieses Spiel,

melde ich ich freu mich auf Dich deine Art und auf das was Du auch liebst .

1 Kommentare, 13 Angesehen, 3 Stimmen
RylerRyno 23 M
5  Artikel
Qualities   19.1.2019

What do you think are important qualities in building a relationship? Is there a such thing as too many?

1 Kommentare, 45 Angesehen, 35 Stimmen ,1.39 Gesamtpunktzahl
pale_wulf 36 M
1  Artikel
new to this   13.1.2019

never had to do this before and find it extremely diffcult to find the right way to do this this day and age

2 Kommentare, 30 Angesehen, 20 Stimmen ,2.49 Gesamtpunktzahl
longtongue4u39 54 M
1  Artikel
why does IM work so bad   13.1.2019

Is it me or does everyone have problems with IM on this site

7 Kommentare, 84 Angesehen, 57 Stimmen ,3.94 Gesamtpunktzahl
homie_supp 26 M
1  Artikel
How to build relationships?   10.1.2019

I'm a good looking young single guy. Any tips on how to attract elder women? or neighbors?

1 Kommentare, 47 Angesehen, 30 Stimmen ,1.38 Gesamtpunktzahl
what to do   10.1.2019

whats the best way to build one ?

1 Kommentare, 26 Angesehen, 20 Stimmen ,1.08 Gesamtpunktzahl
Geministeve7417 41 M
2  Artikel
Polyamory   3.1.2019

Does anyone have a good deal of experience in polyamory? I tried to talk the mrs. Into it. But just want to see how it works.

0 Kommentare, 71 Angesehen, 50 Stimmen ,2.62 Gesamtpunktzahl
RyanNicholson03 24 M
1  Artikel
Looking for a good time   2.1.2019

so i dont have a golf membership but looking for people in my area that want to meet up. this site is killing me with the 3 chats a day so i cant get much done. anyone have any tips on how to meet people more easily?

2 Kommentare, 83 Angesehen, 56 Stimmen ,2.12 Gesamtpunktzahl
mulher5309 63 W
36  Artikel
Como saber se alguém está a fim de você.   26.12.2018

Bem, de verdade mesmo, quando o intuito é saber o que uma pessoa está sentindo, o modo mais seguro e simples seria o óbvio ululante: perguntando para ela! Entretanto, considerando que nem todos conseguem ser tão diretos e sinceros – seja para perguntar ou para responder – especialmente quando o assunto é sentimento ou desejo, esta pode não ser a forma mais eficiente. Sim, é difícil ...

6 Kommentare, 118 Angesehen, 24 Stimmen ,4.27 Gesamtpunktzahl
allemandscouple 47 P
2  Artikel
What is the most imporyant factor in awnsering emails   17.12.2018

What are you looking for most in the intial email yo get you to reply back

1 Kommentare, 70 Angesehen, 47 Stimmen ,1.82 Gesamtpunktzahl
Upper65 53 M
1  Artikel
Finding the perfect playmate   15.12.2018

How do we find the perfect playmate?

2 Kommentare, 34 Angesehen, 19 Stimmen ,2.20 Gesamtpunktzahl
jimmyjohny1986 33 M
5  Artikel
Bonuses or Negatives?   13.12.2018

What are the positives and negatives of a relationship with sex? Curiuos as to others thoughts.

3 Kommentare, 60 Angesehen, 42 Stimmen ,3.00 Gesamtpunktzahl
sexysatisfyed 47 M
4  Artikel
for the ladies really   25.11.2018

what is the average amount of time after really talking to someone before ya actually get together?

6 Kommentare, 135 Angesehen, 56 Stimmen ,3.52 Gesamtpunktzahl
thedarkone87 33 M
4  Artikel
Building a threesome relationship   21.11.2018

I am mostly looking on thoughts for this one, hit me up!

0 Kommentare, 53 Angesehen, 33 Stimmen ,2.14 Gesamtpunktzahl
Bansen10 40 P
1  Artikel
Swinging   11.11.2018

Building a good relationship is important. i believe you must have trust frist andfor most . A smart man told me that a marriage isnt 50 /50. That it is 90/10 sometimes i am your the 90 and other times you will be the 10 . but together youalways equal 100 . i always tell my self this when times seem ruff . i also believe that you must never forget that other person may have been byyour side for ...

3 Kommentare, 76 Angesehen, 58 Stimmen ,2.86 Gesamtpunktzahl
strangefox05 34 P
1  Artikel
Strengthening a relationship by opening it up   11.11.2018

It sounds counter-intuitive. Get closer by fucking others, but it works. We have had an honest open relationship for years now and it's made us so much closer. <br><br> It sounds like such a desperate attempt by losers to make things work, but really it's just people living out their desires openly and supportively. There is a strange bind that comes along with being able to ...

2 Kommentare, 67 Angesehen, 45 Stimmen ,3.74 Gesamtpunktzahl
Da1nonly1230 37 M
3  Artikel
She's awesome   8.11.2018

I met a girl on another site last night and she came to my condo. We ended up talking the entire time and we didn't want to part as the time for her to go got closer. She's coming by tonight and I really want to badly have my way with her but I don't want to eff this good thing up

3 Kommentare, 75 Angesehen, 47 Stimmen ,2.95 Gesamtpunktzahl
allinthegameman 43 M
2  Artikel
Zijn er leuke meiden die ook altijd geil zijn en sex willen   8.11.2018

Ik zoek een leuke geile meid voor een vaste relatie die ook overal voor open staat en niet bang is om er over te praten maar samen met mij een geile relatie op te bouwen en natuurlijk veel meer, zoals van het leven genieten en lol en lachen, nl, een dag niet gegeild en gelachen is alweer een dag niet geleefd.

1 Kommentare, 9 Angesehen, 5 Stimmen ,2.16 Gesamtpunktzahl
我今天遇到一個女神   6.11.2018

我今天遇到一個女神, 但是我沒約成功 <br><br> 我要說的是 他是在這網站第一個回應我的人 而且還教我很多吸引女生關注的方法 總而言之我真是遇到貴人了 感謝您 女神

1 Kommentare, 60 Angesehen, 14 Stimmen ,3.46 Gesamtpunktzahl
Mathinsurgent 40 M
6  Artikel
sérieux   3.11.2018

est-t'il possible de construire une relation axée sur le sexe ? pourquoi pas

2 Kommentare, 7 Angesehen, 4 Stimmen ,2.47 Gesamtpunktzahl
Red_bub81 38 M
5  Artikel
Advice   24.10.2018

Whats best way to syart a relationship

2 Kommentare, 29 Angesehen, 20 Stimmen ,1.85 Gesamtpunktzahl
swinging   14.10.2018

do you think swinging at the beginning of a relationship is a good idea???

3 Kommentare, 36 Angesehen, 22 Stimmen ,2.17 Gesamtpunktzahl
rdhair44 61 M
95  Artikel
Jack and Jill   5.10.2018

Did you do Jill, do you.Jack moved with the pale up to the whale.His mother is a need.The dishes , spoons are dirty with the bowls.The chore is to fetch the water, and bring home.The path is steep lined with homes.Each time Jack is being a look!On this time is a stranger in the distance holding a hand-out.

0 Kommentare, 37 Angesehen, 24 Stimmen ,2.68 Gesamtpunktzahl
fwbinnwpa 60 M
6  Artikel
Too much talk and not enough...   1.10.2018

Maybe it's me, but it seems like there are a lot of looks, some flirts etc. A little chat or note once inawhile but that's about it. Has anyone had better sucess than that, and if so how? Are there certain things to say or do in one's profile to help the process?

2 Kommentare, 41 Angesehen, 26 Stimmen ,2.06 Gesamtpunktzahl
perfectman1312 39 M
2  Artikel
important   24.9.2018

any sort of relationship need sm building up ..communiaction.. trust.. understanding etc

0 Kommentare, 34 Angesehen, 28 Stimmen ,2.32 Gesamtpunktzahl
MuchNeededFun498 38 M
5  Artikel
The EX   20.9.2018

So I have a question? How do move forward in a relationship if the other persons ex has tried to defame you and make your life miserable? Shot happens but this person has such a twisted since of reality that it could potentially damage the other person as well as . I do not feel it is right to manipulate against parents no matter if they are splitting but be supportive to an extent. Heal and ...

6 Kommentare, 54 Angesehen, 32 Stimmen ,3.52 Gesamtpunktzahl
rdhair44 61 M
95  Artikel
Adam and Eve   19.9.2018

Man, woman, and snake, your husbands best friend.A time to share with in the living.Eve is a fascination to his ideas.The snake is allowing her to receive.Eve holds Adam to the taste of the pickle, and her mouth is with snake.Adam is a must by her side with every word.Word bringing heart to the snake.Evening approaches in minutes changing their feel.Finding their look with figs.The snake moves ...

0 Kommentare, 24 Angesehen, 20 Stimmen ,2.61 Gesamtpunktzahl
NicelyDoorman 45 M
4  Artikel
M'aimes-tu comme je suis?   19.9.2018

Est-ce que ça vous est déjà arrivé d'essayer de changer votre partenaire? Par changer, je veux dire essayer de changer sa personnalité, ses façons d'agir, de se vêtir, etc.

Étrangement, ce sont majoritairement les femmes qui finissent par détester les mêmes choses qui pourtant les ont séduites au départ de leur relation. De plus, vous remarquerez quand la relation reste au ...

8 Kommentare, 124 Angesehen, 15 Stimmen ,3.59 Gesamtpunktzahl
AlabamaJay 41 M
2  Artikel
Any success on here?   19.9.2018

Much success on here or just wasting time???

3 Kommentare, 33 Angesehen, 21 Stimmen ,2.63 Gesamtpunktzahl
Need help   13.9.2018

I’ve been in a. 3 year relationship and I fell and love and loved hard to find out my girl was playing me the whole time and now I’m heartbroken can someone please tell me how to get over her

1 Kommentare, 36 Angesehen, 26 Stimmen ,2.81 Gesamtpunktzahl
goodfella75 41 M
9  Artikel
Can a relationship be built from here   12.9.2018

Given the nature of this site. Does anyone think that succesful realtionships can be built from here. Or is that to much to hope? x

6 Kommentare, 64 Angesehen, 11 Stimmen ,3.17 Gesamtpunktzahl
rdhair44 61 M
95  Artikel
Adam and Eve   12.9.2018

In the beginning the body was naked , and it grew with nature as an man and woman living a garden.The nights were filled with stars and the day came with a Sun.Eve fell onto Adams cock causing exciting love.Making the day unbearable to Lucifer, now lower than the Lord's word. Eve stopped to hear that afternoon to taste his fruit and gave to Adam the apple a taste to be like a pickle.

1 Kommentare, 28 Angesehen, 18 Stimmen ,2.58 Gesamtpunktzahl
first date   10.9.2018

do you think differently of someone if they give it up the first time you meet them??

4 Kommentare, 86 Angesehen, 41 Stimmen ,1.90 Gesamtpunktzahl
Bi is still a lot more fun   10.9.2018

I just want to see my articles

1 Kommentare, 41 Angesehen, 24 Stimmen ,1.88 Gesamtpunktzahl
Bigtitlover86x 32 M
8  Artikel
Again, it's for the points   2.9.2018

Comment for the free points, because that's what this article is for!

7 Kommentare, 125 Angesehen, 62 Stimmen ,3.49 Gesamtpunktzahl
rdhair44 61 M
95  Artikel
A daughters beginning....   2.9.2018

Marriage brings a choice to many to name their first and the choice is one to be two.Few take both to first and the rest to middle. But in the end the choice is a struggle to the .She chooses the middle first.Liking greater in the calling.

0 Kommentare, 32 Angesehen, 18 Stimmen ,1.49 Gesamtpunktzahl
is anyone really   1.9.2018

into having a real relationship anymore? or i looking in the wrong place??

2 Kommentare, 62 Angesehen, 32 Stimmen ,2.68 Gesamtpunktzahl
blingingbing 32 M
2  Artikel
fwb become more   26.8.2018

is it normal... well how do we have fwb when their always becomes a party thst becomes attached!

3 Kommentare, 64 Angesehen, 25 Stimmen ,3.46 Gesamtpunktzahl
real life meetings   22.8.2018

how long would you want to chat on here before meeting in person? I am kind of new here and would love to build a relationship but was wondering how others go about it.

3 Kommentare, 56 Angesehen, 24 Stimmen ,2.79 Gesamtpunktzahl
Bigtitlover86xx 31 M
6  Artikel
It's just for the points   18.8.2018

It's just for the points, so feel free to comment for some!

3 Kommentare, 58 Angesehen, 33 Stimmen ,3.97 Gesamtpunktzahl
anyone ever...   16.8.2018

read this thing? <br><br> points!

0 Kommentare, 32 Angesehen, 17 Stimmen ,1.29 Gesamtpunktzahl
Lucar057 61 M
2  Artikel
DAR NÃO É FAZER AMOR   14.8.2018

Dar é dar. Fazer amor é lindo, é sublime, é encantador, é esplêndido. Mas dar é bom pra cacete. Dar é aquela coisa que alguém te puxa os cabelos da nuca... Te chama de nomes que eu não escreveria... Não te vira com delicadeza... Não sente vergonha de ritmos animais. Dar é bom. Melhor do que dar, só dar por dar. Dar sem querer casar.... Sem querer apresentar pra mãe... Sem querer ...

2 Kommentare, 12 Angesehen, 5 Stimmen ,2.16 Gesamtpunktzahl
lookn4yu2day 68 M
18  Artikel
More Is Better! Right?   11.8.2018

Is more better than less? Is it? Can a person become jaded if something is able to be had as often as they like it to be? Can that thing whatever it is lose it's luster if it can be taken for granted? <br><br> Give some thoughts to some of those things, .....your spouse, or significant other, friends and all those dear possessions you are so fond of. Also, give thought to all ...

5 Kommentare, 103 Angesehen, 43 Stimmen ,1.19 Gesamtpunktzahl
rmjennied20 45 P
10  Artikel
When to play   7.8.2018

Do you play on the first date or do you wait to see if there's a chance of building a friendship first?

12 Kommentare, 102 Angesehen, 20 Stimmen ,6.19 Gesamtpunktzahl
bennietrejo 27 W
1  Artikel
How to really build a relationship   4.8.2018

I think the best thing to do is to know what he / she likes and dislikes. By knowing this then you are good to go.

8 Kommentare, 119 Angesehen, 42 Stimmen ,3.62 Gesamtpunktzahl
np204 39 M
1  Artikel
Cougars Cubs   30.7.2018

Anyone have any advice on where to find older women looking for younger men? I've been searching and not having any luck! Any support and comments would be much appreciated!

4 Kommentare, 55 Angesehen, 34 Stimmen ,3.15 Gesamtpunktzahl
how to get to know someone on here   30.7.2018

I am curious how people on this site get to know each other? After all everyone is a stranger at first? How do you get comfortable enough to actually meet someone?

4 Kommentare, 78 Angesehen, 32 Stimmen ,1.46 Gesamtpunktzahl
Quero você minha doce e bela menina.   29.7.2018

Que sendo mulher tem alma de menina faminta, que sendo faminta venha e me faz o menino mais feliz da vida. Que sendo menino vamos brincar de adulto e sermos médico como antigamente. Sendo medico vou tratar de você como ninguém nunca fez. Esta afim, Venha!! Quero tanto lhe fazer feliz.

0 Kommentare, 14 Angesehen, 8 Stimmen ,3.25 Gesamtpunktzahl
gatosedutor2018 30 M
3  Artikel
Porque?   29.7.2018

porque é tão complicado estender uma relação depois de se conhecer aqui!

0 Kommentare, 13 Angesehen, 7 Stimmen ,1.51 Gesamtpunktzahl
1  Artikel
Building is hard   27.7.2018

I used to be so carefree and adventurous. Now it seems my sex life us stagnant and under whelming. My man is good to me but sex is just average. I've tried to get him to become more adventurous. He seems completely satisfied but I'm taking for more. Any advice on how to get him to loosen up?

10 Kommentare, 107 Angesehen, 26 Stimmen ,4.43 Gesamtpunktzahl
trellos4u2 33 M
9  Artikel
really?   15.7.2018


2 Kommentare, 46 Angesehen, 32 Stimmen ,1.93 Gesamtpunktzahl
lookn4yu2day 68 M
18  Artikel
Talk to Me! Please!   12.7.2018

Communication..... right up there! At the very top of my list for creating and maintaining a healthy relationship with ANYONE.... doesn't matter if is for a friendship or a marriage. To me, communication is as important as trust and honesty. <br><br> Each of us is the sum total of all that we have experienced in life until that point in time when we meet a new individual. ...

1 Kommentare, 72 Angesehen, 49 Stimmen ,1.46 Gesamtpunktzahl
lookn4yu2day 68 M
18  Artikel
A True Story   11.7.2018

I had difficulty choosing the right "article category" to place this in. In my estimation there is a need to expand the list a bit more so that more of the common subjects will naturally "find a home" in the magazine. My other choice was to direct this particular article to the "rants and raves" section. But alas, this will do.... <br><br> I was thinking ...

1 Kommentare, 55 Angesehen, 34 Stimmen ,1.98 Gesamtpunktzahl
The Beginnings of an Open Relationship   25.6.2018

I thought I would write an article about the beginnings of the open relationship that my DW and I have developed into. First though a little background. <br><br> We have been married for over 4 years now. We hhnave known each other for 18 yher needs. <br><br> I did years and were married before at the beginning of that but divorced after 2 years. We would drift apart into ...

3 Kommentare, 101 Angesehen, 38 Stimmen ,2.66 Gesamtpunktzahl
blingingbing 32 M
2  Artikel
fwb become more   25.6.2018

is it normal... well how do we have fwb when their always becomes a party thst becomes attached!

1 Kommentare, 42 Angesehen, 27 Stimmen ,2.93 Gesamtpunktzahl
youngPleasure M
7  Artikel
Baby girl/Dom Daddy   17.6.2018

Not sure how many of you men have experience here, but I find it truly enlightening that when you break up with a baby girl...she just doesn't get it or want to get it. A Dom Daddy needs to get something out of the relationship as well other than just being your proverbial Daddy. Also, I'm not sure why you baby girls get soo openly jealous when after all you do as I say and be happy ...

2 Kommentare, 77 Angesehen, 51 Stimmen ,1.97 Gesamtpunktzahl
jackfitton20 24 M
5  Artikel
Looking for a hot mil/cougar in the area   30.5.2018

Looking for a cougar/milf in the atlanta area. where can i find one?

2 Kommentare, 60 Angesehen, 26 Stimmen ,1.19 Gesamtpunktzahl
mike85304 61 M
1  Artikel
Do women really hook up on this site   27.5.2018

You see a lot of women that say they are looking for sex. when you IM them to chat they ignore you. Are you ladies really interested? Any harm in chatting?

4 Kommentare, 94 Angesehen, 33 Stimmen ,2.41 Gesamtpunktzahl
clean or not   24.5.2018

how do you go about telling you lover she does not smell nice ??, ,like she has bad breath and also she does not keep fresh

4 Kommentare, 78 Angesehen, 38 Stimmen ,1.49 Gesamtpunktzahl
ncmaleonbeach 62 M
5  Artikel
Older but looking for a Relationship   11.5.2018

How does one go about building a relationship when one is getting older?

3 Kommentare, 38 Angesehen, 6 Stimmen ,2.51 Gesamtpunktzahl
hurry results in delay/reversal!   30.4.2018

in making friendship, if we show our hurry the attempt may fail or it may get delayed! so a bit of patience is required!

4 Kommentare, 67 Angesehen, 30 Stimmen ,0.10 Gesamtpunktzahl
Bagbag86 58 M
7  Artikel
If your girl doesn't suck your cock does she not in love with you   30.4.2018

Sex is a big part in relationships what if you like blow jobs but your girl has had bad e x experiences before <br><br> What can you do if anything so you can get i enjoyment as well Or do you think she is faking an does not love you

4 Kommentare, 96 Angesehen, 31 Stimmen ,1.80 Gesamtpunktzahl
thicknrealfun1 38 M
2  Artikel
Relationship kinda stalled   17.4.2018

Been with the wife for 8+ but we are kinda stalled out at this point. Sex is mundane. Can't get a blowjob for anything and she's not really open to talking about the lack of sex in our lives... Any pointers?

4 Kommentare, 90 Angesehen, 31 Stimmen ,2.28 Gesamtpunktzahl
kavemanrlz 57 M
11  Artikel
starting over   15.4.2018

starting over sucks but what can you do? You start with talking and impressing one another as you find out about eachother, the meeting first date, first kiss as you build you dtart to have sex the best sex, you see stars and hear fireworks. and you go from there.......

3 Kommentare, 60 Angesehen, 35 Stimmen ,1.92 Gesamtpunktzahl
單身久了會有一種宿命感?   15.4.2018

不再把「找不到對象」這件事歸結到交際圈窄、眼光太高或者性格太壞,而是心平氣和地接受了「無愛可談」就是一種命運,要怪也只能怪老天爺偏心,把這命運落到了自己頭上。 其實誰也不是一開始就這個德行,大家都是群居動物,哪那麼容易和孤單自洽啊。 ...

0 Kommentare, 23 Angesehen, 5 Stimmen ,2.16 Gesamtpunktzahl
Kaczybema 28 M
3  Artikel
Do you like feet?   15.4.2018


5 Kommentare, 55 Angesehen, 24 Stimmen ,0.86 Gesamtpunktzahl
the best of the best   15.4.2018

There is no foolproof method for building successful relationships. One of the most heady emotions that exist in this world- would be love, family and relationships. If you notice, people do confront various types of love- and all can be handled rightly if we have the mind and the patience for it.

1 Kommentare, 51 Angesehen, 20 Stimmen ,0.44 Gesamtpunktzahl
Saying hello   14.4.2018

hard to get a conversation started?

2 Kommentare, 41 Angesehen, 13 Stimmen ,2.98 Gesamtpunktzahl
voyeur2017 57 M
1  Artikel
Eight behaviors that enhance a cyber relationship   13.4.2018

1. Never manipulate - no one likes to be played the fool 2. Be affectionate but Independent - don't be needy 3. Be respectful and sincere - don't play games 4. Be spontaneous - be playful when in public chats 5. Find humor - a sense of humor is sexy 6. Get personal - find ways to enjoy cyber intimacy with each other 7. Be honest - be up front with expectations, communicate, communicate 8. ...

4 Kommentare, 68 Angesehen, 43 Stimmen ,2.78 Gesamtpunktzahl
lickherclit6969 39 M
5  Artikel
This is for the points!!!   2.4.2018

Let’s see how many people comment on this just for the points!

8 Kommentare, 71 Angesehen, 37 Stimmen ,3.75 Gesamtpunktzahl
its hard   1.4.2018

its hard to give trust to build with after you have been cheated on

4 Kommentare, 59 Angesehen, 26 Stimmen ,1.95 Gesamtpunktzahl
this site   1.4.2018

has anyone built a good relationship with anyone else on this site

2 Kommentare, 61 Angesehen, 40 Stimmen ,2.92 Gesamtpunktzahl
I can do it myself attitude   22.3.2018

For a long time I've carried the attitude that I could do it myself. Growing up I was very independent. Though my parents were around they didn't take interest in my life. I've carried this with me adult hood and now that I am in the dating life I find it difficult to allow some one in fully. I still carry the I can do it my self attitude in a relationship. How do I break this ...

2 Kommentare, 46 Angesehen, 21 Stimmen ,2.38 Gesamtpunktzahl
wah! Women!   20.3.2018

young women want young men! older women too go after young men! what about older men? This is about this site! This appears true even the women who charge!

4 Kommentare, 92 Angesehen, 44 Stimmen ,1.45 Gesamtpunktzahl
I want to make a real aged man woman group and meeting once in a month   4.3.2018

I want to make a real aged man woman group and meeting once in a month so that we can find our relation within circle and we can go for picnic or get together once in a month or else and can enjoy life with sex or without but got a real friend and else

1 Kommentare, 7 Angesehen, 5 Stimmen ,1.84 Gesamtpunktzahl
Nikhilpkd 24 M
3  Artikel
relationship   27.2.2018

When we talk about relationships, it includes the entire collection of relations like parents and , in law relations, about siblings, between husband and wife, between cousins, grandparents and so many more. <br><br> One major factor is more communication and other noticeable reason is that there are unwanted situations of misunderstandings and ego clashes. This brings about a lot of ...

2 Kommentare, 53 Angesehen, 30 Stimmen ,2.65 Gesamtpunktzahl
should trust and respect break all boundries   19.2.2018

I would hope that being respected and honored would break all race boundaries That if a man can love respect and honor a woman that would be the only thing that matters. I hope we get there soon .

5 Kommentare, 61 Angesehen, 29 Stimmen ,3.04 Gesamtpunktzahl
how   15.2.2018

i am so amazed at how many womenarent into black men on here , i feel like just quiting

2 Kommentare, 55 Angesehen, 26 Stimmen ,1.73 Gesamtpunktzahl
oraloral24 57 M
1  Artikel
How do you rate your priorities for picking a potential partner?   11.2.2018

For me 1. First, I have to be attracted to the face. 2. Your personality is extremely important, I don't care how beautiful you are if you are a "bitch" good bye. 3. Intelligence, if you can't carry on a conversation, sorry. Once again, I don't care how beautiful you are if you are dumb you can be someone else's arm candy. 4. Oh and you have to like me

1 Kommentare, 13 Angesehen, 9 Stimmen ,1.29 Gesamtpunktzahl
Women..."whats the deal"   11.2.2018

I have a question mainly for the women. I have asked my wife this question and still haven't received an answer that makes sense. This is about an issue that many men experience and the lack of a reasonable response from their partner seems to create a wedge between them. Why do many women fail to understand a mans desire for sex? My wife says that I only think about it as a sexual act and ...

3 Kommentare, 64 Angesehen, 17 Stimmen ,1.57 Gesamtpunktzahl
making friends secret club   3.2.2018

we are in want of a secret club near by calcutta where we can meet together and have a party and select partner and exchange within us

0 Kommentare, 18 Angesehen, 10 Stimmen ,1.19 Gesamtpunktzahl
HarddinHou 29 M
12  Artikel
best way   29.1.2018

whats the best wya to build a relationship sex? bonding? foreplay? all the above? chess?

5 Kommentare, 71 Angesehen, 22 Stimmen ,2.65 Gesamtpunktzahl
AlwaysAblast 34 M
3  Artikel
What some people will do to keep their partner   27.1.2018

I dated this girl for about 3 months, she had recently been divorced or separated I should say. The passion and fire was intense, the type of sexual acts were as if she needed to release all this built up sexual energy. After 3 months she told me she wasn't on the pill and asked where do you see our future. It was like a double whammy question she threw at me. I simple said I'm happy ...

5 Kommentare, 97 Angesehen, 38 Stimmen ,2.99 Gesamtpunktzahl
Love   26.1.2018

I would like to talk about building a relationship. I believe that when you are trying to build something you need good communication and I was wondering what other people think do you think that is the main key to a good relationship or do you think there is something else.

4 Kommentare, 36 Angesehen, 25 Stimmen ,2.58 Gesamtpunktzahl
marleyman6969 35 M
1  Artikel
Trust   12.1.2018

Building a relationship has a basis in trust. If you can't trust your partner, or vice versa, then the relationship cannot succeed. Apart from the standard procedures of not lying, it is more important to not accuse your partner of wrongdoing. If you do that, then they know that you don't trust them and it will all fall apart. Plain and simple, don't be accusatory.

2 Kommentare, 72 Angesehen, 33 Stimmen ,3.79 Gesamtpunktzahl
kirito3473 25 M
1  Artikel
哀 要怎麼交友   10.1.2018

大家來這邊都 是有消費的嗎 本人沒有信用卡沒辦法花錢

但是真的只有 花錢才能夠找到妹嗎

0 Kommentare, 49 Angesehen, 12 Stimmen ,2.09 Gesamtpunktzahl
Relationship   3.1.2018

Any success stories out there from Transen Kontakte?

1 Kommentare, 43 Angesehen, 17 Stimmen ,3.13 Gesamtpunktzahl
Iwannabeused 43 M
5  Artikel
co-workers   21.12.2017

So any advice on how to tell if a co-worker is into you, or just being nice? lol

3 Kommentare, 39 Angesehen, 18 Stimmen ,3.26 Gesamtpunktzahl
Dawn   17.12.2017

i heard a car leave but was too sleepy to really wake up. i was asleep on the stone fireplace with my arms down on the floor. i woke up feeling Her foot on my arm, squeezing it against the stone floor as though She was putting out a cigarette. It hurt. my knuckles were ready to bleed. When i woke up, i tried to remove my hands but She wouldn't let me. <br><br> She was standing ...

1 Kommentare, 25 Angesehen, 18 Stimmen ,2.85 Gesamtpunktzahl
firefighterldh 36 M
9  Artikel
build it where   7.12.2017

right in the pussy

0 Kommentare, 17 Angesehen, 11 Stimmen ,2.42 Gesamtpunktzahl
sigga15 41 M
1  Artikel
Need Help   29.11.2017

Can any1 suggest a way to impress Canadian girls ?

1 Kommentare, 38 Angesehen, 19 Stimmen ,2.73 Gesamtpunktzahl
SexyITGuy121212 54 M
1  Artikel
What if you are just looking for online friends to chat?   19.11.2017

I have an unusual situation. I am happily married but due to a remembered sexual abuse that occurred during my wife’s childhood, it is difficult to have sex. She knows I have a sexual drive and is ok with me being on this site. I have had some contacts. However, I really do not like one night stands so to speak. I would like 1 or 2 female friends that I can talk to, flirt with and ...

3 Kommentare, 47 Angesehen, 23 Stimmen ,2.31 Gesamtpunktzahl
Lukeinherass 41 M
2  Artikel
My GF/fiance   19.11.2017

I am in love. Her name is Lindsay and we are currently separated but working on being friends. We broke up because she was jealous of any girls i talked to and would accuse me of cheating on her. I don't cheat on my partners yet i want an open relation. i love watching her hit on other guys and girls. Problem is she always goes for people that are not interested in a 3 some. We need to find a ...

4 Kommentare, 61 Angesehen, 10 Stimmen ,0.20 Gesamtpunktzahl
Challenges In The Chatting   16.11.2017

I've been aware of this site for roughly 16 years. I've met some people, ignored others and even developed a long term friendship. The strongest lesson I've learned is being patient when getting to know someone. While it's very easy to meet someone the first night you chat with them, for some it is difficult to take the time to get to know who you are before laying in bed with.

The ...

6 Kommentare, 60 Angesehen, 30 Stimmen ,5.69 Gesamtpunktzahl
Where to start   14.11.2017

I have found that the best relationships I have had have started off as FWBs situations. They seem to have the best progression and walls tend to come down a little faster when it comes to getting to know each other intimately. What do you all think?

3 Kommentare, 43 Angesehen, 12 Stimmen ,3.51 Gesamtpunktzahl
rickshot5 33 M
4  Artikel
is it true or not- sex   14.11.2017

is building a relationship mean to have sex only or some feelings as well. note i m talking about online dating relationship factor only. its not personal so tell ur thinking about it

2 Kommentare, 38 Angesehen, 12 Stimmen ,2.62 Gesamtpunktzahl
HollyChatsNJ 61 T
17  Artikel
Outer Banks, NC   14.11.2017

Okay - Worth a try... <br><br> Not looking for a dating or sexual type of relationship. But looking to create some real friendship relationships for those that live in the OBX area. Maybe you can call this Networking. <br><br> Back in the 80's, 90's and about up to 2005. I knew the OBX area pretty well from living in Northern VA. Now living at the Jersey Shore ...

1 Kommentare, 38 Angesehen, 13 Stimmen ,1.97 Gesamtpunktzahl
secret_bf 26 M
8  Artikel
for a nsa or long relationship neccessaryy   10.11.2017

helo frndzzz ...... today i m talking about non string attached relations and serious relationship on Transen Kontakte...many members present and someof them are but some are crious about their privacy ...curiousty about privacy is gud ..because ...there are also bad peoples present in world ....which can expose them .... but the thing is that to gain trust .....if there is no trust no ...

0 Kommentare, 20 Angesehen, 14 Stimmen ,2.98 Gesamtpunktzahl
ChocolateCakeNE 49 P
4  Artikel
Let Your Fingers Do The Talking.   20.10.2017

Hopefully you’re finding your flavor of excitement and adventure on this site. We’ve been on here a couple times now and enjoy chatting with the huge verity of members. Hotlists, flirts, and friends are still confusing terms however.

A smile, wink, or a pat on the ass is what we call flirting; showing up in a list however….not so much. A hotlist of people you’d like to ...

3 Kommentare, 100 Angesehen, 19 Stimmen ,4.84 Gesamtpunktzahl
jr42468 53 M
24  Artikel
its worth the effort   16.10.2017

i have found when building a relationship communication is key be honest with your partner and communicate that should kick off a good foundation

5 Kommentare, 67 Angesehen, 27 Stimmen ,3.45 Gesamtpunktzahl
roysee125 24 M
6  Artikel
Dating someone   2.10.2017

We all do have some criteria while we want to date someone, be it physical appearance or personalities. But something that happen to many, is dating someone with same personality and who like same things as you, tends to be boring at times. While if you date someone with completely different tends sometimes to be more exciting.

5 Kommentare, 35 Angesehen, 11 Stimmen ,4.10 Gesamtpunktzahl
katherine64 31 W
1  Artikel
need a man to always make me feel happy and loved   30.9.2017

i want some one that i will share my life time with and we leave happily

4 Kommentare, 56 Angesehen, 23 Stimmen ,4.76 Gesamtpunktzahl
Floydsbbc4u 47 M
4  Artikel
love and trust   28.9.2017

I would love to find a woman I can trust and give my heart to. Be able to talk to about anything, love and support each other be honest with and have great sex with 2and 3 times a day ..........................................but that's a needle in ahoy stack

3 Kommentare, 67 Angesehen, 28 Stimmen ,3.75 Gesamtpunktzahl
HarddinHou 29 M
12  Artikel
best article on relationship   28.9.2017

well people post everyday. their advice to jokes to suggestions. what are your all time top 5 fav articles you've learned or commented on from Transen Kontakte. They dont specifically have to be about building a relationship, but that would be a good start I think. i am curious if theres been anything good out there ! let me know down below

2 Kommentare, 22 Angesehen, 13 Stimmen ,2.47 Gesamtpunktzahl
Hosedxdmtl 42 T
1  Artikel
How to tell your partner about your nylon fetish   24.9.2017

Hi guys, girls, couples and gurls. Im single now but ive always found it was hard for me to talk about my sexual fetishes with my (ex) partners....Any tips you would wanna share with me?

1 Kommentare, 25 Angesehen, 7 Stimmen ,2.79 Gesamtpunktzahl
roysee125 24 M
6  Artikel
relationship   12.9.2017

we must fake our time, not to do everything quickly we need to slowly explore each other, understand each other, respect is a must

1 Kommentare, 30 Angesehen, 10 Stimmen ,2.59 Gesamtpunktzahl
奇妙的地方   2.9.2017


1 Kommentare, 26 Angesehen, 10 Stimmen ,2.79 Gesamtpunktzahl
At her place   1.9.2017

I quickly let the dogs in, closed the heavy door, walked across the marble floors towards the backdoor. It was another heavy dual french door leading to the backyard. The back was impressive with a large pool and an outdoor kitchen which would be the envy of every gourmet cook who liked to entertain for sure. The fireplace was massive with a built in pizza oven. She walked to the hearth and sat ...

3 Kommentare, 45 Angesehen, 7 Stimmen ,2.02 Gesamtpunktzahl