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jay69kl 37 M
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Love   21.5.2020

My love for you is like the raging sea, So powerful and deep it will forever be. Through storm, wind, and heavy rain, It will withstand every pain. Our hearts are so pure and love so sweet. I love you more with every heartbeat!

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DontLookDownOk 47 M
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How Do You Know If You're Falling in Love   21.5.2020

Are you suddenly doing new things? <br><br> As people fall in love, they often branch out beyond their normal range of activities and try those that their partners favor. You might find yourself trying new foods, watching new shows, or attempting new activities like running, fishing, or gambling. People who fall in love tend to report growth in the content and diversity of their own ...

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alexayalex 47 P
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Nada más tantito IX   21.4.2020

Ándale, quiero hacerlo así, nunca lo he hecho así, quiero saber que se siente. -Estas loco! Me matas con eso!, ya te dije que no, mejor me voy... -Oh bueno, nomas te la pasó así y ya -nada que me matas con eso...- pero me cosquilleaba micolita solo de pensar ese "mostro" abriendo mi colita y partiendome en dos. -Ok ok- dijo decepcionandome un poco Me movía su belleza por toda mi ...

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MysterXAGS 43 M
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Sexo swinger?   12.4.2020

¿CUÁL ES LA MEJOR EDAD PARA EMPEZAR? Aunque parezca un topicazo, la mejor edad para empezar es el momento de nuestra vida en que sentimos que tenemos ganas de explorar ese ambiente. Hay días (los menos) de gente muy joven, hay días de una mayoría entre los 30 y 40 años y hay días con gente más mayor. Depende mucho del público en que se haya especializado cada local, de los días de la ...

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Lostlicker87069 31 M
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Love hurts   1.4.2020

I've loved an lost and I don't want too loose anymore.. I just want some female company

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Wayneb518 41 M
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Lovely   29.1.2020

I love the points

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naughtydeepcock8 32 M
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Points   28.1.2020

How many times do we have to post to get the point system changed?

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In love   26.1.2020

With these points.....

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KittyK1010 40 W
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Points, points and more points   26.1.2020

Apologies, please ignore. I’m just after the points.

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Partywild1620 36 M
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Real   20.1.2020

Is love real or just a word

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trithis66 43 M
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without meeting   19.1.2020

is it possible love someone you never met

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casualguy2091 43 M
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points   7.1.2020


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thaFUUCKERYshow 50 P
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what's love got to do with it?   6.1.2020

so are our lovers supposed to be monogamous? many choose to be, hold their partner to such terms, but start to go out with others in secrecy, behind their lover's back. that is lies. my baby daddy's mother always used to say, "what tangled weds we weave when we practice to deceive" and i think she was on to something. no she definitely was. lovers who lie will have to serve ...

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slow   6.1.2020

this site used to be so good. whats happened to it?

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The Power of Love   6.1.2020

The Power of Love Love is the best antidepressant—but many of our ideas about it are wrong. The less love you have, the more depressed you are likely to feel. By Ellen McGrath, published December 1, 2002 - last reviewed on June 9, 2016 <br><br> SHARE TWEET EMAIL Love is as critical for your mind and body as oxygen. It's not negotiable. The more connected you are, the healthier ...

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Gmen518 41 M
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Lovely   6.1.2020

Gotta love points

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What is it?   30.12.2019

LOVE is a long and slender thing

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TucsonBoneAlone 54 M
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straponing   24.12.2019

T’was the Season – Pudding Keeps Cumin’ <br><br> Went down on D before strolling Kaanapali Beach. And she liked it. <br><br> As a matter of fact she loved it; cunnilingus was a main part of our sex life. I probably had my face between her legs for years; I really liked sucking her. And her swollen clit. I would eat her before, while and especially after we fucked. ...

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Jasongil69 35 M
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I knew   24.12.2019

I knew from love that god above created you for me to love he picked you out from all the rest because he knew I'd love you best he gave me a heart so warm and true but now it's gone from me to you taks care of it as I have done for now you have two and I have none now if your not here on judgement day I'll know you have gone the other way I'll give the angels back ...

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Patxiiangela 39 P
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Rompehielos   23.12.2019

Somos una pareja adicta al sexo , nos encanta follar aquí u allá en casa y en la calle , en un bar o en una tienda , cuanta más gente nos vea y nos toque más nos gusta

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TucsonBoneAlone 54 M
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Anal Tryst   22.12.2019

The animal within him emerging. <br><br> These were flashing through her mind when he pulled her head up and broke their seal. She tried to lower herself back down but his strong hand held her hair tightly. She grunted in her efforts to break loose so she could peg his mouth with her tongue again. <br><br> His other hand gripped her throat and she stopped moving. ...

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rm_trili 58 W
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Cambiando esquemas   22.12.2019

Amar la cultura.No hace falta recordarles que pertenezco al pueblo del libro.Me refiero aqui en el sentido amplio del termino, ese deseo de estudiar, del saber, del leer.Odiaba el colegio pero no el "aprender".Desde chica me llevaron a museos, obras de teatro, espectaculos. Hasta los doce años creci sin conocer otra musica que no fuera la clasica o el jazz.Cultura, siempre cultura."Comi" ...

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hechizada73 47 W
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...MI PASIÓN, MI LOCURA Y OBSESIÓN...   22.12.2019

“Eres mi pasión, mi locura y obsesión... Porque la pasión de este amor intenso nunca se podrá apagar, porque tus ojos castaños mi locura, porque mi obsesión eres tú...

Tú encendiste la llama de este amor, le diste vida a mi espíritu; porque de tus ojos locamente me enamoré, porque desde que te conocí, algo muy especial sentí por tí. ...

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NeededSpankings 36 M
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Spanking makes me feel accepted   21.12.2019

Does it do that for you? <br><br> And I don’t mean the whole ‘whips and chains’ sort of dominance, but just between normal partners. Have you tried it? <br><br> I find it really relaxing.

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gangpera 48 P
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Commit to eat a pussy prior to fuck a woman!   20.12.2019

I think that not only my wife, most women and wives in he world love to get lick and eat their pussy prior to get fuck. But man has to do it in an exciting way where her to feels the licking as absolutely comfortable and wanting more. <br><br> [01] So start licking and sucking the pussy from her pussy's wall in to pussy's inner wall slowly and softly on a ...

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celestialwarrior 42 M
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10 cosas que una mujer debe saber para entender a un hombre   19.12.2019

1 La primera es sencilla, los hombres somos sencillos, nada de parafernalia y fuegos artificiales, un si es un Si y un no es un NO, las veces en que nos quedamos callados es que la respuesta es complicada y necesitamos pensar unos minutos / horas / días antes de responder

2 Todos los hombres tenemos al menos un hobby que desplazará cualquier otra cosa, ya sea intención de salir o ...

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age   18.12.2019

is there any proper age to fall in love

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rosamaria15005 28 W
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especial   16.12.2019

veces me pongo a pensar que no existe una persona como tú, una persona que en el primer momento en que la conocí, despertó el sentimiento más hermoso que he llegado a concebir en mi corazón, ese sentimiento tan hermoso, tan especial, tan maravilloso, es “el amor”, un sentimiento que una sola persona me ha hecho sentir… <br><br> Es un sentimiento tan profundo que cada vez ...

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hechizada73 47 W
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DECIR TE AMO....   14.12.2019

Para todos aquellos que dicen "Te Amo" sin tener idea de lo que significa amar ¿Qué es amor? Cuando decimos que amamos a alguién... ¿Estaremos en lo cierto? ¿Cómo saberlo? He aquí una pequeña reflexión que me dieron hace algún tiempo: Ante la presencia de la persona supuestamente amada:

¿Simplemente te sudan las manos, tu corazón se acelera y no te ...

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MargaritaAzul 39 W
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La infidelidad tiene diferentes formas de verse?   14.12.2019

Hace poco tiempo planteaba la pregunta, como ves tu la infidelidad, pero en el ambito personal y me encontre con diversas opiniones, hay quienes opinan que la infidelidad solo la consideran como tal si se traicionan los sentimientos, hay quienes consideran que se es infiel al tener alguna relacion fuera de la ya existente, hay quienes el hecho te tener relaciones sexuales con otra persona ...

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Jcs33333 19 M
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blowjob   8.12.2019

got my dick sucked yesterday. Nothing better than a blowjob.

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Wayneb4151841 41 M
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Lovely   8.12.2019

Gotta love points

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Blackme69 23 P
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Fallen to the lost   4.12.2019

Just a single breath. A moment. Ot perhaps a never ending circle that keeps u bonded to that one. At first everything is perfect and there is the floating and dreamy time. Getting lost and making promises of endless love. Making cute nicknames for eachother that stick more than ur actual name. Feeling that gut clenching feeling and a natural high when u hear their voice or name, and when u feel ...

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roo5678 29 M
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love is a joke   2.12.2019

I know this pretty cheesy to said but it is true I have tried to find love in my life but has not work at all

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mestizoo2018 42 M
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Casadas   1.12.2019

Cómo convencer a una mujer casada, de solo tener sexo sin comprometerse????.

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scunnylad2012 29 M
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Falling in love after a fling   29.11.2019

I've recently found myself in a rather precarious situation. I was enjoying the company of someone I understood to be a friend 'with .' We're both professionals with very busy lives with very little time for relationships and a casual arrangement worked for us both. We'd met through here and saw each other for a good 2-3 months, and we really did enjoy each other's ...

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HollyChatsNJ 61 T
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Wishing I was ...   29.11.2019

Yep - just wishing I was in love with the love of my life. <br><br> That's about it. <br><br> I'm sure I'm not the only one... <br><br> ~Holly

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wendyw1000 38 W
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My First Bondage   29.11.2019

I started in bondage games while I was still at school. I'd just turned sixteen as I recall. Sweet sixteen. I was with Karen, my girlfriend and lover for the previous few weeks. We were in her bedroom one Saturday, alone in the house and she suggested I might enjoy “something different”. Always open to new experiences, I naturally agreed and soon found myself stripped ...

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mezti7332 46 M
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el presente tambien es un regalo   25.11.2019

el amor es ciego, sordo y pelotudo....algunos les gusta bendar, otros gritar y hasta disfrazes. Lo realmente hermoso es disfrutar.

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escYoda 39 M
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Articulo 1   25.11.2019

Descripcion 1

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Fogger310 50 M
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What is love?   25.11.2019

Does anyone know what love is? I'm asking, because I need the points. Tha k you and have a nice day.

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Pullmytrigger55 49 M
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Postal   25.11.2019

Would anyone go postal on Transen Kontakte if they could?

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Point are love   25.11.2019

loves points as much as I do?

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Una mujer muy deseada y muy decidida y un hombre muy cambiado   9.11.2019

Siempre hablaba con Rocío Alta (La Gra) sobre la posibilidad de llevar su tatuaje en mi cuerpo y hacer un perfil con fotos de su tatuaje y siempre ella me decía que no debería hacerlo. Finalmente decidiste que "si" seria buen idea. Cuando Rocío decide a hacer algo lo haces al máximo. Iba a poner solo "R" o "G" pero ella me dijiste que significaría más y ...

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bigcock44286 64 M
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Threesomes   28.10.2019

Is there anybody there that wants to ?if so look me up, cant read email so get with me in Im Bihappym;

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duro_734 34 M
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vale la pena enamorarse   26.10.2019

Ocho razones científicas por las que vale la pena enamorarse <br><br> 1.- ¡Qué guapa te ves! Seguro que en más de una ocasión le han dicho lo bien que le sienta el amor. Y es que durante el enamoramiento los niveles de estrógeno en el cuerpo aumentan lo que hace que la piel luzca más radiante, así como el cabello y las uñas. <br><br> 2.- Es menos probable tener ...

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ADAN5100 45 M
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4 trucos para conseguir hacer un trío   26.10.2019

Conseguir hacer un trío se encuentra entre las fantasías sexuales de muchas personas, pero para poder llegar a realizarla se deben tener en cuenta una serie de pasos. <br><br> Te explicamos algunos trucos y consejos para que puedas llevar a cabo el deseado ménage à trois de forma exitosa y como siempre habías deseado.

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est ce bon   26.10.2019

l amour et le sexe sont ils bon pour votre coeur Ils diminuent le stress et réduisent les risques de maladies cardiovasculaires.

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dimdim28000 30 M
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l'amour dans tout ses états   22.10.2019

qu'es ce que l'amour propres? l'amour passionnelle? l'amour charnelle ? peut t'on trouver l'amour ici est surtout si on n'a pas les pleins pouvoir exemple comme le gold ?

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finding   13.10.2019

It is never about finding love but it is for it to find you. <br><br> people go on an on, all you have to do is be open for someone to do you.

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MufMunchHer 58 M
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Hunger   13.10.2019

Is it ok to want when you have? Having a woman who is your luv. But then having a hunger of what you don't get from your woman. The desire to cheat but yet not luv who you cheat with. The sex that you desire that your luv will not give. What is wrong and what is right?????

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jojolabricot2102 28 M
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qu elle ntionqliter est lq plus cochonne celon vous?   12.10.2019

a mon sens en asie elle sont plus ouvertes que les francaises vou en pensez quoi ?

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vinnny69 36 M
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Je cherche une femme qui veux s'amuser avec moi de temps a autre   12.10.2019

Pensez vous qu'il reste encore des femmes de la ville de québec qui sont intéressé a rencontrer des gars ?!

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alex1010625 57 M
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Amor Platónico/Sexo Platónico   12.10.2019

He encontrado muchas definiciones de "Amor Platónico", y quizás la más breve y acertada, sea esta: El amor platónico es un sentimiento de amor idealizado, en que se abstrae el elemento sexual, caracterizado por ser irrealizable o no correspondido. ... En la actualidad se suele utilizar este concepto con estos significados aunque es una variación de la idea de amor para Platón. ...

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alephpeter2018 61 M
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La facilidad con la que podemos contactar a una persona por medio de las redes sociales me sorprende, pero con la misma facilidad con la que se entabla un contacto se puede perder. Las personas en estos sitios buscan satisfacer la necesidad de tener amigos, amantes, parejas estables, ojala todos encontráramos lo que buscamos y siguiéramos nuestro camino hacia la felicidad, pero no la felicidad ...

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romanticosantiag 41 M
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puntos IM   3.10.2019

quiero puntosssssssssssssssjajjaaaa

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carlos1974bcn 46 M
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quiero volver a verte   3.10.2019

me encantaria volver a verte subir esas escaleras del metro. subir detras de ti con esa mini falda tan corta y esa carrera en tus medias...nunca vi nada tan sensual....

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Erinhz 43 M
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Blizzzzzz   3.10.2019

Las Fiestas Blizz eventos para parejas y chicas open mind, donde ellas disfrutan, y ellos solo miran….. Están dirigidas a parejas swinger y mujeres solas seleccionadas. Es un nuevo concepto que Fiestas Under quiere explorar, donde sólo participan los miembros cuyas postulaciones aceptadas para formar parte de su comunidad. <br><br> Blizz es el término que refiere a un acuerdo ...

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lovehope77 20 M
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Some things about love   26.9.2019

once in your life, I truly believe, you find someone can completely turn your world around. You tell them things that you’ve never shared with another soul and they absorb everything you say and want hear more. You share hopes for the future, dreams that will never come true, goals that were never achieved and the many disappointments life has thrown at you. When something wonderful ...

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rm_cherimore 57 W
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How can that be....   14.9.2019

Someone you never know or hear of, say 'I love you' on their first initial contact.

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ADAN5100 45 M
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vALE LA PENA REVISAR ESTOS ARTÍCULOS <br><br> Desde hace 13 años se viene celebrando cada 8 de agosto el Día Internacional del Orgasmo Femenino, una celebración que nació en un pueblecito brasileño llamado Esperantina. En realidad todo se debe a quién entonces era el concejal de ese poblado José Arimateia Dantas Lacerda, quién interesándose en un estudio realizado por ...

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ADAN5100 45 M
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El sexo entre amigos ....SE VALE O NO????   12.9.2019

Varios estudios sostienen ya que tener una noche de sexo apasionado con un Buen amiga no solo no es perjudicial, sino que podría robustecer la relación. Por tanto, ya no habríamos de ponderar siempre y elegir entre una cosa o la otra. <br><br> La reflexión que la mayoría de personas suelen hacer al respecto es que, una vez se ha mantenido una relación sexual con un amigo, la ...

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michfun2017 49 M
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Sister on the Sofa   8.9.2019

It was an early afternoon, and I was sitting on the couch playing a few games on my Xbox. I had only recently got into gaming, and was hooked. I was playing when I heard a knock on our door. Our 2 bedroom apartment was quite small, and the slightest sound made the whole house echo. My mother went to answer the door, and my 18 year old sister, Vanessa, emerged from the hallway. ...

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mimaini 66 W
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El galopar de mi pasion   6.9.2019

Mmmm cae la noche y la luna me exita tan golosa.. Deslizandome en un pastizal con ese rayo de luz , tan lento comienzo a desprender los botones de mla blusa negra , el encaje que cubre mis enormes pechos tiene perfume a rosas ...las acaricio y los botones duros con su aureolas calientes me fascina ..calienta y apreto estas tetas con pezones que deseo chuparmelas . La noche me enciende mas y ...

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Gghgddgdygfg 35 M
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Want some fun fun fun with many people so if anyone else is up for it come on   2.9.2019

Something like fun with many people so if anyone else is up for it

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ekus7000 65 M
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gordas y setentonas   1.9.2019

el articulo es sobre las mujeres quee ahora estan llamando mi atencion las gordas me cogi una gorda de 40 años en cancun y me encanto ahora tego aficion por ogerlas y las mujeres de 60 , 70

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Constantinedf 44 M
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Que es el BDSM   1.9.2019

DescripciónBDSM es un término creado para abarcar un grupo de prácticas y fantasías eróticas libremente consensuadas, ​ que en algunos casos consideradas como un estilo de vida.​ Se trata de una sigla que combina las letras iniciales de las palabras Bondage, Disciplina, Dominación, Sumisión, Sadismo y Masoquismo.

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MasterSamsg12 36 M
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A fulfilling love life. How can I have one?   24.8.2019

“A fulfilling love life. How can I have one? How can I get themost out of sex?” people worldwide ask thesequestions. Why? Because both pleasure and emotionalfulfillment are important facets of sex.Sex is often on our minds. According to two psychologists atthe universities of Vermont and South Carolina, 95% of peoplethink about sex at least once each day.{1} You might wonder, “You ...

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NoWhammysStop 34 M
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who has found love here?   23.8.2019

i did! was not looking for it. but it happened. very happy i was open to it

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RobDavenport 57 M
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Soulmates - points to ponder   6.8.2019

A soulmate is.... <br><br> A person you accept without thinking. There is a deep and unspoken respect between both of you. You have chemistry of the body. Your instincts have kicked in feel as if this person is your mate. When you touch this person, your body calms down into a deep peace. You have chemistry of mind. You complete each other’s stories in life. You have chemistry of ...

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kissableleo66 67 M
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Love?   6.8.2019

You might not have to be in love.

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Amine7awayKbir 31 M
1  Artikel
la taille de la bite   3.8.2019

bonsoir, est ce que la taille de la bite est intéressante lors d une relation sexuelle?

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G_Spot421 34 M
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are u in WASHINGTON STATE   1.8.2019

hello. are u in aberdeen or in the grays harbor now or will be soon and looking for a play mate?? bi so i would love to meet up with anyone.. all u got to do is let me no wen and were.. i love to suck, fuck, get fucked, eat ass/pussy up for ANYTHING...

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nicoy1919 30 M
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Love   27.7.2019

Love is as critical for your mind and body as oxygen. It's not negotiable. The more connected you are, the healthier you will be both physically and emotionally. The less connected you are, the more you are at risk. <br><br> It is also true that the less love you have, the more depression you are likely to experience in your life. Love is probably the best antidepressant there is ...

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Love   27.7.2019

Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage.” “There is always some madness in love. But there is also always some reason in madness.” “The greatest happiness of life is the conviction that we are loved; loved for ourselves, or rather, loved in spite of ourselves.

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Love2Pleazer 43 M
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Love yourself   27.7.2019

You gotta love you, self love is great start!

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A Study Shows That We Fall In Love with 3 People in Our Lifetime and Each One Has A Specific Reason <br><br> A study has shown that a person can fall in love at least three times in their lifetime. However, each one of these relationships can happen in a different light from the one before and each one serves as a different purpose. ...

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Love   27.7.2019

Creating this article for the points. I need points.

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pieter145 23 M
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sex   9.7.2019

Zijn er hier ook mensen die puur en alleen maar voor de sex zijn? Ik heb het idee dat er overal weinig op ingegaan wordt. Mensen hier die al de nodige ervaring hebben opgedaan via de site?

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pauloaz67 51 M
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Boas ....   5.7.2019

Alguém interessado para passar bons momentos

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G_Spot421 34 M
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MY B DAY IS CUMMING   22.6.2019

HELLO EVERYONE. i want to ask u all somthing.. ok so my b day is on may 28th, and i need help.. what i want to ask all of u is that ; SINCE ITS MY B DAY HERE IN A FEW DAYS, WILL ALL OF U LOOK INTO UR HARTS AND PLZ HELP ME OUT BY SENDING ME TIPS OR PTS?? I NEED THEM OOOHH SO BAD.. i lost my jab last week, my rent is due on the 1st, running out of food cuz the state took my foodies away after i ...

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Buds7974 46 M
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love is fake   10.6.2019

I feel that Love is over rated now because it' so easy to have to string attached and open sex these days,

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Brabag69 65 M
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How do you know   30.5.2019

Well you never really do make passionate love fuck n suck. But it seams some else is either a slim ball causing troble. Or jealous

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xo_OX2 42 W
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Celos   27.5.2019

Cuando cada cosa que haces o digas causa algún tipo de problema en la pareja. Sera necesario aislarse del mundo para no provocar celos? No entiendo a veces el comportamiento, acción y reacción. Y yo que pensaba era celosa, resulta, que no lo soy tanto. Estando y sintiéndome segura y amada no debería porqué sentirlo. Estoy bien, tranquila y llena de ti. Aún.

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13JudasIscariot 43 M
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I Love you, but; no one loves me like I want to be Loved   3.5.2019

First off, Please do not judge me. I have been judged by everyone on this world and I am looking for someone. <br><br> I am Pansexual, Bipolar I, and Other... <br><br> I am Good, Please do not discard my writings because of who I am. I am appealing to you. I think you may understand me, we are not the same but maybe because of your struggles in this World, you may ...

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Four Types Of Love In Bible   1.5.2019

Love as a word describes an emotion with vastly differing degrees of intensity. We can say we love ice cream and chocolate, and we can pledge our love to a husband or wife until our dying breath. <br><br> Love is one of the most powerful emotions we can experience. Humans crave love from the moment of existence. And the Bible tells us that God is love. For Christian believers, love is ...

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Jacee97 22 M
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The concept of love   10.4.2019

Love... you can’t live with it and can’t live without it. It’s the best and worst feeling you will ever experience in life. If you’re lucky enough because as the old saying goes. It’s better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all.

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gulosocarioca19 39 M
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qual o melhor   5.4.2019

Para você casada ou solteira qual seria o amor perfeito ? Imagine que a liberdade seja completa .. prefere casada ou solteira?

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LindaCanaless 27 W
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Fidelity?   28.3.2019

In love, now it is difficult to stay faithful, the only advice I can give you is, enjoy !!

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VenusWetPussy0 38 W
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Waiting song lyrics - Madonna   20.3.2019

Well, I know from experience That if you have to ask for something more than once or twice It wasn't yours in the first place. And that's hard to accept when you love someone. And you're led to believe in their moment of need that they want what you want but they don't. Don't go breaking my heart like you said you would Baby, you're no good And you hurt me like no other ...

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Women and our orgasms   20.3.2019

Hello, I'm Cuddly_Kitten.

I have a confession to make! I have a very hard time having an orgasm. The only way I can have one is to masturbate beforehand followed by a good kitty licking.

Guys, Please take note of my article. Learn from this! Do not begin intercourse with any woman until you have stimulated her Vag in some way! She will have to fake it to get you off ...

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maduragg 99 W
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Viva as diferenças!   3.3.2019

Aceitar as pessoas como elas são é talvez uma das maiores dificuldades dos relacionamentos. A parte que se acha “boa” sempre vai acreditar que a parte que ela acredita ser a “ruim” com o passar do tempo vai mudar. Somos diferentes uns dos outros! Você pode ser agitada, impulsiva e ele ser calmo, paciente e tem ritmo próprio. Querer modificar a dinâmica do outro é irracional. Chega ...

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possible   23.2.2019

is it possible to be in love with women at same time

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blackking85s 36 M
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finding love   23.2.2019

its hard to find real love these days so when u do u hold on to it < not saying its not fun to just have a random fuck r fuck buddy but when u do find love u cherish it AGREED ???

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protestant8104 38 M
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Love   23.2.2019

How about a poem? ...anyone? <br><br> = )

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Kevin_b4u 38 M
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The Power of Love   7.2.2019

Love is as critical for your mind and body as oxygen. It's not negotiable. The more connected you are, the healthier you will be both physically and emotionally. The less connected you are, the more you are at risk. <br><br> You agree?

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malevola666 55 W
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Hijo...Feliz Cumpleaños! Tu nacimiento fue uno de los mejores regalos que Dios me dio, me bendijo. Eres el mejor regaló, a mis pocos años qué yo tenía. Te sentí en mi pecho, allí te colocaron después de nacer. Lloré de alegría de felicidad ya estabas conmigo. El amor de madre en ese momento se reafirmó, eres mi fuerza y mi pequeño y gran tesoro, , En esté cumpleaños dejas una etapa ...

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ParaRocioAlta123 65 M
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Feliz Ano Nuevo   6.2.2019

Anoche pase una noche vieja inolvidable gracias a Rocio Alta la mujer que te adoro. Ella estaba comiendo la cena pero me enviabas mensajes. Le dije a ella que habia entrado en cam en Transen Kontakte y que me mostraba desnudo llevando sus tatuajes. Soy timido por naturaleza pero a la misma vez tengo una fuerte necesidad mostrar al mundo como la adoro a ella. Subi fotos y videos para ella. He aprendido que ...

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linchen71 42 M
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純粹的好砲友難尋!床伴這條界線 男女之間攻防慘烈   6.2.2019

深夜回到家,直接就倒在沙發,唉,連開瓶啤酒的心情都沒有。明明剛結束幾輪激戰,但心情卻仍是滿滿的幹。倒不是什麼交差的負擔或者乏味的疲憊感,而是又得跟一個合得來的床伴,把關係切斷。 <br><br> ...

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Touchandgo201 42 M
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Nice Gus Finish Last   27.1.2019

In my experience with relationships I have had my share of good and bad. I have been on both sides of the fence, and I can honestly say that Nice Guys finish last. It should come as no surprise to you mean that woman love to see confidence in a man, they long for the domanance of the other sex. But they get lost in the situation with one man earning her heart and another stealing it. Do not be ...

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gtsgixxer 46 M
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Dust Lost in the Middle of the Ocean   26.1.2019

I haven't posted on here in a long time. I tried for a while in my group and a few people looked, but no one commented. It helped to solidify my view that I must be dust lost in the middle of the ocean. I am not just weird, I am the weirdo. How do we find ourselves on this site. Sure its full of beautiful women to give me, the lowly standard member a tiny glimpse of the figure similar ...

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Jenny_geil_1982 25 W
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verliebt im Transen Kontakte?   14.1.2019

Mich würde mal interessieren ob sich hier schon mal jemand ernsthaft verliebt hat, oder ob sich hier schon Partner fürs leben gefunden haben. ich selbst habe daran kein interesse, aber ich bin halt neugierig

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Gaucho1576 44 M
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Sexo safado   6.1.2019

O que será que pode ser chamado de sexo safado, aquele sexo casual, o sexo feito de forma de feitiches ou quando estamos traindo alguém. Acho que o sexo safado é aquele em que duas pessoas se relacionam e deixam aflorar as suas taras e se entregam de corpo e alma ao sexo, ao outro sem pudores.

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ParaRocioAlta123 65 M
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29 de Diciembre   1.1.2019

Hace un ano Rocio Alta me dio tu autorizacion llevar tu tatuaje y me dio que si - te gustaria que sea expuesto en todos partes como su John. Ya despues de un ano vivo cada momento adorando a Rocio Alta y es un privilegio enorme llevar su nombre en mi piel. El 29 diciembre fue el dia que ella cambio mi vida. Rocio ha vivido muchas experienciaas eroticas en linea en Transen Kontakte y en real y llegaste a ser ...

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ParaRocioAlta123 65 M
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Homenaje a Rocio Alta / La Gra!   18.12.2018

Hace mucho escribi sobre mi intencion de llevar el nombre de Rocio Alta / La Gra en mi piel. Desde hace mucho hablo de este con ella pero a ella no le gusto el idea. Finalmente despues de mucho tiempo ella me dijo que si le gustaria el idea si es solo tatuaje que dura unas semanas. Eso me puso muy pero muy feliz pero finalmente no tuvo el coraje de hacerlo. Hace unos meses decidi ponerlo. ...

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rosamaria15005 28 W
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para ti   17.12.2018

Sería difícil pensar que pueda existir una vida en la que yo no me encuentre junto a ti, alejada, de tus labios, de tu piel, de todo lo que en conjunto formas tú, lo que eres tú para mí, se puede describir sólo con unas palabras, pero estas palabras sólo palabras que al compararse con la realidad serían palabras vacías, porque las palabras sobran cuando se trata de describir a una ...

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Fenix541 37 M
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Hello Ladies!!   13.12.2018


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JeanPaul1882 49 M
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unique words.   5.12.2018

Those that stir the soul and color the paler cheeks. Those that lift the mood, cause smiles and brighten the days. The spontaneous words that come from nothing and that are worth everything. Those that cost so much to say and say a lot with very little. Those that come from those you love most and from whom you least expect. The ones written between emojis and abbreviations, those that are lost ...

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ncmaleonbeach 62 M
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Is it Love or Lust   5.12.2018

Is it Love or Lust <br><br> What are the opinions out there. <br><br> I feel in love once but went after the lust

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gingertop6969BB 49 M
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My true love   5.12.2018

Until I met you my heart stood still Like the moon and the sun Their love is true That's how I feel when I look at you Passion burning like a wildfire You are my weakness, my heart's desire Take my walls down And leave me bare With you I have no care Breathe me in slowly Take me in Press your lips against mine An innocent sin done dreaming of a better man Waiting for him to take me by ...

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ahrnycumtoy 46 M
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LOVE?   27.11.2018

what is love is love ever real or ever done?

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rm_lin74fanny 35 W
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未來在哪裡   19.11.2018

孤身一人來到這 本應幸福久久 現又回到孤身一人 回去也是獨自一人

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erererer3030 39 M
4  Artikel
sad   17.11.2018

love has a shelf life these days

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Bestaat echte liefde   11.11.2018

bestaat echte liefde of doen we het niet gewoon voor de sex

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daydreaming42O 24 M
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Roar   6.11.2018

where is my love.

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rm_ferran_35 48 M
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Falsedad   6.11.2018

Que pensais de esta pagina, ralmente, se usa como deberia ??

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ScarletJohnsons 25 W
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For a kiss ...   5.11.2018

For a hug from you I would give I would write you ten writings of true love, nine sun falls, eight bouquets of bright red flowers, seven adventures at the end of the world, six moments of company in front of the sea, five nights of passion, four incredible jewels, three photos of happiness, two caresses and an eternity....

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HollyChatsNJ 61 T
17  Artikel
Wish I Was In Love...   4.11.2018

Oh how I wish I was in Love. Yes, I am in search of that special someone. I'm even trying here on Transen Kontakte. Thinking I have about a 1% chance. Just don't want to regret not even trying. <br><br> Good luck to everyone in search of someone to love. <br><br> Now I can't get that song out of my head. <br><br> "Don't you want somebody to love" ...

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alanishot69 31 LP
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te quiero pero no te necesito   19.10.2018

Vivimos en una sociedad en la que cada día nos creamos nuevas necesidades. Nos encanta la formula “necesito”: “necesito cambiarme de coche, necesito unos zapatos nuevos, necesito otro móvil, necesito apuntarme a un gimnasio”, etc. <br><br> Si pensamos en el consumismo que nos rodea, esto puede ser comprensible; a muchos les interesa que pensemos así, aunque eso no lo ...

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Píldora del día después   19.10.2018

Ustedes o su pareja la han usado?

1 Kommentare, 3 Angesehen, 1 Stimmen ,2.40 Gesamtpunktzahl
You ruined me   10.10.2018

Most women ruin me, it's a curse

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maduragg 99 W
3  Artikel
O amor não tem garantias   1.10.2018

De todas as verdades da vida, talvez seja essa a mais verdadeira: Você vai perder as pessoas, cedo ou tarde, de um jeito ou de outro, você perderá...

A pessoa que você ama pode, amanhã mesmo, resolver que já não quer estar ao seu lado e você não poderá fazer nada a respeito.

A única maneira de manter alguém por perto é fazer com que esse alguém queira estar por ...

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lili202000 31 W
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VOntade louca de gozar   1.10.2018

Voce ja sentiu uma vontade louca de gozar na praia...gostaria de realizar

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Can u love one and just dick another   15.9.2018

I say yes I have been in love with my wife since the day we meet . But yet I can let her fuck other men and my self fuck other women it keeps our relationship alive and we don't go looking for it beside each others backs

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hairy_cock87 32 M
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BIG   10.9.2018


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xorenere84x 35 M
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Sesso Anale   26.7.2018

Quanto è bello il sesso anale.....allargare quelle belle chiappe e farcelo entrare piano piano....

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is it possible   4.7.2018

is it really possible on this site?

2 Kommentare, 28 Angesehen, 6 Stimmen ,1.09 Gesamtpunktzahl
jennysexy26 30 W
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***TEST CRASH STIMULANT ***   15.6.2018

premiere année, ou l'on essaie des stimulants, hommes et femmes Super sensation pendant trois jours au moins, sans aucun effet genants, c'est magique***

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iphone20x 28 M
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Characteristics of Real Love   9.6.2018

1. Love means saying goodbye to expectations. Sure, we all want people to behave the way we want them to. We want them to be more affectionate. Or more outgoing. Or smarter. Or more ambitious. All of these things are expectations. Expectations are just your requirements for “acceptability” of loving some. But true love has no expectations. It simply loves “as is.” <br><br> 2. ...

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quincas_mg 40 M
11  Artikel

Estava em viagem de trabalho pelo interior de Minas Gerais. Ao entardecer, parei para um cafezinho em uma pequena cidade cortada pela rodovia. Na lanchonete estavam duas garotas observado o movimento. Enquanto lanchava, ia conversando com a atendente da lanchonete. Disse que estava ali de passagem em destino para uma cidade que ficava distante 100km dali. Sem que eu notasse, as duas garotas ...

1 Kommentare, 13 Angesehen, 4 Stimmen ,4.80 Gesamtpunktzahl
You never know...   4.5.2018

I met him three years ago in an unusual place. The attraction was immediate.

I shook his hand, looked into his eyes, and knew.

I knew before the night was over that I would have him. And I did.

I fell in love with him that night. I didn't want to. I just did.

We moved three thousand miles away within a month, went through hell and back. We have made it ...

1 Kommentare, 38 Angesehen, 21 Stimmen ,5.85 Gesamtpunktzahl
blind8181 40 M
1  Artikel
Para las mujeres, hombres con pelo en el pecho o depilados?   27.4.2018

Hola, tengo bastante pelo o vello, en el pecho, no soy un oso, pero casi. <br><br> La cuestión es que he estado con varias mujeres, y diferentes gustos en este aspecto, algunas les gustaba, otras no, otras les daba igual, y ya ko se que hacer <br><br> Por comodidad, en verano me depilo, para ir más fresco, pero no quiero perder ese toque, que a las mujeres os gusta, que ...

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older   14.4.2018

there is nothing better than having a very sexy older woman fuck you

5 Kommentare, 31 Angesehen, 22 Stimmen ,5.29 Gesamtpunktzahl
sexe   31.3.2018

j'aime voir une femme avec un penis

1 Kommentare, 28 Angesehen, 8 Stimmen ,1.16 Gesamtpunktzahl
rm_Fun_3er 42 M
3  Artikel
Love makes it better?   31.3.2018

Just a thought that when you are in love, you can enjoy sex even more at next level...

6 Kommentare, 68 Angesehen, 27 Stimmen ,4.61 Gesamtpunktzahl
love   18.3.2018

i started dating a woman 22 older than myself and i love her

0 Kommentare, 14 Angesehen, 10 Stimmen ,5.77 Gesamtpunktzahl
Love   2.3.2018

A 42-year-old lady, very fair, long hair. Size must be 38-32-36. I hugged her as I closed the door, she too hugged me and I slowly kissed her lips, she was responding good, my fingers went through all of her assets.I had an instant boner and she could feel it and in no time, she caught it. And started stroking above my jeans.My hands were cruising her boobs and sucking her tongue.I lifted her in ...

1 Kommentare, 13 Angesehen, 11 Stimmen ,3.17 Gesamtpunktzahl
Love   2.3.2018

She looked at me and I said I was asking because I too was alone and wanted to know how she managed. She mentioned that she turned to God. I called her bluff and asked her to be specific and if she only remembered god when she orgasmed. She looked offended and I told her not to and that I knew everything. <br><br> I also told her that she left the door open and I got a good look and ...

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0923242361 46 M
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pau_garcia 23 W
3  Artikel
Amor en la oficina   14.1.2018

Una de las situaciones más comunes que suelen darse en el ámbito de las relaciones sentimentales, los amores de oficina. <br><br> Las personas compartimos gran parte de nuestro tiempo con otras en el trabajo, y entonces es habitual y casi inevitable, que surjan este tipo de vínculos cercanos en la oficina. <br><br> Para muchos, esto puede llegar a ser un problema. El ...

1 Kommentare, 8 Angesehen, 4 Stimmen ,4.02 Gesamtpunktzahl
Love   11.1.2018

As he went out aunty hurried and closed the door. As soon as she closed the door I came out for the bathroom and grabbed her by the back. My one hand was on her tummy and other on her boobs. I whispered slowly in her ears ” hey aunty I know you so sexy will enjoy today” and started to kiss her neck from the back. She also whispered as uncle was still in hall ” Plz Rohit leave me don’t do ...

0 Kommentare, 30 Angesehen, 19 Stimmen ,4.05 Gesamtpunktzahl
Love   1.1.2018

We reached goa in afternoon as our bus got delayed and we were struck in traffic in hot sun. We were pretty tired from our journey so we decided to rest for few hours and visit Baga beach in evening just to get the feel of it. In morning we would go early and enjoy till late night. The flat was 1bhk apartment with all amenities built in so that we dint have to go out for anything. Shruthi got ...

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Odyseo76 43 M
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Mejor posicion para doble anal   31.12.2017

Siempre he intentado realizarla fantasia del doble anal, cual sera la mejor posicion para realizarlo considero que la mejor es estando uno acostado y la mujer encima y el otro hombre intentando penetrar por la parte superior tipo trio pero siendo la penetracion doble anal

2 Kommentare, 5 Angesehen, 2 Stimmen ,3.12 Gesamtpunktzahl
Odyseo76 43 M
6  Artikel
Orgasmos   30.12.2017

Considero que el sexo anal en ocasiones provoca unos orgasmos increibles la penetracion es muy exitante y sentir los flujos del ano de la mujer es algo muy rico y si se usa lubricante es mucho mejor me han comentado varias mujeres que es doloroso pero muy placentero

1 Kommentare, 4 Angesehen, 2 Stimmen ,3.12 Gesamtpunktzahl
Aishalewin 26 W
8  Artikel
Paja Rusa!   28.12.2017

Para poder realizar esta posición sexual, en general es necesario que los senos de la mujer sean grandes, 1​ debido a que pueden recibir al pene de mejor forma que un busto pequeño. Puede ser útil algún gel o crema (que se ubica en el medio del pecho de la mujer o en el pene) que sirva como lubricante para realizar el acto de forma adecuada.2 <br><br> <br><br> Mujer ...

1 Kommentare, 9 Angesehen, 5 Stimmen ,4.77 Gesamtpunktzahl
PiuBello5 47 M
4  Artikel
Amistad parte 2   23.12.2017

No, más. <br><br> ¡A la mierda las probabilidades! <br><br> Me has hecho ser la persona que soy hoy, ¿sabes? <br><br> Que sí, que yo soy quien ha hecho todo, pero estoy convencido de que sin tu existencia, sin tu presencia aquí o allá, no lo hubiera conseguido. <br><br> O lo hubiera logrado, pero sería diferente, muy diferente. ...

1 Kommentare, 5 Angesehen, 2 Stimmen ,4.50 Gesamtpunktzahl
PiuBello5 47 M
4  Artikel
Tu fan numero 1parte 2   17.12.2017

Yo soy el tío más torpe de la historia, ¿y qué? <br><br> Seamos transparentes. <br><br> Seamos como ese amor que ve las cosas malas pero también las buenas. <br><br> Un amor que creerá en ti y en tu majestuosidad. <br><br> Lo espero de verdad. <br><br> Espero que un amor así llegue a ti. <br><br> Un amor que te apoye ...

0 Kommentare, 4 Angesehen, 3 Stimmen ,3.43 Gesamtpunktzahl
alejatorres 23 W
3  Artikel
Amor en esos tiempos!   5.12.2017

Los personajes principales de la novela Florentino Ariza y Fermina Daza, los cuáles se enamoran en su juventud. Una relación secreta florece entre los dos con la ayuda de la Tía de Fermina. Intercambian varias cartas de amor. Sin embargo, una vez que el padre de Fermina, Lorenzo Daza, se entera de la relación, obliga a su hija a dejar de ver a Florentino inmediatamente. <br><br> ...

2 Kommentare, 10 Angesehen, 6 Stimmen ,4.79 Gesamtpunktzahl
DOM_Mann80 39 M
6  Artikel
What do you think after making love with a man/ woman ?   2.12.2017

What do you think after making love with a man/ woman ?

1 Kommentare, 12 Angesehen, 8 Stimmen ,3.01 Gesamtpunktzahl
Aishalewin 26 W
8  Artikel
Yoga y el sexo   1.12.2017

Mucho se ha hablado de los beneficios de la actividad física sobre la sexualidad y no quedan dudas de que una sexualidad sana requiere de un cuerpo y una mente saludables. <br><br> Conocer nuestro cuerpo es fundamental para poder disfrutarlo y el yoga es una disciplina milenaria que no sólo involucra a nuestro cuerpo físico, sino que entiende al ser humano como una unidad entre ...

1 Kommentare, 9 Angesehen, 6 Stimmen ,5.07 Gesamtpunktzahl
small dicks   20.11.2017

hello everyone my name is jason hello everyone my name is jason

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tsaujames6969 39 M
11  Artikel
轉轉輪盤   13.11.2017

輪盤轉動著 數字快速旋轉 骰子擲下的那瞬間

血脈噴張 呼吸急促 興奮不已 異常高亢

是性 是愛 還是幻想


押對 高聲歡呼

押錯 期待幸運之神 快快降臨


1 Kommentare, 18 Angesehen, 10 Stimmen ,2.79 Gesamtpunktzahl
Mgsy01 32 M
7  Artikel
The last time I fell in love   13.11.2017

Its been so long since I have fallen in love. It seems as of late that I will never fall in love again. Though I must confess, to fall in love is perhaps one of the most wholesome experiences one can ever have in life. Once may be enough. Or perhaps love is just waiting around the corner, ready to be fallen into once again

1 Kommentare, 8 Angesehen, 4 Stimmen ,4.02 Gesamtpunktzahl
lehighvaley07 35 M
3  Artikel
Love   13.11.2017

Has anyone found love on here?

2 Kommentare, 12 Angesehen, 5 Stimmen ,1.51 Gesamtpunktzahl
sexylund119 33 M
9  Artikel
luv or lust   12.11.2017

what you say guys luv or lust. luv or lust is a part of life. two aspect of one coin ?

0 Kommentare, 8 Angesehen, 4 Stimmen ,3.25 Gesamtpunktzahl
can you find love   8.11.2017

Has anyone found love. Not just passion but their best friend and lover on here.

3 Kommentare, 42 Angesehen, 12 Stimmen ,5.10 Gesamtpunktzahl
Pesadilla_bcn 41 M
1  Artikel
Puntos   2.11.2017

¿como se ganan puntos para chatear?

1 Kommentare, 4 Angesehen, 1 Stimmen ,2.40 Gesamtpunktzahl
Friendlymarv 49 M
6  Artikel
friends   27.10.2017

new to this life

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igota2inchcock 35 M
7  Artikel
hello everyone my name is jason okay hello everyone my name is jason okay   11.10.2017

hello everyone my name is jason okay hello everyone my name is jason okay hello everyone my name is jason okay hello everyone my name is jason okay hello everyone my name is jason okay hello everyone my name is jason okay

1 Kommentare, 11 Angesehen, 9 Stimmen ,2.78 Gesamtpunktzahl
we all go thru it   10.10.2017

how many times has it been u put in your all and nothing com4s of it but a break up

1 Kommentare, 25 Angesehen, 4 Stimmen ,1.30 Gesamtpunktzahl
one love   10.10.2017

everyone has that one in their lives

2 Kommentare, 21 Angesehen, 5 Stimmen ,3.14 Gesamtpunktzahl
Las Vegas Victims and Families   8.10.2017

I'm sending out love and prayers for those people who were victims or affected by the tragedy in Las Vegas last night. I hope everyone will say a prayer for them.

1 Kommentare, 7 Angesehen, 5 Stimmen ,2.82 Gesamtpunktzahl
The problem with love   6.10.2017

The problem with love is that you never know who it will come from.

0 Kommentare, 2 Angesehen, 1 Stimmen ,3.70 Gesamtpunktzahl
PiuBello42 46 M
5  Artikel
Dicen que el que algo quiere, algo le cuesta   4.10.2017

Que no basta con querer que algo salga bien, que las cosas fluyan por sí solas ni que los astros nos sonrían. Que no es suficiente con desearlo hasta el infinito y más allá, ni que contarlo a todo el mundo lo haga realidad. Y que ni siquiera decidirse, empezar, tratar de acabar o rematarlo es suficiente. Que nada de eso nos asegura el éxito. Ni tampoco el fracaso. <br><br> Que no ...

0 Kommentare, 4 Angesehen, 2 Stimmen ,4.50 Gesamtpunktzahl
Cristiansv1983 34 M
9  Artikel
Hola...   4.10.2017

Día de lluvia en Córdoba especial para cojer

0 Kommentare, 3 Angesehen, 1 Stimmen ,5.00 Gesamtpunktzahl
DiaDi1969 50 W
0  Artikel
Come una preda   2.10.2017

La storia che segue ci è stata inviata da un lettore, Vincenzo C., che ringraziamo moltissimo. Se anche tu vuoi mandarci il tuo racconto, utilizza questo form. <br><br> Nelle ultime settimane ci siamo sfiorati, stuzzicati. I nostri occhi si sono cercati mentre giravamo per i tavoli, impegnati a servire la massa di clienti del sabato sera. Non abbiamo mai avuto un momento per noi, un ...

1 Kommentare, 5 Angesehen, 3 Stimmen ,4.41 Gesamtpunktzahl
2Get2KnowYou 28 M
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In relation to changing your location, does it actually ever update properly?   15.9.2017

Anytime I've tried to update my location, it works for me, but other users tell me that it still says my old location.

So just want to confirm that my location updated properly this time, I've given it time and it said change approved so I think it should be good now!

Can anyone confirm whether it shows me in New York or not? Thanks

2 Kommentare, 23 Angesehen, 7 Stimmen ,4.06 Gesamtpunktzahl
Katsmack88 32 M
1  Artikel
cheese   11.9.2017

i love cheese

1 Kommentare, 9 Angesehen, 6 Stimmen ,2.51 Gesamtpunktzahl
SenhorU 32 M
3  Artikel

Bem , muitos caras falam da boca pra fora sobre não curtir incesto ou comer a cunhada não tem coragem de falar , sobre os sentimentos , mas pesquisei e descobri que 98% adoram , também descobri que os homens casados, noivos e namorados tem o desejo de ver suas fêmeas trepando com outro cara e muitos homens na hora da relação com sua companheira imaginam outro cara trepando com ela , pois ...

1 Kommentare, 3 Angesehen, 2 Stimmen ,3.81 Gesamtpunktzahl
Love is richer than life   24.8.2017

Sex is an representation of love. It cant be estimated with his look. His actions and words determines how much love he has.

1 Kommentare, 36 Angesehen, 14 Stimmen ,3.62 Gesamtpunktzahl
sexinjlp 27 M
9  Artikel
Deseo   21.8.2017

Me encantaría fonocer el calor de una madurita y darle duro y duro hasta cansarme

1 Kommentare, 2 Angesehen, 1 Stimmen ,3.70 Gesamtpunktzahl
stoprry 39 M
4  Artikel
女人1定要看   11.8.2017


1 Kommentare, 18 Angesehen, 9 Stimmen ,2.57 Gesamtpunktzahl
Love is richer than life   6.8.2017

Love is most inportant in my life

0 Kommentare, 12 Angesehen, 10 Stimmen ,1.59 Gesamtpunktzahl
Johnnyturner21 42 M
0  Artikel
Quotes about love and connecting by various authors   23.7.2017

"But let there be spaces in your togetherness, And let the winds of the heavens dance between you Love one another, but make not a bond of love: Let it rather be a moving sea between shores of your souls. Fill each other's cup but drink not from one cup. Give one another of your bread but eat not from the same loaf Sing and dance together and be joyous, but let each one of you be alone, Even as ...

1 Kommentare, 13 Angesehen, 9 Stimmen ,1.50 Gesamtpunktzahl
solaris6965 49 M
1  Artikel
mature   21.7.2017

l'age et il un obstacle

1 Kommentare, 8 Angesehen, 2 Stimmen ,3.81 Gesamtpunktzahl
jthp3699 35 M
5  Artikel
love story?   13.7.2017

does anyone have a love story that either ended in a happy or bad ending?

4 Kommentare, 19 Angesehen, 9 Stimmen ,3.64 Gesamtpunktzahl
sex   11.7.2017

1. “I NEED AIR!” There’s a good chance he was pinned down there with your thighs (lovingly, of course) wrapped around his head. Give the man a chance to come up and breathe.

Powered by GIPHY 2. “I am a god.” There are some things that will feel satisfying no matter how many times you do them. Cracking your knuckles, getting a popcorn kernel out of your teeth, and giving someone ...

1 Kommentare, 15 Angesehen, 11 Stimmen ,2.98 Gesamtpunktzahl
Love is richer than life   3.7.2017

sex is an representation of love that is an mutual interaction between a male and female. It has no end as long as the life exists. A true love cant be determined with words or by his actions. It comes out when it is essential out of our heart.

2 Kommentare, 28 Angesehen, 11 Stimmen ,4.29 Gesamtpunktzahl
hoters40 44 M
5  Artikel
love   29.6.2017

look my.........

3 Kommentare, 17 Angesehen, 9 Stimmen ,1.72 Gesamtpunktzahl
stoyloko7 31 M
1  Artikel
me encantaria tener relaciones   20.6.2017

con maduritas

1 Kommentare, 2 Angesehen, 1 Stimmen ,2.40 Gesamtpunktzahl
paolita_once 20 W
1  Artikel
jOVENCITA O mADURITA   18.6.2017


3 Kommentare, 16 Angesehen, 3 Stimmen ,2.45 Gesamtpunktzahl
Sex is pure form of love   15.6.2017

Sex has no end as long as the life exists. A true love cant be determined with words or by his actions. It comes out when it is essential out of our heart. It is an representation of love that is an mutual interaction between a male and female.

1 Kommentare, 46 Angesehen, 16 Stimmen ,6.07 Gesamtpunktzahl
lonlyhaha 26 M
5  Artikel
真的有那麼多人要約嗎~~   13.6.2017

怎麼很多IM了都不回或是聊一聊就不見了呢~真的來找沒負擔的快感 還是被另外一半束縛了!!

想找秘密關係 但不影響彼此生活的 過來分享一下經驗阿

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tom_jacob 25 M
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Who found their love in this website??   1.6.2017

I mean, who really found their love in this website? the one that makes your body rumble? I'm new here, so I don't really know how this works and how to post something... That should be good! Hope you find the one (or more ) for you

1 Kommentare, 21 Angesehen, 10 Stimmen ,4.18 Gesamtpunktzahl
gael54671 25 M
2  Artikel
ustedes que creen las mujeres siguen habiendo virgenes?   29.5.2017

solamente quisiera saber si aun ay mujeres virgenes

1 Kommentare, 3 Angesehen, 0 Stimmen
blackxs_11 37 M
4  Artikel
IDentidad sexual   12.4.2017

siempre me ha fascinado el tema de las identidades sexuales y como independientemente del genero uno se siente atraido por personas.

Esto me ha repercutido ultimamente en una conversacion con uno de mis mejores amigos, que es gay, que me hablaba que el vive sin represiones, puramente libre. Hoy en dia creo que lo heteros estamos sometidos a una serie de represiones, tanto sexuales como ...

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xSensationBlackx 53 P
14  Artikel
Liebe oder Einsamkeit   11.4.2017

Vor einigen Jahren, als meine damalige Liebe mich betrogen hat und unsere Beziehung dadurch kaputt ging, dachte ich noch ...Liebe, ? was ist das, oder Liebe kotzt die Hölle und statt Feuer bleibt kalter Rauch! Eine lange Zeit dachte ich alle Frauen betrügen nur und nehmen nix mehr ernst. Aber als ich es am wenigsten erwartete, tat sich für mich noch einmal die Liebe auf. ...

0 Kommentare, 92 Angesehen, 11 Stimmen ,1.67 Gesamtpunktzahl
RubenjoephMendoz 40 M
1  Artikel
I know, that, sometimes, it's hard to strike a match an wonder if this bed is still strong...   10.4.2017

I hardly visit my past much, and, I know, that's really the best approach, cause, nothing real was never there for me. love didn't exist there. I know, now, that, my real true reality never lied in my realm of what I thought was reality. My life, was just not meant for, just, to be relied, only to myself.

I journeyed forth and noticed that there was someone else there. So I thought that ...

2 Kommentare, 38 Angesehen, 8 Stimmen ,3.71 Gesamtpunktzahl
fedlinna 39 W
1  Artikel
愛是什麼   8.4.2017

是佔有 ? 是放牛吃草 ? 越佔有 自己就越感覺束縛 束縛在 在乎裡 放牛吃草 卻力不可及

3 Kommentare, 25 Angesehen, 11 Stimmen ,3.54 Gesamtpunktzahl
makemehigh4 32 W
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【回憶】蠟燭   8.4.2017


什麼時候會去整理房間 ?






還有各種顏色的蠟燭 ...

4 Kommentare, 34 Angesehen, 17 Stimmen ,3.41 Gesamtpunktzahl
A   29.3.2017


0 Kommentare, 5 Angesehen, 3 Stimmen ,0.98 Gesamtpunktzahl
nicelifej 33 M
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hhfhhdj fgh   29.3.2017

a value we miss it these days

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EyeShootYouLVNV 44 M
1  Artikel
" The Pain "   29.3.2017

. Why does it have to hurt inside? Why do I have to cry each night? I think I have to walk on by... Cuz I'm starting to lose my sight...

What is it that changed your mind? Who is it that keeps you blind? Why did you change so fast? Did you really have to leave me behind?

I start to think about all we had And how it turned this way... I guess I'll have to leave your ...

0 Kommentare, 9 Angesehen, 4 Stimmen ,3.63 Gesamtpunktzahl
love and life   18.3.2017

Everyone wants to be happy in this world. But thee are only a few people who are happy. Some people believe that wealth gives happiness. They spend most of their time and energy in acquiring it. But wealth does not give happiness. It provides man the basic amenities and materialist comforts of life. But money can’t give the emotional and spiritual satisfaction.

There are some others ...

1 Kommentare, 21 Angesehen, 5 Stimmen ,2.82 Gesamtpunktzahl
cherylin 24 W
1  Artikel
原來我只是想要有人關心   11.3.2017

兩天獨自去家樂福買東西 把自己搞的跟神力女超人一樣 把五層鐵架跟兩大個塑膠箱~微波爐搬回家 突然覺得心底有那麼一點失落感上來 看著人家一對一對~或是一家子人 剛好老媽去高雄了也不在家~ 剩我孤苦零丁一個人 哀~想到以前~家裡有個男人其實是不錯的一件事 ...

6 Kommentare, 60 Angesehen, 17 Stimmen ,3.41 Gesamtpunktzahl
6  Artikel
Frases   6.3.2017

Cuandomuna pareja se quiere dar un tiempo eso de un tiempo que es un tiempo para ver si conozco a otro o que?

1 Kommentare, 3 Angesehen, 1 Stimmen ,3.70 Gesamtpunktzahl
CharlesnLouise 34 P
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Find out what you love language is   24.2.2017

I highly recommend all couples take this and then discuss their individual love languages. It helped our marriage tremendously!!


2 Kommentare, 18 Angesehen, 7 Stimmen ,4.06 Gesamtpunktzahl
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1 Kommentare, 3 Angesehen, 1 Stimmen ,1.10 Gesamtpunktzahl
Fabs1388 27 M
1  Artikel
What is it?   18.1.2017

Love, the thing we all know exists, the thing we all desire in some form or another. But what is it, love for someone who isn't of out family or friends...the love we find for what starts out sometimes as a complete stranger. A chance, a why not? Even a wish and hopes is what we find in ourselves looking for love.... but still what is love, is it lust and desire or want for something we don't ...

1 Kommentare, 25 Angesehen, 1 Stimmen
hechizada73 47 W
1551  Artikel
...SOLO TU...SIEMPRE TU...   31.12.2016

¡ VEN ! Esta noche quiero sentir tu cuerpo fundido al mío quiero saborearte y que me saborees.

Quiero sentir tus labios en mi cueva de la vida que me vuelvas loca quiero explotar muy suave en tu boca.

Quiero que me sofoques que me enciendas que perfumes mi sexo con tu esencia.

Quiero que tu lengua traviesa y ...

0 Kommentare, 10 Angesehen, 6 Stimmen ,2.23 Gesamtpunktzahl
sexxxcrzd 33 P
9  Artikel
Just pictures...   27.12.2016

Sorry, usually I only write epic stories into the magazine, but something is seriously fucky with the blog posting for the last couple of days. I keep putting a bunch of pics on my posts and they all show up just fine, but the next day there is only one still up....its happened a few times now, so I thought I would try posting the pics in the magazine, see if they stay up...

Oh, if you ...

5 Kommentare, 250 Angesehen, 50 Stimmen ,6.31 Gesamtpunktzahl
This is a test   13.12.2016

this is a test please

1 Kommentare, 8 Angesehen, 3 Stimmen ,0.49 Gesamtpunktzahl
SolArg02 22 W
2  Artikel
“Lucía Martínez” / Federico García Lorca   28.11.2016

Lucía Martínez. Umbría de seda roja. Tus muslos como la tarde van de la luz a la sombra. Los azabaches recónditos oscurecen tus magnolias. Aquí estoy, Lucía Martínez. Vengo a consumir tu boca y arrastrarte del cabello en madrugada de conchas. Porque quiero, y porque puedo. Umbría de seda roja.

Federico García Lorca

2 Kommentare, 14 Angesehen, 6 Stimmen ,3.65 Gesamtpunktzahl
SarahSantiago 27 P
7  Artikel
El amor en los tiempos de trio   28.10.2016

Como separan el amor que se siente por la pareja en un trio?

2 Kommentare, 9 Angesehen, 3 Stimmen ,3.92 Gesamtpunktzahl
SarahSantiago 27 P
7  Artikel
Quien decide lo que es amor?   26.10.2016

Me gustaría escuchar su opinión sobre quien decide lo que es el amor? el cerebro o el corazón?

Durante mucho tiempo se ha asimilado el amor con el corazón, lo cual me resulta un poco poético, sin embargo, es necesario destacar que la razón siempre se descontrola cuando uno siente ese amor por primera vez

0 Kommentare, 7 Angesehen, 3 Stimmen ,3.92 Gesamtpunktzahl
ncmaleonbeach 62 M
5  Artikel
Love or Lust   21.10.2016

It is too easy to confuse them both.

Often I lust but then it turns to love.

Anyone else?

0 Kommentare, 19 Angesehen, 8 Stimmen ,3.01 Gesamtpunktzahl
SarahSantiago 27 P
7  Artikel
El amor de 3   17.10.2016

Existe el amor de 3? Lo han experimentando?

0 Kommentare, 10 Angesehen, 3 Stimmen ,1.96 Gesamtpunktzahl
SarahSantiago 27 P
7  Artikel
Esperando el momento adecuado   17.10.2016

Escribo este artículo para hacerle entender a la comunidad que siempre será necesario entablar una buena plática, conocerse y ver si afines. Es ideal tener química con esa persona, ya que de lo contrario, no se podrá tener un resultado bueno.

Platíqueneme que opinan y sus experiencias

0 Kommentare, 13 Angesehen, 6 Stimmen ,4.22 Gesamtpunktzahl
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0 Kommentare, 6 Angesehen, 3 Stimmen ,2.94 Gesamtpunktzahl
SolArg02 22 W
2  Artikel
Anhelo   5.10.2016

Sobre la tibia arena de la playa tu amante cita con placer espero; el sol broncea mis desnudos hombros y entre mi falda juguetea el viento.

Ya con salobres aguas cristalinas el mar de añil acarició mi cuerpo; llevo en los labios un coral partido y una concha prendida en los cabellos.

El cristal diamante de mis ojos tristes aguardan tus pupilas de bohemio, y mis manos germinan ...

1 Kommentare, 17 Angesehen, 6 Stimmen ,3.65 Gesamtpunktzahl
morenazo28xxx 36 M
4  Artikel
sexo o amor   28.9.2016

soy de Mallorca estoy aquí por sexo aventuras morbo no dudes en mandar sms y quedamos

1 Kommentare, 6 Angesehen, 1 Stimmen ,3.70 Gesamtpunktzahl
saritamage 38 W
1  Artikel
adoro   26.9.2016

muito amor

2 Kommentare, 12 Angesehen, 5 Stimmen ,5.75 Gesamtpunktzahl
alexallblack 29 M
6  Artikel
ser el amante !!   18.9.2016

me desespera que la persona que onsideres tu amante te guste aun mas que tu pareja y aun asi estes con esa persona por un compromiso previo !! que opinan

1 Kommentare, 7 Angesehen, 4 Stimmen ,2.86 Gesamtpunktzahl
2  Artikel
IS IT IS IT NOT   15.9.2016


0 Kommentare, 14 Angesehen, 6 Stimmen ,3.08 Gesamtpunktzahl
Fuckmen196 23 M
1  Artikel
Una mujer   9.9.2016

He disfrutado de varias mujeres en realidad he tenido una sola madura y varias de mi edad, siendo honestos la he pasado bien pero no me quita su aroma de aquella mujer madura, me vuelve loco de alguna manera creo que me gusto tanto que he quedado fascinado de ella, no sé que hacer puedo decir que sentir sus caricias complacerla tocar su cuerpo sus senos de alguna manera me dejo hipnotizado yo me ...

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KISS   7.9.2016

K.I.S.S. (abbreviation of Keep It Sexy & Simple)[6] is the sixth studio album by American recording artist Mýa. It is her second studio album to be released by Manhattan Recordings in Japan on April 20, 2011. Originally, scheduled for release April 6, 2011 (physically), however though the album's release was delayed for two weeks due to the unfortunate events surrounding the 2011 Tōhoku ...

0 Kommentare, 21 Angesehen, 12 Stimmen ,2.80 Gesamtpunktzahl
GUYfrHotLady 31 M
7  Artikel
Men Love to see women in orgasm   3.9.2016

Big Os bring us closer Orgasms flood both our brains with the bonding hormone oxytocin. It makes you feel more connected, love-y, and just all around awesome. And hey, why should we experience this feel-good cocktail on our own?

We get a private show Watching you lose control turns us on. When you curl your toes, bite your lip, arch your back … that's some real stuff. And we're the ...

7 Kommentare, 125 Angesehen, 30 Stimmen ,5.20 Gesamtpunktzahl
nairmanju 34 W
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LOVE   28.8.2016


5 Kommentare, 46 Angesehen, 12 Stimmen ,5.10 Gesamtpunktzahl
Laura1959 60 W
3  Artikel
Art & Modael Sig Nude   28.8.2016

I want to put my itue to the public to se hol men and woman my pithure in the Magazine I want to sy my phiture

2 Kommentare, 44 Angesehen, 29 Stimmen ,3.64 Gesamtpunktzahl
rm_alfacuantum 25 M
3  Artikel
Ocho consejos para disfrutar del sexo al máximo y de forma saludable   27.8.2016

Vivir las relaciones eróticas saludablemente implica hacerlo con gusto, conociéndose, valorándose, eligiendo qué, cómo, cuándo y dónde, diciendo lo que apetece y lo que no, y teniendo información adecuada para hacerlo sin riesgos.

1) Cuidar la salud Para unas relaciones sexuales satisfactorias es importante la ausencia de cansancio y de estrés, así como problemas médicos ...

0 Kommentare, 6 Angesehen, 2 Stimmen ,2.42 Gesamtpunktzahl
luciana293 35 W
1  Artikel
EXPERIMNETAR   26.8.2016


1 Kommentare, 11 Angesehen, 1 Stimmen ,5.00 Gesamtpunktzahl
Las cuatro principales ideas erróneas sobre el amor   11.8.2016

1.- El amor es la base sobre la que se sustenta la pareja. Como si el simple concepto de amor, en muchas ocasiones idealizado y difícilmente descifrable, fuese la clave. Lo que define a una buena relación es, además de los tres componentes mencionados antes, una buena comunicación, un buen sistema de refuerzos entre ambos, el respeto, la confianza y una buena forma de resolver problemas ...

1 Kommentare, 3 Angesehen, 2 Stimmen ,3.12 Gesamtpunktzahl
nice2eatu2019 55 M
41  Artikel
Love is a Funny Thing   10.8.2016

Love is a funny thing… It is never appreciated until it is gone...

It never has value until someone has it...

And just when you decided to give up on it… it finds you again.

2 Kommentare, 39 Angesehen, 13 Stimmen ,4.15 Gesamtpunktzahl
xy   3.8.2016

xy yx xx yy xxyy

1 Kommentare, 2 Angesehen, 1 Stimmen ,5.00 Gesamtpunktzahl
asmq2 43 M
6  Artikel
dos + dos   2.8.2016

dos más dos x ................................ x

1 Kommentare, 10 Angesehen, 4 Stimmen ,5.57 Gesamtpunktzahl
asmq2 43 M
6  Artikel
uno + uno   2.8.2016

uno más uno x ..................... x

1 Kommentare, 8 Angesehen, 4 Stimmen ,5.57 Gesamtpunktzahl
asmq2 43 M
6  Artikel
dos + dos   2.8.2016

dos más dos x ................................ x

1 Kommentare, 13 Angesehen, 5 Stimmen ,5.10 Gesamtpunktzahl
mr2freaky26 30 M
4  Artikel
How do you measure   1.8.2016

Do love depend on how good the sex is

3 Kommentare, 36 Angesehen, 8 Stimmen ,0.93 Gesamtpunktzahl
5  Artikel
mejor duo o trio......   1.8.2016

mejor dos tres cuatro.....?

1 Kommentare, 6 Angesehen, 2 Stimmen ,5.20 Gesamtpunktzahl
5  Artikel
n N Ñ ñ   1.8.2016

nNñÑ ÑñNn

1 Kommentare, 8 Angesehen, 3 Stimmen ,4.41 Gesamtpunktzahl
5  Artikel
más   1.8.2016

todos queremos más..... cuanto más

1 Kommentare, 4 Angesehen, 2 Stimmen ,5.20 Gesamtpunktzahl
MAMA19782015 42 W
1  Artikel
CURIOSIDAD   19.7.2016


0 Kommentare, 7 Angesehen, 2 Stimmen ,5.20 Gesamtpunktzahl
mishelle18 20 W
1  Artikel
Mishelle   19.7.2016


0 Kommentare, 5 Angesehen, 2 Stimmen ,4.50 Gesamtpunktzahl
JR20163 36 M
5  Artikel
How can you tell?   12.7.2016

is any one every really 100% sure about being in love? Can there ever be no doubt about it?

1 Kommentare, 26 Angesehen, 6 Stimmen ,1.66 Gesamtpunktzahl
Jayenj1 48 M
10  Artikel
manogamy   3.7.2016

Can you still be in love with someone but secretly on dating site? is it cheating even if you do not decide to meet with anyone and are reviewing the site for the picture and videos, is it still considered love if the other person finds out and objects? would you consider that still in love or just someone using the site and is cheating?

2 Kommentare, 23 Angesehen, 5 Stimmen ,2.49 Gesamtpunktzahl
blondnlookin 53 W
1  Artikel
love at 1st sight   27.6.2016

do u believe in love at 1st sight? if u do then u have a story and i wanna hear it. here's mine. i feel head over heals in love with him the second i saw him, i was 16 and he 17. we was only briefly together, then parted ways, not by choice but we did. i in idaho and him in california. called and wrote for prob a year then we stopped. 30 yrs later i received an email asking me if i remembered ...

4 Kommentare, 82 Angesehen, 20 Stimmen ,6.06 Gesamtpunktzahl
dafnedanae 48 W
7  Artikel

Existen en la mujer zonas más sensibles que otras. Siempre debe recordarse que, a diferencia del hombre que en este sentido es más genitalizado, todo el cuerpo femenino es una zona erógena. Muy pocos hombres lo perciben y, por eso, es clásico que la mayoría comience el acto sexual directamente con la penetración o, en el mejor de los casos, tocando los genitales de la mujer sin preámbulos. ...

0 Kommentare, 4 Angesehen, 3 Stimmen ,1.96 Gesamtpunktzahl
natsu377 23 M
4  Artikel
some short and sweet ones   16.5.2016

A girl and guy were speeding over 100 mph on a motorcycle. Girl: Slow down. I'm scared. Guy: No this is fun. Girl: No its not. Please, it's too scary! Guy: Then tell me you love me. Girl: Fine, I love you. Slow down! Guy: Now give me a big hug. (Girl hugs him) Guy: Can you take my helmet off and put it on? It's bugging me. In the paper the next day: A motorcycle had crashed into a building ...

0 Kommentare, 54 Angesehen, 19 Stimmen ,2.99 Gesamtpunktzahl
wemissyou2 37 P
1  Artikel
我們要尋的 性   13.5.2016

我們想要尋找一個~美麗邂遘的 性愛~但是這個幾乎是不太可能的 事情~所以到現在在我們還在尋找當中希望可以找到對的 人

10 Kommentare, 229 Angesehen, 11 Stimmen ,4.48 Gesamtpunktzahl
femme   27.4.2016

j'aime quand une femme me suce ou quand je lui leche la chatte ou les 2 en meme temps

1 Kommentare, 6 Angesehen, 2 Stimmen ,5.20 Gesamtpunktzahl
00201099164916   17.4.2016

مفيش وحده تتواصل معايا تفهمني ولا كلوا بيتفرج علي كلووووا والغلابه ملهمش نصيب في الكلام ده

1 Kommentare, 5 Angesehen, 2 Stimmen
rm_MDcatmaster 29 M
5  Artikel
The girl upstairs   2.3.2016

4 months ago i was just sitting my car listening to music then a car pulls up next me she gets out and takes my breath away i start trying to think of something to say but draw blanks as she walks away i look and say wow she lives up stairs good i have one more shot so i start thinking of great things to say and how to go about talking to her. i sit outside she walks down the stairs looks and ...

1 Kommentare, 76 Angesehen, 7 Stimmen ,3.04 Gesamtpunktzahl
exzavior3 112 M
2  Artikel
It's a Choice or Maybe?   13.2.2016

Is it a choice to just say hmm? To ponder, wait and chance the factor that either, I am gentlemen who wait for a sign or word of acknowledgment or a gentleman that pauses for an answer? But not giving in to the long hesitational drifting yerning type as what a would do watching its dinner being placed upon its' dish and sitting there anxiously waiting for the masters hand to lower it onto the ...

1 Kommentare, 27 Angesehen, 4 Stimmen ,0.92 Gesamtpunktzahl
jaguar3088 43 M
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:)   11.2.2016


1 Kommentare, 3 Angesehen, 1 Stimmen ,5.00 Gesamtpunktzahl
eternoromantico1 64 M
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Reveillon 2016... Uma surpresa agradabilíssima!!!   31.1.2016

Meus queridos amigos. Estava eu surfando em minha página inicial deste site no dia 31/12/2015 na parte da manhã quando de repente vi uma pessoa que a tempos não conversava no IM. Iniciou-se um bate papo alegre, descontraído e agradável até quando indaguei o que essa pessoa iria fazer logo mais à noite na passagem de Ano. Para minha surpresa a resposta foi "nada... estou sozinha pois meus ...

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Norma909 35 W
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por qué mienten tanto los hombres con sus sentimientos?   26.1.2016

nunca reconocen un amor delante de sus amigos y cuando les aprietas los grilletes como mucho en la intimidad te demuestran algo pero por interés propio.

Solo cuando los asustas que los vas a dejar reaccionan , asi yo no quiero a ninguno mejor me quedo solita.

0 Kommentare, 5 Angesehen, 2 Stimmen ,3.12 Gesamtpunktzahl
angelinagarnett 29 T
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♥ Interracial Transgender Love ♡   25.1.2016

I was just wondering what people on Adult FriendFinder thought in general about Interracial Transgender Relationships... ?


3 Kommentare, 388 Angesehen, 35 Stimmen ,5.35 Gesamtpunktzahl
AtlantaZo 45 M
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can you find love   25.1.2016

Transen Kontakte do you think love is on here

4 Kommentare, 44 Angesehen, 8 Stimmen ,3.94 Gesamtpunktzahl
xmaster16 27 M
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what is love   25.1.2016

what is love. we try our whole lives to define love. is it an action or is it just an expression. a type of emotional feeling.

and where does love love originate. does it come form the heart or is it some sort of illusion made from our conscience. is it something that really can be felt. and how do we know when we are in love. can we say we are in love when someone shows us they care ...

8 Kommentare, 81 Angesehen, 45 Stimmen ,5.93 Gesamtpunktzahl
marlbo2015 34 M
4  Artikel
time   25.1.2016

One day a woman who had very long hair, she asked her husband to buy her a hair comb. The man felt aggrieved and said she "can not". He explained that there is not enough money even to repair the strap on the clock that had ruptured. She did not insist. The next day, when the man walked past the shop with watches, sold his damaged clock at a low price, and then went and bought a comb for his ...

1 Kommentare, 27 Angesehen, 7 Stimmen ,3.30 Gesamtpunktzahl
BinaryEskomo 25 M
10  Artikel
Beautiful advice   25.1.2016

Don't just find someone you love, find someone who makes you love yourself. - Gannon Fraser

2 Kommentare, 33 Angesehen, 6 Stimmen ,4.50 Gesamtpunktzahl
Sexycpl2006 35 P
3  Artikel
The key about love   25.1.2016

So i notice people say love hurts or is there love well here is some advice. There are two types of love you have lust love where you think you love someone but its really not. You are feeling more lust love where you love the way they look or the way they fuck. Then theres love as you do love them but its because you do to a point. Its like you love them more as a friend or like you love your ...

2 Kommentare, 37 Angesehen, 8 Stimmen ,4.17 Gesamtpunktzahl
plateump01 37 M
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does love make sex better   25.1.2016

i find when i'm fucking and not in love, i get more satisfaction and am more kinky.

5 Kommentare, 72 Angesehen, 8 Stimmen ,3.25 Gesamtpunktzahl
PussyNCockLickr2 40 M
1  Artikel
Fantasy Cums True   25.1.2016

Last night my wife and I fell a sleep in eachothers arms. I awoke about an hour later with a raging hardon, and horny than ever. I snuggled up to my wife, now sleeping on her front, I began to rub her back gentaly and down to her big round ass. She had a shower before bed so she smelled fresh and clean. I decided to gentally massage deeper and deeper into her ass until my finger was tickling ...

3 Kommentare, 131 Angesehen, 10 Stimmen ,4.18 Gesamtpunktzahl
being married to someone else and finding yourself falling in love with them   25.1.2016

OMG.............who would ever think this would happen!!!!!!!!!, ,, recently I fell in love with someone so unexpectedly !!!!! and we are married to other people!!!!!! people please share your stories on here or whatever................FOR PRIVACY PURPOSES DO NOT MENTION PROFILE NAMES ETC ON HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

4 Kommentare, 96 Angesehen, 23 Stimmen ,4.65 Gesamtpunktzahl
weesteveni88 42 M
0  Artikel
is this really wrong   17.1.2016

Well i have been friends with my male mate for 8 years now. We WERE really close friends, And me and his wife got on ok, there was never anything between us because she was my mates wife, I always thought he treated her like a bit of a slave, so one night recently he was lying drunk and she said come and sit next to her, nothing happened we just talked and had a good laugh, The following ...

14 Kommentare, 272 Angesehen, 20 Stimmen ,5.42 Gesamtpunktzahl
TattyCat001 66 M
14  Artikel
A new cuckoo clock   4.1.2016

Shortly after I got married, I was invited out for a night "with the boys." I told the wife that I would be home by midnight—I Promise!

Well, the yarns were being spun and the grog was going down easy, and at around 3am, drunk as a skunk, I went home. ust as I got in the door, the cuckoo clock started, and cuckooed three times.

Quickly I realized she'd probably wake up, so I ...

1 Kommentare, 65 Angesehen, 5 Stimmen ,5.10 Gesamtpunktzahl
rm_NOPoet30 67 M
47  Artikel
Must be love   4.1.2016

Many will say YES! Let me state my case: 1st I was with the same partner for over 20 yr.s before she passed away. Last full physical showed No STDs & a sperm count so low, as to not exist. 2nd I have a reaction to latex [Rash] & little or no sensation. So, I ask if she can prove she is disease free - which I feel is being honest- and that for reasons stated I don't use condoms. Mostly, I get ...

4 Kommentare, 35 Angesehen, 4 Stimmen ,2.86 Gesamtpunktzahl
fayct 49 P
3  Artikel
swing   31.12.2015

nós somos sinceros e não acreditamos em coisas de bla bla, gostamos de receber e dar prazer desde que seja com educação e ser...

1 Kommentare, 5 Angesehen, 1 Stimmen ,5.00 Gesamtpunktzahl

愛情是各種熱情的混和物, 包括對肉體的渴望和精神的崇拜

0 Kommentare, 3 Angesehen, 0 Stimmen
QAq   5.12.2015

好想要有個對我好的男友 哀~

2 Kommentare, 22 Angesehen, 7 Stimmen ,2.79 Gesamtpunktzahl
luna60450 35 W
1  Artikel
Conoci un taxista   26.10.2015

Me encontraba esperando una buseta para dirigirme al parque hacer deporte, cuando depronto un taxista me paro y me pregunto para donde iba y le dije, me respondio que me llevaba, yo leconteste que no tenia plata que esperabauna buseta y me dijo no hay problema yo te llevo.

Me monte en el taxi y empezamos hablar, estaba nerviosa pero por mi mente pasaban pensamientos obscenos. De repente ...

6 Kommentare, 169 Angesehen, 3 Stimmen ,5.39 Gesamtpunktzahl
bougie25 46 W
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femme bien en chair   23.10.2015

Que pensez vous des femmes qui sont bien en chair c'est à dire avec des formes généreuses, environ 95 kg pour 1.70m .... J'adore faire l'amour et mes partenaires disent que je leur procure bcp de plaisir et que je sais très bien me servir de ma langue lors des fellations ... répondez moi svp Bisous

1 Kommentare, 609 Angesehen, 38 Stimmen ,7.55 Gesamtpunktzahl
En busca del amor   21.10.2015

Quien no siempre esta buscando amor constante, pero este tipo de redes realmente sirven?

Que es lo que buscamos?

1 Kommentare, 7 Angesehen, 3 Stimmen ,1.96 Gesamtpunktzahl
rm_psimst87 27 M
2  Artikel
just for cash :)   19.10.2015

I love love and real

1 Kommentare, 19 Angesehen, 5 Stimmen ,2.49 Gesamtpunktzahl
Tenderlover751 47 M
1  Artikel
!!   29.9.2015

Lonely days lonely nights, well someday bebe it`s gonna be alright! (just a hint of how i am feeling)Whitesnake is playing

This is how feel when it comes too you Waiting for you, it really hope it´ gonna come trough ! Who will you be , i hope you are the one i destined too see. The love , and the chemistry ! The trust love and the company. I hope and I know there is somebody like you ...

1 Kommentare, 28 Angesehen, 10 Stimmen ,3.98 Gesamtpunktzahl
JonhyBrave 22 M
1  Artikel
amor   20.9.2015

La persona que de verdad te quiera siempre estaraa tu lado

1 Kommentare, 5 Angesehen, 2 Stimmen ,0.34 Gesamtpunktzahl
Love & Lust   16.9.2015

"'Hot is not the word I'd use, " says Hannah of her 23-year marriage to Barry.* "Slow simmer" is more like it. "One thing you learn over time, " she says, "is that, no matter how long you live together, two people always inhabit separate worlds. Some part of your partner is deeply unknowable."

Although it is hard to coax any words out of her on a topic she considers, perhaps quaintly, so ...

1 Kommentare, 44 Angesehen, 8 Stimmen ,3.25 Gesamtpunktzahl
SensuousShades 36 P
3  Artikel
one year   15.9.2015

We met a year ago right here on this website! We never expected to become a couple, it was the furthest thing from our minds when we began chatting on here.

Do you know anyone who met on Transen Kontakte and formed a lasting relationship? From what we understand we're a rarity.

5 Kommentare, 59 Angesehen, 9 Stimmen ,4.71 Gesamtpunktzahl
QuiEtesVous 54 W
5  Artikel
Kama Sutra - Position d'Andromaque   28.8.2015

Aujourd’hui les sexologues conseillent cette position à tous les "apprentis-amoureux", aussi bien aux femmes qui désirent découvrir l’orgasme pendant la pénétration, qu’aux hommes qui veulent apprendre à maîtriser leur éjaculation.

Une femme qui ne parvient pas à l’orgasme lors du rapport peut choisir de caresser clitoris. Attouchements effectuées ...

2 Kommentare, 211 Angesehen, 34 Stimmen ,6.12 Gesamtpunktzahl
rm_Orgasmiclava 60 M
10  Artikel
How would you explain your life to find love?   16.8.2015

I am sorry but I believe honesty is the only way that people can survive a realinship and love each other for the rest of there lives.

4 Kommentare, 41 Angesehen, 12 Stimmen ,2.27 Gesamtpunktzahl
rm_Jack_nXt 26 M
1  Artikel
EXITE EL AMOR??   10.8.2015

pienso que si , pero aun no esta por ahi

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Sexo   1.8.2015


0 Kommentare, 2 Angesehen, 1 Stimmen
TattyCat001 66 M
14  Artikel
A moral tale   7.7.2015

I was a very happy man. My wonderful girlfriend and I had been dating for over a year. So we decided to get married. There was only one little thing bothering me. It was her beautiful younger sister, Sofia. My prospective sister-in-law was twenty-two, wore very tight mini-skirts, and generally was bra-less. She would regularly bend down when she was near me. I always got more than a nice ...

2 Kommentare, 123 Angesehen, 13 Stimmen ,4.49 Gesamtpunktzahl
sopno21 27 M
7  Artikel
love   5.7.2015

i love u hunny

1 Kommentare, 20 Angesehen, 6 Stimmen ,1.66 Gesamtpunktzahl
chicas calientes   28.6.2015

Busco chicas calientes para noches inolvidables

2 Kommentare, 4 Angesehen, 0 Stimmen
NEcamslut4U 45 W
0  Artikel
Separating Love & Sex   2.6.2015

Perhaps it's a rarity, but I've never had an issue separating love from sex. Beginning when I was a and simply wanting to "get it over with" that first time it was quite simple; granted a little bit of alcohol was involved, but nonetheless, it was simple. The hard thing for me to comprehend is the inability of people to accept that some of us can separate our emotional feelings from our ...

7 Kommentare, 111 Angesehen, 22 Stimmen ,6.61 Gesamtpunktzahl
wildbillgoodwin 63 M
2  Artikel
Be Real and yourself   24.5.2015

The sexiest thing a woman or man can be is to be real, honest and just be yourself.There is nothing more hideous then someone pretending to be something they are not. Being materialistic, pompous, rude, prideful, being over protective and act like you own the other person are not virtues. They show a lack of character and moral judgement. My point being; be real, enjoy the love with a open mind ...

2 Kommentare, 39 Angesehen, 24 Stimmen ,5.52 Gesamtpunktzahl
dania33 35 W
9  Artikel
Relationship   18.5.2015

This is possible to know veritable love on this site

3 Kommentare, 49 Angesehen, 20 Stimmen ,5.04 Gesamtpunktzahl
Maca1993 27 W
2  Artikel
Horoscopo Sexual   2.5.2015


Adorás los retos y disfrutás con la seducción; te atrae la pasión, la inteligencia y la intensidad. Tu vida sexual puede ser realmente asombrosa. Hay que tener la mente abierta ya que sos una especie de exploradora sexual y querés probar todo lo que hay bajo el sol. Variedad, espontaneidad y entusiasmo claves en esta etapa en la que te sentirás más libre para expresar tu ...

0 Kommentare, 13 Angesehen, 3 Stimmen ,3.92 Gesamtpunktzahl
rm_Doceveneno72 45 M
1  Artikel
Amor compremetido   20.4.2015

Tu es o meu tormento, meu delírio meu passado e meu presente ... a minha paixão e meu martírio do submundo das minhas noites e meu céu mais cintilante ... Es o meu calor ... es é o meu frio es tu a razão da minha vida es a causa da minha morte... Eu só queria você aqui comigo. Aqui e agora. Mas infelizmente não é como eu quero e infelizmente estás tão distante de mim. Não sabe como ...

1 Kommentare, 4 Angesehen, 0 Stimmen
happy530814 52 M
14  Artikel
感覺   28.3.2015

昨晚聊天裏沒有帶任何情色, 一聊就三個多小時, 那感覺就像戀人之間無保留的, 在這邊沒有她的照片, 是在聊天中傳來給我, 看了還真是順眼而且是漂亮的女人, 非常有女人味的女人。


1 Kommentare, 15 Angesehen, 3 Stimmen ,4.41 Gesamtpunktzahl
rm_joechang22 53 M
13  Artikel
合邪   28.3.2015


我欲與卿相惜, 長生無日月. 天地崩, 星斗驟隕, 夏雪漫漫, 冬電閃, 千年老, 仍未與卿絕。

長相憶, 長相憶, 長相憶。 相愛是緣, 相惜若綿, 相見卻難。

人海茫茫, 唯有靈犀共纏綿. 因無奈, 龍鳴鳳難和, 故寫詞託, 寄雲書, 現眼簾。 盼得一人愛, 牽手共偕老。

0 Kommentare, 3 Angesehen, 0 Stimmen
rm_brianmensink 21 M
1  Artikel
love   23.3.2015

ik hou van love love is me alles in het leven en ik denk dat het voor iedereeen ook zo is love moet je krijgen van mensen die je niet haad.

1 Kommentare, 6 Angesehen, 3 Stimmen ,1.96 Gesamtpunktzahl
Love Affairs   22.3.2015

Love I love you, Not only for what you are, But for what I am When I am with you. I love you, Not only for what You have made of yourself, But for what You are making of me. I love you For the part of me That you bring out; I love you For putting your hand Into my heaped - up heart And passing over all the foolish, weak things That you cannot help Dimly seeing there, And for drawing out Into the ...

2 Kommentare, 42 Angesehen, 5 Stimmen ,2.16 Gesamtpunktzahl
monsterstar19 20 M
2  Artikel
Does love exist?   22.3.2015

yes it does!!!!! does money makes you happy? no love does !!!!

3 Kommentare, 40 Angesehen, 17 Stimmen ,5.95 Gesamtpunktzahl
kinky2112 37 M
1  Artikel
5 things that every man wants to hear in bed   11.3.2015

Men are on this point is very simple creatures.

1. "I will finish off"

  Besides they like to hear, we would love to hear it and neighbors. In other words, feel free to be louder, no one will mind.

  2. "You're the best I ever had"

  Warning: exactly the home when it really mean when you say that only so as not to hurt his feelings, so be careful.


1 Kommentare, 57 Angesehen, 11 Stimmen ,3.35 Gesamtpunktzahl
aryan4664 28 M
8  Artikel
a sweet must read story   11.3.2015

Even though it was slightly past two AM, Ian had never seen the metro so empty. He shuffled to a seat, his head foggy from the night’s activities, which had included drinking too many pints of “grog” at the pirate-themed bar, The Sunken Ship. He’d hoped he feel right at home there, feeling like a sunk vessel himself, but the whole place had only served to remind him of his solitude. ...

1 Kommentare, 47 Angesehen, 6 Stimmen ,4.22 Gesamtpunktzahl
aryan4664 28 M
8  Artikel
The Best Sex Position for His Sign   8.3.2015

The hottest thing you can do is know your guy in and out when it comes to sex. Surprise him with his favorite sex position without even asking him. Astrologist Kiki T., author of The Celestial Sexpot's Handbook broke down each sign and dished on the sex he craves. Get ready to rock his world … and his cama!

2 Kommentare, 64 Angesehen, 15 Stimmen ,4.36 Gesamtpunktzahl
rm_joechang22 53 M
13  Artikel
My words;   4.3.2015

Change the complaint become our power of love. Change the jealous become our trust of love. Changes the concern become our care of love. Change the winded become our care of love. Change the fantasy become our goal of love. To achieve the most beautiful combination of our life, Life with no regrets.

1 Kommentare, 21 Angesehen, 1 Stimmen
ramisix 32 M
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j'ai besoins de aimer toi si fort en réel   4.3.2015

Encore ce soir, Je brûle de voir la lune Je voudrais mettre en toi, Une étincelle Afin qu’elle te réchauffe De la tête au pied, Et que la nuit, Nous soit agréable Juste un peu de toi Pour agrémenter la soif Qui depuis l’aurore Me démange>>!>>!>>!

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Eu Minha Esposa e Um Amigo – Férias, Sexo e Tesão – 1º dia   25.2.2015

Eu Minha Esposa e Um Amigo – Férias, Sexo e Tesão – 1º dia. Este relato é a aventura que tivemos em janeiro de 2015. Tudo começou com pequenos flertes com um gaucho residente em Santa Catarina. Bastaram poucas tecladas pelo IM, aqui no site, ele me conquistou com seu jeito simpático e educado. O que nos aproximou foram as coincidências profissionais e astrológicas, entre outras. O ...

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sadako2l 39 W
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Is it possible to find love on a sex site....   9.2.2015

Is it possible to fall in love and not lust on Transen Kontakte? How do you trust that person if they still openly chat?

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Great_eight 54 M
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If she loves cream pies   9.2.2015

Is it true love?

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yellowmoon69 40 M
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the powerfull word LOVE?   9.2.2015

love is just not about sex. but sex can play a big part in it. love goes far beyond sex it's the conversations, moments, tragedys... love is a emotion... sex. is a desire ... it's easy to get the two confused. I study writing and what books movies say is love is a disappointment. it manipulates the mind makes us believe there's something more, or that only happens in the movies. it's all really ...

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rm_joechang22 53 M
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Somewhere in time   8.2.2015

I love to sing the song, Will you like to hear my voice (a little female voice), Ha! No ways, it's my Natural

------------------- Somewhere in time You came into my world Love was beyond what I imagined love would be Now just a dream I hold till the end of time Hoping someday we'll find what we left behind

There'll come a day Our paths will meet again We'll cross the bridge of ...

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rm_joechang22 53 M
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What is money?   8.2.2015

What is money? How long can live without working? What is the quality of material life?

The money can be compassion, can be charity , can be shared, can be help, can be loving, can be smile, can be warm, can hope, can be the future, also can be the continuation of life! And it only exists in useful when the person was alive, after the death of the world, no useful!

And also, the ...

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fcpierna 63 M
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amor   7.2.2015

muitos acreditam que ele existe outros perderam a esperança e você ?

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ichbinmann910 33 W
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P41556 japanese 05   4.2.2015

P41556 japanese 05 P41556 japanese 05 P41556 japanese 05 P41556 japanese 05 P41556 japanese 05 P41556 japanese 05 P41556 japanese 05 P41556 japanese 05 P41556 japanese 05 P41556 japanese 05 P41556 japanese 05 P41556 japanese 05

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ichbinmann910 33 W
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P41556 japanese 01   3.2.2015

P41556 japanese 01 P41556 japanese 01 P41556 japanese 01 P41556 japanese 01 P41556 japanese 01 P41556 japanese 01 P41556 japanese 01 P41556 japanese 01

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