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can you squirt?   21.5.2020

ever since I heard about some women being able squirt I've tried do it. I've asked several guys that said they could make it happen teach just be dissappointed. My last ob/gyn appointment I happened draw a new doctor at the clinic, I complained but my regular doc was not working so he got the new doc to take his appointments. I was NOT happy but I had taken the day off so I could ...

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EfresherE 37 M
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Condom choice   21.5.2020

What's you favorite condom? Do you stick with one brand or switch it up?

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Condoms & older men   28.4.2020

Older dudes seem to not realize that they live in dangerous times. They resist using condoms because they don't like them. I have news for them. NOBODY likes condoms! They are a necessary evil for safe sex dudes! CARRY & WEAR A CONDOM!

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Naliba 35 W
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Sin o Con Dón?   17.4.2020

He leido en el periódico sobre una moda nueva: Sexo sin protección. Vamos, q si habeis visto las webcams de usuarios en vivo ya os habeis percatado. Pos que me digan anticuada, q para sexo casual siempre llevo alguno en mi cartera...q no pesan.

Y tú: ¿Priorizas salud ó placer? PD: Los hay ultra-thin, te proteges casi sin notar que lo llevas puesto.

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MysterXAGS 43 M
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Swingers: reglas y códigos de una práctica sexual polémica   12.4.2020

Swingers: reglas y códigos de una práctica sexual polémica <br><br> Para algunos un tema tabú, ahora los especialistas la recomiendan para evitar la monotonía de pareja. Más de 10 mil personas en Argentina se unieron a este fenómeno social y una de las fantasías sexuales más comunes. Qué hay que tener en cuenta antes de iniciarse <br><br> Una de las fantasías ...

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condoms   8.4.2020

so what does everyone think about condoms? a must or nah?

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be safe   23.3.2020

When meeting anyone for the first time, you have be safe use a condom regardless of what they want. If after a few meeting and you are comfortable maybe and maybe go for skin skin...

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phillstu 61 M
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Saphe Sex is Phunn Sex!   1.3.2020

There ya go: There way too much to write about. Having 1 Partner is the best way to have less contact with undesired results: If we didn't allready know that: What the phuck you doing on This Heeeya website; Not trying to hurt anyone I hope: safe safe is the only freedom works, Desires and saftey are Partners : Don't you forget to be faithfull to yourself and All Others. Go to Your Dr. ...

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Gentleman952020 25 M
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Condom   29.2.2020

Spend 5 to 10 dollars on condoms or pay support for 18 years, hard to choose.

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Soft5777 57 W
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Please give me your thoughts   27.2.2020

I just heard that the state of California is going to vote to change one of their laws. With this new law, a person who purposely infects someone with HIV/AIDS will only get a misdemeanor charge instead of a felony charge. I think the purpose of the law is to protect those individuals who have that disease and are discriminated against. . However, in doing so, they seem to be creating a situation ...

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TucsonBoneAlone 54 M
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full   24.2.2020

I was unaware of this as I climbed onto the bed but his ass was full, and I mean full. All I knew was that my erection was ready; it was very ready: it was heavy with blood and it wanted to plunge. He also was ready because, as he lay on his stomach, I could see a sweat of anticipation beginning to bead, ever so finely, along the cleavage between his cheeks. It was time so I placed the head of my ...

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Oral   22.2.2020

Anyone nervous about getting std from oral?

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Tiptoingtony 44 M
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Condoms a must   17.2.2020

It really needs to he addressed.. In the societie we live in the only thing that we have to protect ourselves from all these crazy diseases is a little bit of silicone plastic. This is ridiculous. There has to be some new stuff that can protect us from all this stuff. This is ridiculous. On the advancements and modern medicine and that's all we have. The scientists really need to get on the ...

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D0ct0rSF 43 M
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STDs   10.2.2020

Can I still get head from a woman if she has herpes?

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whitecivic2000 41 M
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use a condom   10.2.2020

use a condom and prevent spread of herpes and STD!

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Coquetona5 55 W
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ast Model Sig |West nude   8.2.2020

soy la mujer mas scaliente que me gusta de muchos modos por de perrito patas al hombaro qual quiera que ve mve se enamora de mi no save que aser que cuando me mira se queda con la la voca abierta no sabe que asaer

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Tiana223 23 W
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Looking to mingle this morning who's down   2.2.2020

I take my business serious so if your not here to do legitimate business tjen dont waste my time

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Hecatonquiros31 34 M
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quedar a ciegas   1.2.2020

Alguna vez te has preguntado ¿como seria una cita a ciegas para tener sexo ?

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sexo anal   1.2.2020

1.¿Cuántas mujeres se le miden? <br><br> Para que se dé una idea, la revista Journal of Sexual Medicine publicó en 2015 un estudio que indica que una de cada tres mujeres, entre los 19 y 44 años, ha probado el sexo anal por lo menos alguna vez en su vida. <br><br> 2.¿Ellas pueden llegar al orgasmo? <br><br> No todas lo logran. Pero para muchas mujeres la ...

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cubano291281 38 M
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Quise proteccion y se molesto   1.2.2020

Hola. Soy un chico soltero que le gusta salir de rumba y ligarme con chicas que conozca en el lugar a donde entre a divertirme. Resulta que conocí una chica en un bar y después de unas cervezas fuimos a un hotel y todo iba bien hasta que me puse el condón, la chica se molesto porque no quería que yo lo usara y aunque no me crean no hicimos nada porque sin condón con alguien que acabo de ...

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mas vale prevenir que curar   1.2.2020

en este mundo acelerado en el que vivimos lleno de fuertes emociones, a veces nos dejamos llevar por el deseo sn valorar los riesgos incurridos no es hasta que te paras a pensar en ciertos detllaes el riesgo que corremos muchas veces por desconocimiento y otras por no pararnos a pensar. es importante a la hpora de tener relaciones disponer de unas minimas precauciones que hagan que ese ...

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stoysqoo9999 26 M
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居住在台中豐原,是一頭性慾旺盛的獅子~   28.1.2020

都快跨年了~卻還是找不到能在一旁的人 不

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groundpig11 28 W
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與朋友做愛   28.1.2020

約到一位砲友成固砲後以為真愛(對我暈船了QQ)所以誰都不約了 前兩天才發現對方說他不約了根本是騙人😭被我發現他根本還有再約⋯當下很難過⋯有種失戀的感覺 也許你們覺得終究是砲友認識 但當時我們約定變男女朋友就不要再約了 發現的當時我很難過 剛好有高中的男性友人上來找我 ...

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I Love It   22.1.2020

I love sex its amazing but lets remember to be safe. I think it is important sex is great yes but lets remain healthy. <br><br> Always Remember to keep it freaky!

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Smoker728 28 M
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Protection   22.1.2020

Quick question, I know this is kind of silly and stupid at the time but do people still use protection when having sex or not ?

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hard to meet   20.1.2020

anyone think this new sucks meet new people

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curvyspice 34 W
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10 Oral Sex Tips   20.1.2020

9. Don’t Be Afraid To Give Directions. <br><br> Any partner who you have going down on you should be a partner you trust to take your directions as an adult — period. So don’t be afraid to tell your partner if something just isn’t working for you. You can do this in a sexy way so as not to break the mood. “Suck a little bit harder, baby” sounds better than “You’re not ...

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Yankees2378 41 M
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Safely   19.1.2020

Gotta b safe for points

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biPDX 37 M
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Flavored Lube   19.1.2020

Any recommendations for flavored lube? I can remember trying these awhile ago, but they were not pleasant.

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Partywild1620 36 M
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Fun or no   19.1.2020

Yes or no you like it or not

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tallcool2013 45 M
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yes or no   14.1.2020

i say no

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points   10.1.2020


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phillstu 61 M
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Saphe Sex is Phunn Sex!   8.1.2020

There ya go: There way too much to write about. Having 1 Partner is the best way to have less contact with undesired results: If we didn't allready know that: What the phuck you doing on This Heeeya website; Not trying to hurt anyone I hope: safe safe is the only freedom works, Desires and saftey are Partners : Don't you forget to be faithfull to yourself and All Others. Go to Your Dr. ...

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phillstu 61 M
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Saphe Sex is Phunn Sex!   6.1.2020

There ya go: There way too much to write about. Having 1 Partner is the best way to have less contact with undesired results: If we didn't allready know that: What the phuck you doing on This Heeeya website; Not trying to hurt anyone I hope: safe safe is the only freedom works, Desires and saftey are Partners : Don't you forget to be faithfull to yourself and All Others. Go to Your Dr. ...

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davies11223344 40 M
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Bum fun   5.1.2020

Bum fun, lubed, bare back

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casualguy2091 43 M
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points   5.1.2020


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__Maria__ 50 W
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Which is the true Safe Sex to avoid contracting Hepatitis C?   5.1.2020

When everyone refers to safe sex, as using penis and vaginal condoms, I only see this practice as safe for all the others STDs but not for that fast spreading Hepatitis C. I had search in the net; all I had found so far is that this hepatitis C can be contracted even with a kiss, or thru sweat. This explains to me why this Hepatitis C is spreading so fast, since is highly contagious. I believe ...

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Subtam 20 M
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*cough* purely for points *cough* But seriously though...   4.1.2020

Is it safe use condoms a month after expiration date if there are no other available condoms?

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which is more sweet? SAFE OR RAW   3.1.2020

Which sex type u enyoy the most between em two

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hornyguycool 56 M
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safe sex   3.1.2020

i have been thinking about this for a while but has anybody had a partner that did not like safe ?

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Illbcnu696969 31 M
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FWB wants me to nut in her   2.1.2020

Shes in her 40s and says she cant get pregnant but should i still?

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bladetio 31 M
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Safe sex in Mankato   31.12.2019

always wear a condom and stick with you know.

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jerking off   29.12.2019

I guess the only way you know you are having perfectly safe sex is jerking off. Then the only danger is blisters.

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Beencheated73 43 M
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Condoms   26.12.2019

Just curious is it ok for a to bring a condom during the first meet. You always want to be safe but do women get upset? Also, is it up to the man to bring a condom or should the female provide? I welcome and appreciate everyone’s suggestions.

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thickd6982 31 M
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Wanting to bottom more   21.12.2019

Guys that are vers/bottom, <br><br> How big were you able to take initially? Even with using toys to work up to it, it still seems like most guys are too big.

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buddy98111111 51 M
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have fun it s just sex   18.12.2019

let s get off?

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annettemoon 20 W
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¿Puedo hacer un trío?   16.12.2019

uien esté dispuesto a participar bajo el principio “sentir y no pensar”, con acuerdos previamente aclarados y cuidando la propia salud emocional y física, podría hacerlo. <br><br> Parejas sólidas y convencidas que esta práctica no afecta la ética entre ambos y podrían vivir esta experiencia como algo gratificante y no amenazante, también podrían disfrutarlo. ...

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pau_garcia 23 W
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Una hora de sexo durante la jornada laboral   16.12.2019

"Hay estudios que demuestran que el sexo es saludable". Apoyado en esta afirmación, Per-Erik Muskos, un concejal de la ciudad de Overtornea (Suecia) ha propuesto, según publica Daily Mail, que cada trabajador pueda practicar una hora de sexo al día con su pareja de manera remunerada, es decir, en horario laboral. Con esta propuesta, Per-Erik Muskos pretende que las relaciones ...

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truhottie 45 M
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So many people want Creampies   12.12.2019

So many people on here want or search for creampies. How can we all be safe when people are interested

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ThefunnewbiesATL 32 P
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Use condoms   9.12.2019

Safe sex is a must with new partners. Always wear condoms. Remember that.

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fun and pleasure   6.12.2019

"The vision is to become the most trusted place online to talk about sex, to solve intimate problems, and to explore your sexual identity, " Barrica says. "That's really different from the fear-based stuff you get in school: 'Here's how you avoid getting pregnant; here's how you avoid getting an STI; this is menstruation; this is your body.' That's all ...

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Gandal10 35 M
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Dream Milf   5.12.2019

who is best pronsatr act the milf role

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Condom Use   30.11.2019

Curious hear how often people use condoms these days. If you have casual hookups, is it a must for you? Do you use them even with a trusted partner? What do you consider risky? Share your stories.

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alephpeter2018 61 M
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SÓLO CON TU PAREJA, SERA?   28.11.2019

La verdad considero que en esta época no se puedan tener solamente relaciones sexuales sólo con tu pareja, hay tantas tentaciones donde quiera que uno voltea, aunque ya no es como antes que podía uno abordar a una mujer sin que ello se denominara hostigamiento sexual, ahora el simple verlas puede conducir a que te acusen de miradas "lascivas", pero de verdad hay chicas que con sus ...

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alexander141195 24 M
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lubricantes   28.11.2019

Los lubricantes sexuales geles empleados en los momentos íntimos, cuya función es hacer que la vagina o el ano se encuentren más húmedos para que la penetración resulte más suave y fácil, con el fin de conseguir un encuentro sexual más placentero. Aunque muchas personas asocian su uso a etapas como la menopausia –en la que la lubricación natural desciende a causa de la pérdida de ...

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MysterXAGS 43 M
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Que hacer y que no hacer en un trio   28.11.2019

Los tríos sexuales en ocasiones difíciles de manejar. Hay muchas variables y un mal manejo de ciertas situaciones puede generar desagrado a los participantes. En este artículo le daremos algunas recomendaciones. (Curiosidades de la vagina que tiene que saber) <br><br> Empecemos: <br><br> Entienda la orientación sexual de cada uno de sus participantes: Los tríos se ...

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Turkey0711 30 M
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Condoms Always?   27.11.2019

Ever trust anyone enough not use them on here?

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Safe sex   22.11.2019

Better safe than sorry

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Bcsuperhero9999 50 M
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Safe but horny   21.11.2019

Has anyone done anything wreckless or felt unsafe as a result of meeting someone for play. And just so fucking horny that all common sense flies out the window.

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should i   20.11.2019

met many people on here that dont use protection i myself do cant gamble why would any one take a chance like this

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Safe sex optional   16.11.2019

I always find it amazing how often bare sex is offered on this site. I’m not judging plus I actually prefer it. I think it’s weird how prevalent it is on Transen Kontakte. I will and have used condoms and I know it’s safer but bare is so much naughtier. Any thoughts?

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condoms are optional on Transen Kontakte   16.11.2019

i have been on here for years......condoms appear to be an after thought on Transen Kontakte.......bareback is very easy to achieve on this site if thats what you want.

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how often do people actually get tested?   11.11.2019

how often do people actually get tested, and does anyone request that before meeting?

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barracuda05 50 M
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The need for safe play   11.11.2019

So, while the feeling of skin on skin is the best feeling.. .I think today people have forgotten the sexually transmitted diseases of the past. <br><br> The clap, etc... were once feared and socially unacceptable. Today, they seem to not even be talked about. We can't forget the past because if we do forget the past we are destined to repeat it in the future. ...

1 Kommentare, 23 Angesehen, 16 Stimmen ,3.42 Gesamtpunktzahl
std   9.11.2019

can oral sex guve a person herpes contagius if unprotected sex

3 Kommentare, 21 Angesehen, 6 Stimmen ,0.80 Gesamtpunktzahl
alexhall_2121 22 M
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PSA: Protection.   2.11.2019

With any new partner (especially for hookups) always use contraceptive methods avoid STDs or pregnancy. But don't forget have fun doing it too haha. That is all.

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curvyspice 34 W
11  Artikel
10 Oral Sex Tips   1.11.2019

7. Moisture Is Your Friend. <br><br> Whether it be spit or lubricant, use a lot of it. Nothing kills the mood like sandpaper friction during sex....

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Hardayfun 35 M
1  Artikel
Wearing a condom till you cum   31.10.2019

Is it inappropriate to to remove the condom at the last moment and cum on a woman without asking? I've had some mixed reactions when pulling off said act, some are very eager to see the batter fly while others aren't so much. I always looked at it from a perspective that it was showing them how good it was by the amount of cum that was produced. The younger girls seem to like facials ...

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curvyspice 34 W
11  Artikel
10 Oral Sex Tips   25.10.2019

6. Use Your Hands, Too. <br><br> If your partner has a penis, work their shaft in tandem with your mouth sucking on their head. It creates a longer surface of stimulation, which can be incredibly tantalizing to some. If your partner has a clit and a vulva, don’t be afraid to rub their clit with your thumb in between sucks. Or, insert a few fingers into their vagina while you’re ...

5 Kommentare, 36 Angesehen, 19 Stimmen ,6.03 Gesamtpunktzahl
Safe   25.10.2019

Always without question surely?

0 Kommentare, 11 Angesehen, 8 Stimmen ,0.70 Gesamtpunktzahl
holawapitas 25 M
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follar con o sin preservativo   23.10.2019

Tener sexo sin condón siempre implica un riesgo: vives con la angustia intermitente de no saber si, en esa ocasión, el coitus interruptus pudo fallar, y qué tal que tu pareja no es tan sana como lo dijo, prometió o como los análisis diagnosticaron, qué tal que en algún momento fue infiel y ahora tiene una infección de la que nadie te advirtió. <br><br> Existen tantas ...

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alexander141195 24 M
11  Artikel
Lineamientos de sexo más seguro   23.10.2019

Limite su actividad sexual a solo una persona que solo esté teniendo relaciones sexuales con usted para reducir la exposición a organismos que causan enfermedades. Siga estos lineamiento para que el sexo sea más seguro: <br><br> Piénselo dos veces antes de comenzar a tener relaciones sexuales con una nueva pareja. En primer lugar, hable de parejas anteriores, historial de ...

1 Kommentare, 13 Angesehen, 6 Stimmen ,3.37 Gesamtpunktzahl
curvyspice 34 W
11  Artikel
10 Oral Sex Tips   21.10.2019

3. Don’t Be Ashamed Of Inexperience. <br><br> It’s totally fine to not know what you like or to not know how to have oral sex. In fact, some of the most satisfying sexual experiences are exploratory ones. Be open to one another about your experience, so that everyone can be on the same page. And don’t feel like you have to dive in to the deep end right off the bat.[/SIZE...

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curvyspice 34 W
11  Artikel
10 Oral Sex Tips   20.10.2019

4. Start Slow. <br><br> Especially if you’re new, or you’re the one who is giving the oral. It’s hard for us to respond to direct, intense stimuli right off the bat. So tickle and tease a little bit. Maybe lick the head of your partner’s penis before you take him fully into your mouth. Or use your fingers on your partner’s clit before you start licking and sucking. Slow and ...

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Guy4fun1587 32 M
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Really   20.10.2019

How many of you actually practice safe sex? I know I don't

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annettemoon 20 W
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Qué decir y cómo para poner muy caliente a tu pareja durante el sexo   19.10.2019

El sexo es una de las cosas más animales que hacemos las personas, y a veces nos cuesta combinarlo con información verbal. Otras veces sucede lo contrario: identificamos las palabras obscenas con un nivel de liberación tan salvaje y tan básico que parece fuera de nuestro alcance. O poco deseable: creemos que alguien racional, culto o simplemente con buen gusto no debería estropear el ritual ...

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Tryingtosex 20 M
3  Artikel
Condom or no condom   16.10.2019

We all know we don’t nasty things. If your clean that’s sexy. Condom or no condom that clean ..... gonna get ...... hahaha. Of course you have to give approval .

1 Kommentare, 20 Angesehen, 9 Stimmen ,1.50 Gesamtpunktzahl
hardon22225 24 M
0  Artikel
anal   16.10.2019

Have anal, safest way no to have a and everyone likes it more

2 Kommentare, 9 Angesehen, 2 Stimmen ,1.04 Gesamtpunktzahl
Johnsonbiggskik 39 M
1  Artikel
If they wont use condoms   16.10.2019

I cant go on with it. What about you?

5 Kommentare, 33 Angesehen, 14 Stimmen ,3.62 Gesamtpunktzahl
Dallas95002 58 M
8  Artikel
Recent test results?   16.10.2019

I hear comments about recent test results being important to knowing if unprotected sex is safe. <br><br> How recent? What was tested? What’s the probability’s of testing clean, fucking someone that’s carrying something and then passing it right along? <br><br> Probably best discuss with a doctor and probably not going to like what they have to say.

2 Kommentare, 14 Angesehen, 6 Stimmen ,2.23 Gesamtpunktzahl
To ask or not to ask!!!   16.10.2019

Should we be upfront about our sexual health and kill the mood with question off the bat? #4TPTS

2 Kommentare, 10 Angesehen, 5 Stimmen ,2.82 Gesamtpunktzahl
lurch4040 51 M
9  Artikel
how often   16.10.2019

I've been asked about this before and provide the evidence but how otfen does one get tested?

1 Kommentare, 9 Angesehen, 5 Stimmen ,1.19 Gesamtpunktzahl
angel83055 37 M
1  Artikel
qui se protege ?   10.10.2019

petit sondage pour savoir qui se protege suivant les catégories d'age, car il sembleraitd'apres les etudes que les generations plus agees se croient a l'abri, et les plus jeunes ne feraient plus attention Alors dis moi, le preservatifs et vous ?

2 Kommentare, 32 Angesehen, 6 Stimmen ,3.93 Gesamtpunktzahl
avec ou sans?   10.10.2019

avec ou sans préservatifs lors de vos rencontres?

1 Kommentare, 8 Angesehen, 3 Stimmen ,2.94 Gesamtpunktzahl
curvyspice 34 W
11  Artikel
10 Oral Sex Tips   8.10.2019

5. Listen And Look For Non-Verbal Cues. <br><br> Sometimes, in the heat of the moment, it can be hard for the person receiving the oral sex to speak up about what they’re feeling. That’s why it’s so important for the person giving the oral to listen and look for non-verbal cues. If your partner looks fearful or uncomfortable, stop and ask if they’re enjoying themselves, and ...

2 Kommentare, 18 Angesehen, 10 Stimmen ,5.38 Gesamtpunktzahl
BigTitFettish 37 M
5  Artikel
points   6.10.2019

Add an article to earn 2 chats. What a scam.

0 Kommentare, 6 Angesehen, 4 Stimmen ,4.80 Gesamtpunktzahl
curvyspice 34 W
11  Artikel
10 Oral Sex Tips   6.10.2019

2. Have A Conversation Before. <br><br> The best time to have a chat about what you like and dislike about sex, oral or penetrative, is before sex — when your clothes are still on. This allows you and your partner to have a discussion that isn’t coercive or cloaked in any kind of pressure. Go over what you like, what you dislike, any fantasies you’re interested in, or anything ...

2 Kommentare, 20 Angesehen, 13 Stimmen ,3.81 Gesamtpunktzahl
JBrock17011 30 M
5  Artikel
Condoms or No Condoms?   3.10.2019

Ever trusted someone enough from on here to NOT wear protection with them?

2 Kommentare, 26 Angesehen, 13 Stimmen ,3.14 Gesamtpunktzahl
with or without   2.10.2019

Got an offer to fuck 2 girls... they both want to be fucked together in all holes, without condom? Would you or not?

5 Kommentare, 54 Angesehen, 20 Stimmen ,2.74 Gesamtpunktzahl
how to practice safe sex   1.10.2019

find the dirtiest nastiest asshole you can find. smelly as fuck. then shove your bare cock in it, and fuck it hard until you are about to cum, then whip it out, shove your cock in their throat, and explode. end of story.

1 Kommentare, 19 Angesehen, 12 Stimmen ,2.62 Gesamtpunktzahl
how many of you are having safe sex   1.10.2019

safe sex is very important . taking a poll on how many on here are practicing safe sex

1 Kommentare, 25 Angesehen, 16 Stimmen ,4.74 Gesamtpunktzahl
Munecalinda76 39 W
1  Artikel
Prep Pill   1.10.2019

If you are sexually active and refuse to wear a condom might want to consider prep. This pill It reduces the HIV infection by 75%

6 Kommentare, 65 Angesehen, 35 Stimmen ,3.68 Gesamtpunktzahl
We need to be Safe   1.10.2019

No longer is this the time of Free Love of the sixies, or the cocaine era of the 70s. We just all be safe and put a condom on that dick. We must do this for safety because in this day and age we have no idea, but the future can hold. We have but on life, and must be able safe ensure we can live a long life without any fear or prejuice.

4 Kommentare, 32 Angesehen, 15 Stimmen ,3.59 Gesamtpunktzahl
Always Condoms?   1.10.2019

I've always used condoms (though been with lady). I'm open not using but how should i go about it all? want stay safe but i'm sure most people are clean

5 Kommentare, 33 Angesehen, 14 Stimmen ,2.98 Gesamtpunktzahl
whowantsfun88 39 M
8  Artikel
Best condoms?   1.10.2019

Ok guys...whats is the best feeling condom? What feels like you are not even wearing one?

2 Kommentare, 32 Angesehen, 15 Stimmen ,2.98 Gesamtpunktzahl
Does anyone......   1.10.2019

Enjoy clothed assjobs?

3 Kommentare, 20 Angesehen, 11 Stimmen ,2.23 Gesamtpunktzahl
BlackestMamba100 22 M
2  Artikel
Why don't people have safe sex with strangers?   1.10.2019

I can never understand how you can fuck a complete stranger raw.

2 Kommentare, 33 Angesehen, 14 Stimmen ,4.58 Gesamtpunktzahl
anythingoesinvic 40 M
4  Artikel
why are people risking so much   1.10.2019

so just a little thing bothers , when someone says they are safe and clean. but no they haven't been tested, and they have only had oral sex. well guys and gals, oral sex can pass some diseases, and there are a bunch dont exhibit any signs or symptoms. so here we go, be open and honest, if you have had any form of sex even oral without protection, you aren't being safe, and if you ...

2 Kommentare, 32 Angesehen, 13 Stimmen ,3.98 Gesamtpunktzahl
safe sex   1.10.2019

If you find a partner on Transen Kontakte and with the first meeting, if after talking you decide to get a room, it is a great idea atleast the first time have safe sex. If you after that keep on meeting and are comfortable with your partner then if you both want skin to skin then its your decision...but the first few time safe sex should be a must!!!!

2 Kommentare, 23 Angesehen, 14 Stimmen ,4.26 Gesamtpunktzahl
she text me this afterwards   1.10.2019

“My tits were pressed up against the glass of our hotel’s sliding door, the one that led out to the balcony. Even though we were technically inside, I could see strangers bustling around in the hotel rooms directly across the street. I hoped they would glance over, see my lips part as the moans slid out, see my nipples harden against the glass, see my boyfriend’s hands rubbing over my clit, ...

2 Kommentare, 32 Angesehen, 17 Stimmen ,3.13 Gesamtpunktzahl
Jburns17011717 30 M
5  Artikel
Condoms   23.9.2019

Do you ever really trust someone when they say they are 0% clean?

2 Kommentare, 17 Angesehen, 11 Stimmen ,2.23 Gesamtpunktzahl
sexyfungirl2019 38 W
1  Artikel
Important to note.   12.9.2019

In some areas, syphilis (including some drug resistant strains) is on the rise and condom use is on a decline. Not a good combination. Have fun but play safe.

3 Kommentare, 25 Angesehen, 15 Stimmen ,3.44 Gesamtpunktzahl
hottylikefun1 42 M
2  Artikel
met of zonder condoom   11.9.2019

De vraag is of het vrijen met of zonder condoom even lekker is of het orgasme en de beleeving hetzelfde is.

1 Kommentare, 23 Angesehen, 11 Stimmen ,2.42 Gesamtpunktzahl
jsuesxt9453 33 W
1  Artikel
無套愛愛   6.9.2019

女生喜歡不戴套的多嗎 ?還是男生喜歡什麼樣的

10 Kommentare, 124 Angesehen, 43 Stimmen ,4.14 Gesamtpunktzahl
jhoney34562018 24 M
3  Artikel
Wrap   30.8.2019

Always wrap it before you tap it men... and ladies

0 Kommentare, 24 Angesehen, 15 Stimmen ,3.90 Gesamtpunktzahl
German0718 30 M
5  Artikel
Condoms or No Condoms?   27.8.2019

Would you fuck someone without a condom if you've talked enough and they "say" they are 100% clean?

8 Kommentare, 36 Angesehen, 13 Stimmen ,2.98 Gesamtpunktzahl
nameless11145 30 M
4  Artikel
POINTS   27.8.2019


1 Kommentare, 8 Angesehen, 6 Stimmen ,2.51 Gesamtpunktzahl
earth2adam4u 56 M
12  Artikel
Is random sex good for you?   27.8.2019

I once knew a woman on Transen Kontakte who was banging 3 guys a day on Transen Kontakte. Yes women it is easy if you are willing. Now 3 guys a day is probably pushing it close to the limit in terms of sanity, not to mention the risks involved. She was into guys so I was not on the list but we did become good friends and she would tell me about her experiences. was kinda hot. <br><br> In the end it ...

4 Kommentare, 36 Angesehen, 13 Stimmen ,4.82 Gesamtpunktzahl
Dom_manallday 40 M
3  Artikel
The danger of doing the deed   20.8.2019

Although safe sex is practiced universally among literally no one, the impact of using condoms has been miraculous. Its slowed HIV and HPV while lowering inexpected birth numbers. Use ccondoms!

1 Kommentare, 21 Angesehen, 17 Stimmen ,3.97 Gesamtpunktzahl
safe sex on first meet   20.8.2019

what is everyones opinion on safe sex on first meet? i am clean and dd free and perfer to stay that way so i always play safe until i really get to know someone.

3 Kommentare, 38 Angesehen, 13 Stimmen ,3.81 Gesamtpunktzahl
MattyNobles 23 M
3  Artikel
Safe Sex   19.8.2019

If you tell someone you are clean you better have the evidence to back these statements up. In this day and age I feel like there is not enough emphasis on safe sex and I still am scared myself of catching something at any given moment. We have to take our precautions before we jump into having fun. Because what fun would it be to catch an STD... NONE

0 Kommentare, 20 Angesehen, 17 Stimmen ,5.11 Gesamtpunktzahl
capote or not   16.8.2019

quelle type de protection utilisez vous lors d'une rencontre libertine?

1 Kommentare, 8 Angesehen, 2 Stimmen ,3.12 Gesamtpunktzahl
rocky50504 56 M
8  Artikel
who here has safe sex   12.8.2019

Do you worry every time you have sex with some one you do not know and mite fear you might catch some thing ? let me know

3 Kommentare, 21 Angesehen, 12 Stimmen ,2.98 Gesamtpunktzahl
loverboyjj0066 40 M
4  Artikel
condoms   8.8.2019

just curious by chance, how many people prefer bareback compared safe sex?

1 Kommentare, 21 Angesehen, 9 Stimmen ,4.07 Gesamtpunktzahl
Easyman2017 41 M
5  Artikel
condoms   6.8.2019

so how does everyone feel about condoms, i personally dont like them as it doesnt feel the . are there any there that make it feel the as if you dont use one

2 Kommentare, 15 Angesehen, 8 Stimmen ,2.78 Gesamtpunktzahl
thugsterblack74 38 M
3  Artikel
strap up   1.8.2019

People, <br><br> Please be sure to strap up and protect yourself here. Sex is great and your health should be as well.

1 Kommentare, 11 Angesehen, 10 Stimmen ,3.58 Gesamtpunktzahl
KidVirginie 18 M
1  Artikel
safe sex   28.7.2019

safe sex is important, bring your rubber

2 Kommentare, 19 Angesehen, 13 Stimmen ,3.31 Gesamtpunktzahl
lovehope77 20 M
5  Artikel
Safety first   28.7.2019

STDs are infections that are passed from person another during sexual activity. Anybody has oral, anal, or vaginal sex, or genital skin--skin with another person can get STDs. Safer sex (often called “safe sex”) means taking steps protect yourself and your partner from STDs when you have sex. <br><br> There are lots of ways you can make sex safer. of the best ways is by ...

2 Kommentare, 43 Angesehen, 9 Stimmen ,2.14 Gesamtpunktzahl
Funtimes1677 40 M
10  Artikel
Always   28.7.2019

Always looking for some good safe sex. I can also go multiple times. I especially love a lot of foreplay.

1 Kommentare, 9 Angesehen, 6 Stimmen ,1.66 Gesamtpunktzahl
Youngemmitt 33 M
1  Artikel
Love safe raw sex   28.7.2019

Let me know

2 Kommentare, 41 Angesehen, 21 Stimmen ,1.02 Gesamtpunktzahl
alexander141195 24 M
11  Artikel
¿Cómo el sexo seguro hace que el sexo sea más placentero?   25.7.2019

Una de las formas más fáciles de que el sexo seguro sea más placentero es haciendo que sea más sexy. Pueden besarse y tocarse mientras buscan el condón o la barrera. Tu pareja puede ponerte el condón o la barrera como parte del juego erótico. Si usas un condón femenino, tu pareja puede ponértelo en la vagina o el ano . La actitud lo es todo: cuanto mejor te sientas por usar protección, ...

0 Kommentare, 7 Angesehen, 4 Stimmen ,3.25 Gesamtpunktzahl
ojosmiraflores 35 M
1  Artikel
Sexo seguro   25.7.2019

Cuenta la leyenda, que un día la verdad y la mentira se cruzaron. <br><br> -Buen día. Dijo la mentira. <br><br> -Buenos días. Contestó la verdad. <br><br> -Hermoso día. Dijo la mentira. <br><br> Entonces la verdad se asomó para ver si era cierto. Lo era. <br><br> -Hermoso día. Dijo entonces la verdad. <br><br> -Aún ...

0 Kommentare, 6 Angesehen, 4 Stimmen ,4.41 Gesamtpunktzahl
VenturousGuy 39 M
1  Artikel
Pressuring for unprotected sex   23.7.2019

Any women there care to share their thoughts on a guy asking for unprotected sex due to the one of a myriad of reasons?

1 Kommentare, 26 Angesehen, 14 Stimmen ,1.54 Gesamtpunktzahl
Xandavier 48 M
1  Artikel
Safer Sex   14.7.2019

Bei häufig wechselnden Sexualverkehr sollte Safer Sex pflicht sein, zum Schutz für sich und seinem Partner.

4 Kommentare, 35 Angesehen, 10 Stimmen ,3.39 Gesamtpunktzahl
DirtyJack101020 39 M
1  Artikel
Bare fun   13.7.2019

Bareback is so with an established partner and so many people talk recklessly about it on here for nsa meets. I'm all for getting wild but we have to take some precuations surely - even if it's just making sure her hub's out!

2 Kommentare, 35 Angesehen, 24 Stimmen ,4.27 Gesamtpunktzahl
squaredpineapple 30 M
5  Artikel
Condom or no Condom?   11.7.2019

Personally no condom feels the best. I also love watching the cum drip out of her pussy or ass or pulling out quick to cum on her face or chest. Its a post nut pleasure. But you never know who your fucking so a condom is a wise choice.

1 Kommentare, 50 Angesehen, 28 Stimmen ,4.68 Gesamtpunktzahl
Fuklikedogs 49 M
5  Artikel
“The cookie jar”   10.7.2019

Who doesn’t want safe sex. The pleasures to be had are so desirable but yeah, who is this other person? Well, honesty would be nice but can you really trust what they say. If your fired up and there’s no killing the kill switch then what. I get that, especially if you have a sex drive. Ok, condoms might do, 100% effective, not necessarily, maybe decrease the likelihood. What you might want ...

2 Kommentare, 26 Angesehen, 11 Stimmen ,3.54 Gesamtpunktzahl
Buurrows 27 M
6  Artikel
Hey it's article time :D   1.7.2019

Hey articles are fun

0 Kommentare, 27 Angesehen, 17 Stimmen ,1.43 Gesamtpunktzahl
SatisfyedDaddy 47 M
5  Artikel
Everyone   29.6.2019

Do you practice safe sex or no?

2 Kommentare, 21 Angesehen, 7 Stimmen ,1.77 Gesamtpunktzahl
deezh803 33 M
8  Artikel
Condoms?   29.6.2019

How many of you have had raw sex? Straight?bi?gay?

2 Kommentare, 23 Angesehen, 13 Stimmen ,1.80 Gesamtpunktzahl
Safe sex   28.6.2019

With everything going on these days having safe sex is a must especially when you meet someone for the first time. They might claim be clean butnhow do you know it, be safe start with, maybe then after quite a few sexual encounters maybe then you might feel better try it without protection.

2 Kommentare, 28 Angesehen, 15 Stimmen ,2.82 Gesamtpunktzahl
funfatcock40 45 M
7  Artikel
On the road again   28.6.2019

You know how it is, you drive for what seems like forever and end up in a soulless hotel room. <br><br> I can't cope with it, my life on the road is getting to me. There's nothing on TV and the wi-fi's too slow for a movie but it can just about cope with a little surfing. Feeling bored, frustrated and horny, I think about my equally horny wife who is probably masturbating ...

0 Kommentare, 21 Angesehen, 11 Stimmen ,1.86 Gesamtpunktzahl
préservatif   26.6.2019

utilisez vous toujours un préservatif lors de vos rencontres?

1 Kommentare, 16 Angesehen, 14 Stimmen ,1.54 Gesamtpunktzahl
1Snglguy909 42 M
5  Artikel
Being safe   15.6.2019

Im curious is most women here are good about demanding rubbers with meet ups from here. Condoms are a must for me, and i just wont chance it when its casual and no commitment

3 Kommentare, 28 Angesehen, 17 Stimmen ,3.13 Gesamtpunktzahl
walkinbanana2 40 M
6  Artikel
Bj is safe, but need condoms for sex???   15.6.2019

Anyone find it funny that people demand using condoms to be safe, which I always do, but then want to suck your dick without one before? Seems a bit off, eh?

3 Kommentare, 44 Angesehen, 9 Stimmen ,2.78 Gesamtpunktzahl
andres123c 26 M
6  Artikel
trabajar para mí   12.6.2019

Jerry Lamont giró lentamente su nuevo Chevrolet al llegar al final del cruce con la Avenida 32, en una zona un tanto despoblada, mirando a las prostitutas que ofrecían su oficio a los hombres de mediana edad de los suburbios blancos que estaban aparcados dentro de sus furgonetas y camionetas. <br><br> Jerry Bond, como lo conocían en las calles, era un proxeneta que controlaba a ...

1 Kommentare, 6 Angesehen, 5 Stimmen ,1.84 Gesamtpunktzahl
dsalvatore86 26 M
3  Artikel
What about safe sex   4.6.2019

Safety while having sex. Its suggested to have safe sex. Does it includes only use of condoms. There are a lot of points apart from just using condoms. There are others sexually transmitted disease. Read about them carefully. I am just writing this article to have some points. Thank you everyone for being here.

0 Kommentare, 30 Angesehen, 18 Stimmen ,1.76 Gesamtpunktzahl
super7680 40 M
1  Artikel
Safety is More than Protection   2.6.2019

Safe sex to me is more about being clean and preventing pregnancy. It's about being comfortable... with the person, the environment, the situation. I can be wearing a body condom, but if I'm uncomfortable and/or sense the other person is... I consider it not 'safe' anymore. <br><br> Even if I'm choking, or fucking hard. I always keep boundaries for both parties in ...

0 Kommentare, 20 Angesehen, 15 Stimmen ,1.75 Gesamtpunktzahl
Goodloveingman69 32 M
5  Artikel
Feeling good   21.5.2019

It is always fun meeting someone for the first time. There is reason to be safe.

1 Kommentare, 28 Angesehen, 16 Stimmen ,2.54 Gesamtpunktzahl
MFMpleaseNow 35 M
5  Artikel
Safe sex is the only way to have sex   20.5.2019

anyone who says otherwise is a fool..wrap your tool!

1 Kommentare, 15 Angesehen, 9 Stimmen ,1.72 Gesamtpunktzahl
00JamesHIggs 42 M
1  Artikel
Is being rimmed safe   6.5.2019

Hi Guys, I've had a few times now where a guy has stuck his tongue in my ass. Feels great but is this safe?

1 Kommentare, 39 Angesehen, 18 Stimmen ,2.85 Gesamtpunktzahl
Allibr 23 M
1  Artikel
sexo com duas mulheres   2.5.2019

venho aqui fala esse artigo porque eu sei que a maioria dos homens desejam em fazer sexo com duas mulheres meu sonho fazer isso transa com duas gostaria muito de realiza esse sonho

2 Kommentare, 10 Angesehen, 2 Stimmen ,2.42 Gesamtpunktzahl
choca_caliente 34 W
1  Artikel

Actualmente he platicado con hombres q les gustaría tener sexo sin protección. Creo q ahora más que nunca se debe de proteger uno. <br><br> Amigas les invito a no cae solo en la calentura sin pensar.. Exijan condones.. Eso les puedo ahorrar muchos problemas.. <br><br> Valoraste como mujer... <br><br> Cuidate tu porq otro no t va a cuidar.

2 Kommentare, 10 Angesehen, 5 Stimmen ,4.77 Gesamtpunktzahl
RicaBBW_AZ 35 W
1  Artikel
Excuses   13.4.2019

I've run into A LOT of men who constantly make excuses about not using a condom. Some say they can't stay hard in a condom or that they are too big. I've also been asked why I don't take the pill. My "excuse" is due to the fact that at a greater risk for stroke due to chronic migraines. <br><br> I really don't understand how safe sex is the ...

3 Kommentare, 60 Angesehen, 27 Stimmen ,4.61 Gesamtpunktzahl
Wheresgramps 31 M
3  Artikel
Condoms   11.4.2019

Condoms are a wonderful way to prevent pregnancy and stds, but they're not the only option

0 Kommentare, 22 Angesehen, 10 Stimmen ,1.99 Gesamtpunktzahl
stevefun2bwith 59 M
9  Artikel
Anal Sex Tips   10.4.2019

If you're not comfortable reading about anal sex, that's perfectly OK, too. We have plenty of other articles around a variety of issues and wellness. Feel free to click out if you'd like! No pressure at all. <br><br> Obviously there is a lot of stuff on the Internet about anal (we don’t suggest you Google it), but most of what you’ll find is either porn or advice for ...

3 Kommentare, 34 Angesehen, 18 Stimmen ,3.53 Gesamtpunktzahl
Bloke1030 41 M
5  Artikel
talk about sex   7.4.2019

Sex isn't always easy to talk about. But having honest conversations with your partner, parents, or health care provider is an important step—whether you're doing it, not doing it, saying no to it, or figuring out if you’re ready for it. Ask us anything about talking about sex!

1 Kommentare, 13 Angesehen, 10 Stimmen ,2.39 Gesamtpunktzahl
1Snglguy909 42 M
5  Artikel
With or without   1.4.2019

Are people getting better now days about using rubbers. I have ran into a few here that say they want it raw, even on the first meet. Condoms have always been good for me but i was curious what others think. Why take the chance?

4 Kommentare, 57 Angesehen, 31 Stimmen ,3.62 Gesamtpunktzahl
Bloke1030 41 M
5  Artikel
why sex is important   29.3.2019

When was the last time you used calculus? Unless you're an engineer or scientist I would be willing to bet it was that awful class in th grade. Imagine if your parents could have opted you out of that. What if they could have just signed a sheet of paper and excused you from that unit of math? Well, as terrible as calculus is, it's still important. Maybe you don’t use it every day, but ...

0 Kommentare, 11 Angesehen, 8 Stimmen ,2.09 Gesamtpunktzahl
Toucan3500 19 M
3  Artikel
Are Condoms Always a Must for You?   29.3.2019

Let me know your opinion.

0 Kommentare, 28 Angesehen, 8 Stimmen ,2.09 Gesamtpunktzahl
Bloke1030 41 M
5  Artikel
sex is great   29.3.2019

Sex education is important. It's been proven time and time again. We know students who receive formal sex education in schools are shown to first have sexual intercourse later than students who have not had sex education. Sex education does not encourage teenagers to have sex, it does quite the opposite. <br><br> Every should have sex education incorporated into their schooling. ...

0 Kommentare, 9 Angesehen, 8 Stimmen ,2.78 Gesamtpunktzahl
cutehubby1967 52 M
2  Artikel
safe fucking   22.3.2019

always use condoms and other safe sex materials to enjoy fuck

1 Kommentare, 23 Angesehen, 11 Stimmen ,3.35 Gesamtpunktzahl
pantiesister4u 68 T
1  Artikel
You never know!   22.3.2019

If u r playin around with someone new or a long time partner, i wouldn't believe what they said about whether they r safe n clean.I dont trust people to tell the truth, nor do i x-pect them 2.You could of contacted any number o std, not to mention aids or herpes.Also they could of gotton something jus recently n symptoms might not of shown up.It is also 4 their protection, if u wanna b fair ...

0 Kommentare, 12 Angesehen, 7 Stimmen ,2.02 Gesamtpunktzahl
Hardcock361980 42 M
2  Artikel
clean safe sex wanted locally   14.3.2019

looking for clean safe local fwb

1 Kommentare, 12 Angesehen, 9 Stimmen ,1.50 Gesamtpunktzahl
Itfactmill 33 M
5  Artikel
Moving on to fun   28.2.2019

You only live once, so why not.

2 Kommentare, 22 Angesehen, 12 Stimmen ,3.15 Gesamtpunktzahl
cjslip 54 M
11  Artikel
3 some   18.2.2019

does everyone think these are safe

3 Kommentare, 29 Angesehen, 14 Stimmen ,2.02 Gesamtpunktzahl
kingdong19695 49 M
2  Artikel
ever tried a 12 incher?   13.2.2019

ever tried a 12 incher?

6 Kommentare, 71 Angesehen, 19 Stimmen ,4.05 Gesamtpunktzahl
silverwolf_n_ut 55 M
4  Artikel
use or lose it   11.2.2019

its all about that got too be safe

0 Kommentare, 19 Angesehen, 10 Stimmen ,2.19 Gesamtpunktzahl
Illbcnu696969 31 M
7  Artikel
Anal   11.2.2019

Trying to get the wife to do anal but she's. It interested. How can I get her to try it?

2 Kommentare, 33 Angesehen, 19 Stimmen ,4.05 Gesamtpunktzahl
Tuncid 25 M
1  Artikel
無聊問問   2.2.2019


1 Kommentare, 21 Angesehen, 7 Stimmen ,2.53 Gesamtpunktzahl
I thought this was a no brainer   17.1.2019

not sure why this surprises me, but it does. I've talked to several people in recent months and baffled with the amount of unsafe sex that goes on. Conversation goes something like this: <br><br> Me: You slept with him? Her: Yes Me: Well that's nice, how was it? Her: Amazing Me: Good, Good Her: He didn't wear a rubber though. Me: WTF Her: He said he's ...

4 Kommentare, 42 Angesehen, 23 Stimmen ,2.89 Gesamtpunktzahl
ilovehotcoco 31 W
1  Artikel
practicing safe sex and birth control   10.1.2019

Talking about protecting your sexual health is an important part of being sexually active. It’s normal to feel nervous about bringing up condoms and birth control, but you can totally handle this. And imagine how much more difficult it would be to bring up your STD or unplanned pregnancy. <br><br> If you have penis-in-vagina (vaginal) sex, it’s really important to use both a ...

4 Kommentare, 79 Angesehen, 32 Stimmen ,7.18 Gesamtpunktzahl
What's the Big Deal with Testing and Condoms/dammes nowadays?   9.1.2019

I see so many photos nowadays of raw, unprotected sex...and I think to myself, "What happened to this community?" When I first joined the site, everyone I met was pro-safe sex...and a decade later, anyone I talk to wants condom-less creampies...I've even been told I should be on birth control so that a man can cum in me! So, what happened to safe sex? <br><br> If you ...

3 Kommentare, 51 Angesehen, 15 Stimmen ,6.04 Gesamtpunktzahl
Jjj835 21 M
7  Artikel
condoms   23.12.2018

do some condoms really give that natural feel?

1 Kommentare, 18 Angesehen, 11 Stimmen ,3.35 Gesamtpunktzahl
ttownfella1 37 M
1  Artikel
Why isn't this more of a thing?   23.12.2018

I'm surprised by how often I am turned down for wanting to use a condom. I wonder if this is the new normal or if I am just finding specific people.

1 Kommentare, 21 Angesehen, 13 Stimmen ,3.65 Gesamtpunktzahl
Hungry for pussy   23.12.2018

Most of us guys are wanting pussy. Sometimes we get hungry for a nice trimmed pussy that is wet with desire. However, most women don't like for us to talk this way. I like to play the devil's advocate. So women, if you like to comment, feel free to do so. Guy's sit back and read what they have to say. You may learn something.

2 Kommentare, 40 Angesehen, 20 Stimmen ,3.12 Gesamtpunktzahl
When do u think its ok to ditch the condom   22.12.2018

Wondering when you are trusting enough to let the condom stay in the draw? Do you require a blood test or just get to know them enough to trust them? Love to hear everyone's own thoughts on this. Thank you.

2 Kommentare, 62 Angesehen, 25 Stimmen ,3.91 Gesamtpunktzahl
Alejandroqzza 25 M
6  Artikel
ets   15.12.2018

Si tienes una ETS que puede curarse (como la gonorrea, la clamidiasis o la sífilis), toma todos los medicamentos según las indicaciones del médico, aun cuando los síntomas desaparezcan antes. La infección permanece en el organismo hasta que termines tu tratamiento por completo. Tu(s) pareja(s) debe(n) recibir tratamiento al mismo tiempo. No tengan sexo hasta que ambos terminen el ...

1 Kommentare, 6 Angesehen, 3 Stimmen ,3.92 Gesamtpunktzahl
Tila_montana 21 W
5  Artikel
La dieta del sexo: alimentos que disparan tu libido (y la de ellos)   1.12.2018

Banano para el amor: Levántate con la cabeza puesta en la misión placentera que se viene en la noche. No te imagines algún tipo de estimulación visual, vamos más allá: por fin el banano sirve para algo más que tu imaginación fálica. Este fruto contribuye a la liberación de la serotina en el torrente sanguíneo, calma el sistema nervioso, aumenta la fuerza muscular gracias a su potasio ...

5 Kommentare, 27 Angesehen, 11 Stimmen ,5.22 Gesamtpunktzahl
Firsttimefuckfes 39 M
6  Artikel
About to give up   22.11.2018

All wanting is to fuck and it never happens the more I try and nothing any tips or suggestions about done with this site

2 Kommentare, 40 Angesehen, 19 Stimmen ,3.12 Gesamtpunktzahl
lonlyhaha 26 M
5  Artikel
有人成功約過嗎   21.11.2018

有人可以分享經驗嗎 沒約過....渴望無負擔又有快感的性愛 <3

2 Kommentare, 21 Angesehen, 8 Stimmen ,2.32 Gesamtpunktzahl
0052044 36 W
1  Artikel
好希望有一位   21.11.2018

我好希望有一位可以長期有開車可以載我出去玩愛愛的固定炮友 因為我是一位有癲癇症的肥胖友, 所以不能在外隨便亂跑~ 所以我都不敢自己在外走太遠, 目前都有一些固定的炮友 可是我現在要搬家到新莊區了, 真不知道他們是否可以再來陪伴我? ...

7 Kommentare, 99 Angesehen, 20 Stimmen ,2.87 Gesamtpunktzahl
passiondreamer13 35 M
7  Artikel
Always say no without condom   7.11.2018

This is a must must must

1 Kommentare, 27 Angesehen, 12 Stimmen ,3.86 Gesamtpunktzahl
condoms   26.10.2018

trojan or other most effectibe

1 Kommentare, 19 Angesehen, 13 Stimmen ,2.47 Gesamtpunktzahl
nlvjoe3 40 M
6  Artikel
Significant others?   22.10.2018

Has anybody ever seen their significant others on this site?

0 Kommentare, 23 Angesehen, 16 Stimmen ,3.13 Gesamtpunktzahl
kendricklongdick 27 M
4  Artikel
pussy   18.10.2018

i love pussy pussy is the best thing to ever happened but i fuck guys too but mainly pussy who wants to have fum

1 Kommentare, 18 Angesehen, 10 Stimmen ,3.19 Gesamtpunktzahl
pusslover452 28 M
14  Artikel
what is better having sex   16.10.2018

is better having sex with condom or no condom you have the word

3 Kommentare, 37 Angesehen, 11 Stimmen ,2.79 Gesamtpunktzahl
Funtimes1677 40 M
10  Artikel
Bored   16.10.2018

Need some excitement in my life. I love sex and foreplay and I want it all the time.

2 Kommentare, 9 Angesehen, 3 Stimmen ,3.92 Gesamtpunktzahl
endiluvscurves 50 M
8  Artikel
ASS PLAY   16.10.2018

It’s 2018 and you’re not playing with your partner’s bum? What are you even doing? The taboo around the back door has been smashed and people the world over are embracing the seriously strong orgasms that can come from anal play. <br><br> This is true for women, for men, for gender non-binary individuals, and for everyone else along the Kinsey Scale. So, join us as we dive into ...

3 Kommentare, 38 Angesehen, 14 Stimmen ,6.18 Gesamtpunktzahl
69Tberoe4you 34 M
5  Artikel
Safe Sex   16.10.2018

stupid ppl shouldnt have sex they birth stupid

2 Kommentare, 20 Angesehen, 12 Stimmen ,2.62 Gesamtpunktzahl
bllkn2it2 43 M
7  Artikel
Allergies   7.10.2018

I've found myself during the years involved with women who were allergic to latex , so they were playing unsafe, I stay informed on things so I know condoms are available without latex you just have to check these days it's so easy to Google to see what's available , latex free, lamb skin , etc , some cost more but if you just having be a sex it worth the money to keep yourself and ...

3 Kommentare, 20 Angesehen, 12 Stimmen ,4.92 Gesamtpunktzahl
scltguy2113 38 M
6  Artikel
Best method is...   21.9.2018

When in doubt....... <br><br> <br><br> <br><br> <br><br> <br><br> <br><br> <br><br> <br><br> <br><br> Pull out!!!!

0 Kommentare, 21 Angesehen, 11 Stimmen ,1.48 Gesamtpunktzahl
SingerFun 44 M
3  Artikel
Safe or not safe?   19.9.2018

I have noticed that so many of the amateur videos on here show a lot of bareback sex going on. Is that typical? I guess I would have assumed in the lifestyle that lots of precautions would be taken, but the videos shared don't seem to show that. Any feedback on what I'm missing or if the videos are NOT the norm? Thanks!

4 Kommentare, 44 Angesehen, 18 Stimmen ,3.94 Gesamtpunktzahl
XhuntBabla 46 M
4  Artikel
Women who needs sex company .   2.9.2018

Me a old man looks average medium Indian hight, slim , married. Need sex partner not interested in relation . Like minded any age can try for first sex experience or change in sex life or fulfill extra material sex desires. Those who want experience sex but afraid of physical assault or damage of female organ can contact me . I can satisfy her by alternative way i , e foreplay activity what makes ...

0 Kommentare, 11 Angesehen, 9 Stimmen ,2.36 Gesamtpunktzahl
ty6417 26 M
1  Artikel
Eating a strangers Pussy safe?   9.8.2018

Would you eat pussy of someone you just met? why or why not??

10 Kommentare, 282 Angesehen, 35 Stimmen ,4.74 Gesamtpunktzahl
How to make sex safer   8.8.2018

A recent study in Northern California showed that many young women (ages 15-24) have trouble using condoms and hormonal birth control at the same time. The study followed 1, 000 young women who started a new method of hormonal birth control. When they started the study, 36% of the women used condoms regularly for protection, and 5% used both condoms and birth control (a.k.a. “dual ...

1 Kommentare, 2 Angesehen, 1 Stimmen ,2.40 Gesamtpunktzahl
SecretService561 65 M
1  Artikel

I understand some women and men don't enjoy a big thick bush....and some bush is shrubbery.....for sure....HOWEVER...shaving private parts does have a risk. If you are a woman or a man, and, you enjoy giving your partner oral pleasure...a freshly shaved private area often leaves minutes cuts...leading to the chances of the sucker sucking traces of blood...and, it doesn't take a sex ...

2 Kommentare, 23 Angesehen, 8 Stimmen ,5.56 Gesamtpunktzahl
Firsttimefuckfes 39 M
6  Artikel
I'm not sure   24.7.2018

I've been wanting to fuck this guy on here for a and we haven't had a chance to i was hoping that maybe we could have sex tonight i was going to fuck his huge cock all night but now he's not talking to and i really want his dick what should i do

1 Kommentare, 10 Angesehen, 4 Stimmen ,3.25 Gesamtpunktzahl
softsweets777 25 W
3  Artikel
Don't rush into anything!   23.7.2018

From personal experience to word of mouth, don't rush into anything! <br><br> <br><br> One of the biggest mistakes people make is acting on impulse. Letting your sexual desires get the best of you will only lead to trouble down the line. They can at times be far more powerful and destructive than you would ever imagine. <br><br> <br><br> When ...

5 Kommentare, 62 Angesehen, 28 Stimmen ,6.53 Gesamtpunktzahl
ff80717pa 33 M
3  Artikel
sexy   16.7.2018

Hello there nice to meet you.can you share your safe sexy experience.

0 Kommentare, 15 Angesehen, 6 Stimmen ,2.80 Gesamtpunktzahl
looking_69695 38 P
6  Artikel
Wif3   13.7.2018

Anyone wanna dick 37 nba wife?

1 Kommentare, 17 Angesehen, 10 Stimmen ,3.98 Gesamtpunktzahl
Firsttimefuckfes 39 M
6  Artikel
Looking to meet somewhere   11.7.2018

Why is it so hard to find someone to fuck I've been wanting to lose my anal virginity for over a year how can I meet somebody for sex and will it be everything that I've been hoping

0 Kommentare, 9 Angesehen, 3 Stimmen ,1.47 Gesamtpunktzahl
lookn4yu2day 68 M
18  Artikel
Safe Sex is NO Sex....Right?   11.7.2018

Come on now! The only tried and true safe sex is [insert drumroll here]..... ready? NO SEX! Wanna be safe? NO SEX is the only guaranteed method of practicing "safe sex." <br><br> Next best..... "masturbation." That is safe. Right? Welll depends when and how you participate in your masturbatory tendencies. I mean.... not quite "safe" to masturbate while ...

0 Kommentare, 8 Angesehen, 3 Stimmen ,0.98 Gesamtpunktzahl
Showtime20171 27 M
2  Artikel
Finding partners   11.7.2018

Is it getting difficult to find partners? Just curious what you think?

0 Kommentare, 11 Angesehen, 5 Stimmen ,2.82 Gesamtpunktzahl
how many practice safe sex   8.7.2018

I am wondering if yo meet someone from here would you use condoms? if not why not? It just seems like a good idea to me to use them.

4 Kommentare, 37 Angesehen, 15 Stimmen ,5.12 Gesamtpunktzahl
centralmass000 48 M
1  Artikel
Swallow   3.7.2018

Is swallowing considered safe sex?

0 Kommentare, 23 Angesehen, 10 Stimmen ,1.79 Gesamtpunktzahl
ahrnycumtoy 46 M
5  Artikel
how to be   3.7.2018

no real way to be safe

0 Kommentare, 13 Angesehen, 8 Stimmen ,2.78 Gesamtpunktzahl
Slick6dick9 25 M
3  Artikel
HOW   3.7.2018

How was the first time having sex with someone you met on here

0 Kommentare, 22 Angesehen, 9 Stimmen ,2.78 Gesamtpunktzahl
rm_laksri 36 M
1  Artikel
Healthy and Hygiene Romance   29.6.2018

Healthy and Hygiene Romance is good for health!! Follow all the safety measures to be healthy while doing sex with outside person. Like using Condoms etc.

2 Kommentare, 15 Angesehen, 6 Stimmen ,3.93 Gesamtpunktzahl
bigonisleofman 31 M
1  Artikel
Bare back or not   27.6.2018

Just how much better does bare back sex feel to safe sex is it worth the risk yes or no

6 Kommentare, 46 Angesehen, 14 Stimmen ,4.26 Gesamtpunktzahl
矛盾..   17.6.2018

來到這網站都很清楚想要的是甚麼 但又很好笑的是 曾經約到過 也一起出去 後來想到前女友居然我走人 好笑吧 大家有跟我1樣過嗎?? 所以才說人真的好矛盾 哀.......真奇怪

2 Kommentare, 34 Angesehen, 3 Stimmen ,1.47 Gesamtpunktzahl
關於一夜看法   17.6.2018

請問 男男 女女 對於一夜情 有啥看法 接受 不接受 完全沒興趣 還是其他 我對這問題很好奇 因不曾發生過 很想知道 而已 若有機會遇到 或許我會嚐試看看 有遇過的 也可說說 當時心情 歡迎評論 ...........3QQ

4 Kommentare, 46 Angesehen, 8 Stimmen ,1.62 Gesamtpunktzahl
looking_69695 38 P
6  Artikel
Look to add a 3rd   16.6.2018

Couple here looking to add a 3rd..

1 Kommentare, 26 Angesehen, 9 Stimmen ,3.64 Gesamtpunktzahl
Dustman58422 32 M
3  Artikel
safe sex   14.6.2018

do you practice this, or just go with the flow?

2 Kommentare, 28 Angesehen, 10 Stimmen ,5.18 Gesamtpunktzahl
baskyayaar 34 M
16  Artikel
What's your favourite position   9.6.2018

I'll go with 6 11 & 19. But Ill concentrate more on 4 & 25 😍👅👅👅

1 Kommentare, 18 Angesehen, 6 Stimmen ,3.08 Gesamtpunktzahl
Aishalewin 26 W
8  Artikel
Sexo seguro.   8.6.2018

Sexo tabú También por culpa de que sea un tema tabú las parejas no hablan entre sí sobre el sexo. Lo practican como si fuera algo que “deben hacer” en vez de algo que les “apetece hacer”. De hecho, muchas mujeres siguen convencidas de que tienen que satisfacer a sus parejas. Y no es así, en el sexo deben disfrutar los dos y para ello hace falta comunicación. El sexo femenino debe ...

1 Kommentare, 6 Angesehen, 4 Stimmen ,3.25 Gesamtpunktzahl
Concedor_24bgt 24 M
1  Artikel

A kemar gente!!! hola primero ke nada para los ke no de colombia kemar gente es cuando cuentas cosas privadas de otras personas jajaja y eske esta me dio una risaaaaa , en fin un dia estaba tomando unos tragos con un primo y unos amigos a mi primo pues ya algo tomado se le aflojo la lengua y comenzo a contarnos sus anegotas amorosas , y conto que un dia el estaba teniendo relaciones con su chika ...

1 Kommentare, 4 Angesehen, 3 Stimmen ,2.45 Gesamtpunktzahl
James_90009 31 M
1  Artikel
Favourite Condom??   2.6.2018

So I'm seeing this new girl who unfortunately I have to use condoms with. What sort do people recommend? Ideally I'd like of the thinner brands, at least try and make it semi-natural! I'm based in the UK <br><br> James

2 Kommentare, 12 Angesehen, 7 Stimmen ,3.55 Gesamtpunktzahl
Mgsy01 32 M
7  Artikel
those who ask me to strap up the first time we get freaky   2.6.2018

are the s I have the most confidence in being less inhibited. Knowing that they practice safe sex means I can trust their body to be more close and intimate because if they are just hashing it out to every unsafely I will be the first to assume they possibly picked something up and am going to be as distant as I need to be where we can still do the dirt but not nearly as close and involved with ...

1 Kommentare, 15 Angesehen, 7 Stimmen ,3.55 Gesamtpunktzahl
cr3ampi3luv 30 M
5  Artikel
How often do you find yourself not using condoms?   28.5.2018

I know its meant to be every time, but It kinda feels like getting a massage with a jacket on, I need skin on skin! <br><br> How do you feel about the subject?

5 Kommentare, 52 Angesehen, 18 Stimmen ,4.76 Gesamtpunktzahl
Oscarmike12 26 M
6  Artikel
Going in raw   21.5.2018

Anyone ever just think that going in raw feels a little gross? I've had no condom sex with hookups but idk how I feel about it. Probably just in my head.

2 Kommentare, 24 Angesehen, 6 Stimmen ,3.08 Gesamtpunktzahl
looking_69695 38 P
6  Artikel
Wif3   4.5.2018

Anyone wanna dick 37 nba wife?

0 Kommentare, 15 Angesehen, 8 Stimmen ,2.09 Gesamtpunktzahl
jackfitton20 24 M
5  Artikel
Looking for milfs   4.5.2018

Looking for milfs in the Ga area

1 Kommentare, 13 Angesehen, 8 Stimmen ,2.78 Gesamtpunktzahl
augustacierta3 36 W
2  Artikel
préservatifs féminins ( girl condoms )   30.4.2018

Coucou Régulièrement je suis interrogée sue mes vidéos et photos qui ne montrent aucune protection Selon leur tempérament ces messieurs s'en inquiètent ou en salivent. Je leur ai toujours répondu individuellement Dernièrement une relation de travail est morte d'avoir trop fréquenté les bordels de Barcelone sans protection.;cela m'a décidée à répondre collectivement que beaucoup ...

3 Kommentare, 79 Angesehen, 9 Stimmen ,5.99 Gesamtpunktzahl
polo987987 38 M
2  Artikel
Love to find safe discreet sex   18.4.2018

Need safe discreet sex

0 Kommentare, 9 Angesehen, 5 Stimmen ,2.82 Gesamtpunktzahl
first date   10.4.2018

i know i havent been on a first date in years and yes im very horny but i hope he knows i dont put out on the first date

4 Kommentare, 30 Angesehen, 13 Stimmen ,3.98 Gesamtpunktzahl
Daddydick61922 25 M
1  Artikel
Safe sex   1.4.2018

Safe sex is having sexual contact while protecting yourself and your sexual partner against sexually transmissible infections (STIs) and unplanned pregnancy. Sexual contact that doesn’t involve the exchange of semen, vaginal fluids or blood between partners is considered to be safe sex. <br><br> Unsafe sex may put you or your partner at risk of STIs such as chlamydia, gonorrhoea, ...

1 Kommentare, 18 Angesehen, 6 Stimmen ,3.93 Gesamtpunktzahl
Mutual masturbation   27.3.2018

Mutual masturbation, watching and giving is probably my favourite. It's also the most safe way to enjoy sex with a new friend.

0 Kommentare, 25 Angesehen, 10 Stimmen ,3.98 Gesamtpunktzahl
sex   22.3.2018

i wish i could some pussy

0 Kommentare, 11 Angesehen, 8 Stimmen ,3.01 Gesamtpunktzahl
stiffnotes 40 M
9  Artikel
safer sex   22.3.2018

its all about using protection out here we all want to go bareback but is it worth a swelloed up pecker not for me but condems are.

0 Kommentare, 7 Angesehen, 3 Stimmen ,4.41 Gesamtpunktzahl
new   22.3.2018

im new to being bisexual i love sucking cock and wanting to try anal safe sex a must

0 Kommentare, 12 Angesehen, 5 Stimmen ,3.80 Gesamtpunktzahl
gandchodh 35 M
3  Artikel
Enjoy safe sex rather than unsafe   18.3.2018

Dear all we meet daily a lot of guys n ladies fr fuck by be cautious n careful fr safe sex.. as std disease spreading with u safe fuck... Have fuck n enjoy all safely even hv ass fuck with safety ciz it's most infectious place

2 Kommentare, 14 Angesehen, 7 Stimmen ,3.30 Gesamtpunktzahl
Funtimes1677 40 M
10  Artikel
Looking for some good safe fun   15.3.2018

I'm looking for some good safe fun. Very sexual and love a lot of foreplay. If there is any women that want pleasured, contact me!

0 Kommentare, 12 Angesehen, 7 Stimmen ,2.79 Gesamtpunktzahl
jjhonbou 23 M
2  Artikel
Stds are serious   3.3.2018

The best thing you can do now a days is to have safe sex you never know what people have and what people will lie about so i recommend you ladys and gents use a condom there is nothing bad about it they have ones that are like bareskin feels like you dont have one on but you do and you know it will keep you safe so listen to my advice use safe sex you will be happy in the long run.

0 Kommentare, 17 Angesehen, 13 Stimmen ,5.32 Gesamtpunktzahl
i love it   25.2.2018

i love sex with an older woman

0 Kommentare, 10 Angesehen, 7 Stimmen ,5.08 Gesamtpunktzahl
jackfitton20 24 M
5  Artikel
milfs in Ga   19.2.2018

young hung guy looking for milfs/cougars

0 Kommentare, 6 Angesehen, 1 Stimmen ,5.00 Gesamtpunktzahl
sexyshark1988 31 M
2  Artikel
sex in public places   18.2.2018

I put this in safe sex because I don't want people to know or see. I really want to start having sex in public places. The thrill of getting caught turns me on SO much. What are good places and what is the most exciting?

0 Kommentare, 17 Angesehen, 8 Stimmen ,4.41 Gesamtpunktzahl
XhuntBabla 46 M
4  Artikel
Not erotic but realistic.   18.2.2018

Love her after de clothing .Kiss her and allow to kiss . Suck the pvt. parts puting tongue on pussy drag slowly wait till she moan loud and louder.Don't break the Rhythm of love. Enjoy the partners enjoyment. It's me get erect my cock .

0 Kommentare, 14 Angesehen, 9 Stimmen ,4.07 Gesamtpunktzahl
PerformingWolf 54 M
5  Artikel
Safe or Raw   15.2.2018

We all know the pleasurable differences between covering up and doing it skin to skin, but given the dangers, the real dangers that are associated with casual sex these days is it wise to have unprotected sex. As one who has indulged regularly with raw sex and successfully run the gauntlet up until now, I have to say it feels like Russian Roulette and I have been lucky. Or perhaps, my selection ...

1 Kommentare, 24 Angesehen, 11 Stimmen ,4.48 Gesamtpunktzahl
what happen to me   5.2.2018

lets just say i got a bad end of the stick from a ex lover she had hsv and didnt tell me and now i have it. so if i can tell anyone anything is to wrap it or ask to see her test

1 Kommentare, 11 Angesehen, 6 Stimmen ,3.65 Gesamtpunktzahl
slurpee1967 51 M
3  Artikel
Do you play safe   21.1.2018

What are your thoughts safe or take the risks?

0 Kommentare, 7 Angesehen, 0 Stimmen
pusslover452 28 M
14  Artikel
safe sex   14.1.2018

what do you think is better safe sex or no condoms

0 Kommentare, 25 Angesehen, 4 Stimmen ,4.02 Gesamtpunktzahl
do_you_like_sex2 37 M
1  Artikel
Condoms   11.1.2018

What is the best feeling condom on the market?

0 Kommentare, 16 Angesehen, 4 Stimmen ,2.08 Gesamtpunktzahl
Sexo seguro   30.12.2017

Una de las formas más fáciles de que el sexo seguro sea más placentero es agregándole sensualidad. Pueden besarse y tocarse mientras buscan el condón o la barrera. Tu pareja puede ponerte el condón o la barrera como parte del juego erótico. Si usas un condón femenino, puedes pedirle a tu pareja que lo ponga en la vagina o el ano. La actitud lo es todo: cuanto mejor te sientas por usar ...

1 Kommentare, 3 Angesehen, 1 Stimmen ,2.40 Gesamtpunktzahl
Aishalewin 26 W
8  Artikel
Mi favotiro   27.12.2017

Cada 6 de septiembre se festeja el Día Mundial del Sexo. La combinación del día y del mes (6 del 9) aluden a la postura sexual en la que dos personas se practican sexo oral mutuamente, y de allí el motivo de tal celebración. <br><br> Dentro del mundo sexual, muchas las fantasías que a las personas le quedan por cumplir. Sucede que la imaginación, cuando se alía con el deseo y ...

3 Kommentare, 23 Angesehen, 12 Stimmen ,4.92 Gesamtpunktzahl
rockstar128048 35 M
13  Artikel
Safe Sex   26.12.2017

i want to lick and suck ur pussy and then i wil start spoiling dairy milk choclate on ur pussy and then i wil start licking and suck hard and at the same time i wil also be pressing ur both the boobs with my both the hands and i wil put choclate on ur body and lick as im licking a choclate on ur body just Imagine where wil u be "At the top of the World Kya" <br><br> i am ...

0 Kommentare, 4 Angesehen, 2 Stimmen ,1.04 Gesamtpunktzahl
Love safe sex   25.12.2017

Love safe sex <br><br> like to lick and suck a lot - want to spread ice cream on ur body and lick it before it melts and want to keep it on ur nipples and lick it just with my tongue before it melts and want to massage ur body with oil and play with ur pussy for a long time and want to take dairy milk eclairs hard chocolate and insert it in ur pussy from my mouth and search it with my ...

0 Kommentare, 5 Angesehen, 3 Stimmen ,5.39 Gesamtpunktzahl
coranimuscorcill 52 W
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Flavored Condoms w/o after taste???   24.12.2017

<br><br> Has anyone experienced using flavored condoms for safer oral sex? If so, is there an aftertaste?? After reading about antibiotic resistant Gonorrhea, See blog post called "Super Oral" Super Oral , (blog is always available to nonGold & Gold) I couldn't imagine non- monogamous oral.-Then again, sometimes even ...

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alejatorres 23 W
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Placer y sexo.   19.12.2017

El buen sexo es el resultado de comprender cómo funciona tu cuerpo. Todas las personas tienen impulsos sexuales diferentes y disfrutan de cosas diferentes cuando se trata de sexo, así que no te preocupes por ser “normal”. ¿Qué tipo de relaciones sexuales tiene la gente? <br><br> El sexo no tiene una receta única. Lo que te gusta a ti no tiene por qué gustarle a otra persona. ...

2 Kommentare, 15 Angesehen, 10 Stimmen ,4.18 Gesamtpunktzahl
Aishalewin 26 W
8  Artikel
Sado   15.12.2017

Sadomasoquismo es un acrónimo de los términos sadismo y masoquismo, en el cual una persona obtiene placer al ser dominado o maltratado durante el acto sexual. <br><br> El sadismo es la obtención de placer al realizar actos de crueldad o dominio. Este disfrute puede ser de naturaleza sexual y consensuada, en cuyo caso se considera una de las parafilias que se engloban bajo el ...

1 Kommentare, 6 Angesehen, 3 Stimmen ,4.41 Gesamtpunktzahl
protection   15.12.2017

is blow job with condom fun!!

0 Kommentare, 7 Angesehen, 2 Stimmen ,1.73 Gesamtpunktzahl
hotcock321000 43 M
1  Artikel
safe sex   15.12.2017

Safe sex is sexual activity engaged in by people who have taken precautions to protect themselves against sexually transmitted

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jacky98520 31 M
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尋桃園姐姐   15.12.2017

29歲的我 180/74



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shyIam007 26 M
5  Artikel
use of protection   29.11.2017

be aware to use of of protection at the time of having sex it prevent from so many things ie. aids, unwanted , infection etc. so keep a packet in your pocket always

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asslover5144 56 M
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what women prefer oral sex over intercourse   20.11.2017

im a guy who wonders many women prefer recieving oral sex over intercourse

1 Kommentare, 9 Angesehen, 2 Stimmen ,3.12 Gesamtpunktzahl
sandra19001 33 W
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sexo entre dos   11.11.2017

Me encantaria, que me penetren entre dos, que me hagan la cola y la conchita cuando estan por acabar me arrodillo y se las chupo hasta que me acaben en la boca y en las tetas. me trago toda la leche, me gustan las pijas gruesas y duras.El sabado voy a la noche estoy chateando y les mando nuevas fotos diganme en que posicion quieren y las mando

9 Kommentare, 46 Angesehen, 17 Stimmen ,5.39 Gesamtpunktzahl
To wear or not to wear   11.11.2017

I have always been a big fan of protection. Although I agree going without the rubbers feels amazing, the risks doing that with someone you don't know just don't out way the benefit in my opinion. I feel bad for those that have issues keeping it up without them though. Was curious how others feel.

1 Kommentare, 14 Angesehen, 6 Stimmen ,3.65 Gesamtpunktzahl
duke982000 51 M
21  Artikel
blank   11.11.2017

fuck it good

2 Kommentare, 19 Angesehen, 12 Stimmen ,5.27 Gesamtpunktzahl
How Important Is Safe Sex   8.11.2017

On a scale of 1 to 10, how Important is safe sex with someone you meet from this site? I myself would say 10.

3 Kommentare, 10 Angesehen, 5 Stimmen ,3.80 Gesamtpunktzahl
1  Artikel
Misconceptions   3.10.2017

I am amazed at how many people profess surprise at my nick name. Herpes is common, around 40%of adults have it, more in the USA. That means at an absolute minimum, there will will be around 30% plus people on here with it, maybe they dont know or just lie, but it's no big deal. The other misconception is that condoms will prevent it, they do not, and many cases are transmitted by oral. Which ...

2 Kommentare, 70 Angesehen, 10 Stimmen ,5.97 Gesamtpunktzahl
kik_discr33t4 31 M
3  Artikel
Don't get near...   25.9.2017

Don't get near any ceiling fans with your junk... this is serious people...

2 Kommentare, 13 Angesehen, 5 Stimmen ,2.49 Gesamtpunktzahl
Kittyam1992 24 W
1  Artikel
Se puede tener sexo seguro?   25.9.2017


me gustaría saber si aqui se puede tener sexo seguro. Hace tiempo que no tengo relaciones y ando muy ganosita jeje, pero quiero que sea algo seguro y esta pagina me la pasó una amiga pero no se si realmente se puede conocer gente con la cual tener una experiencia rica y segur.

4 Kommentare, 41 Angesehen, 8 Stimmen ,4.87 Gesamtpunktzahl
rodrigoJavier28 21 M
2  Artikel
sexy pene para chavas sexys que quieren sexo   22.9.2017

este sexy pene le pertenece a la persona que me able y que quiera sexo solo mujeres

1 Kommentare, 10 Angesehen, 3 Stimmen
jr197812 42 M
1  Artikel
Always Be Safe   22.9.2017

It is amazing that so many people make excuses not to practice safe sex. In this day and age so many diseases are out there and people always want to assume they are immortal. People be safe and have fun. Don't take any unnecessary chances!

3 Kommentare, 29 Angesehen, 15 Stimmen ,4.66 Gesamtpunktzahl
Jrod_153 25 M
9  Artikel
Do you prefer a condom or no condom?   3.9.2017

Ive met multiple women on this site. Those that hated the feel of a condom in their pussy and those that just dont want anything bare. I personally dont like a condom because it reduces the feel of your mate. I usually use thin condoms but it still doesnt compare to having no condom on. Whats your two cents on condoms.

6 Kommentare, 40 Angesehen, 9 Stimmen ,3.00 Gesamtpunktzahl
Jrod_153 25 M
9  Artikel
How do you ensure you have sex when we agree online to meet?   3.9.2017

The other day i chatted with a women who was down to fuck. When we finally got together she kept giving me the run around and in lay mans terms didnt want to have any intercourse but just talk. Like jeez we chatted for days and we finally meet up and she doesnt want to do anything. We still chat and meet but come on.

2 Kommentare, 42 Angesehen, 13 Stimmen ,3.65 Gesamtpunktzahl
KoKo50155 28 M
6  Artikel
opssssssssssss   27.8.2017


2 Kommentare, 8 Angesehen, 4 Stimmen ,0.92 Gesamtpunktzahl
alsaytara 34 M
2  Artikel
utilisation du preservatif   12.8.2017

j'utilise toujours un préservatif et y a des femmes qui ne veulent pas de préservatif en disant qu'elle est allergique, il m'est arrivé de renoncer à baiser parce qu'elle voulais que je la baise sans preservatif.

1 Kommentare, 22 Angesehen, 7 Stimmen ,3.04 Gesamtpunktzahl
onilon0616 30 M
2  Artikel
安全性行為 真的是保護大家 不過 無套也是很舒服   29.7.2017

我每次跟我喜歡的大姐姐做愛 雖然姐姐喜歡無套內射,不過 我都還是希望帶套子比較安全 雖然一直想內射。在一次跟姐姐的愛愛中 我終於受不了 了 我要求姐姐 我想內射 。姐姐超開心,她用濕我 的那 我也把她用得超濕 進去的瞬間 真的超舒服 。搞了15分鐘 想射的時候姐姐抓住我 表示忍住。 ...

1 Kommentare, 28 Angesehen, 8 Stimmen ,2.78 Gesamtpunktzahl
bobby1513000 37 M
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always be safe   26.7.2017

Always use condoms and dental dams during oral, anal, and vaginal sex — whether or not you have an STD.

Don’t have sex at all if you have any STD symptoms (like sores or warts around your genitals, weird discharge from your penis, vagina or anus, or itching, pain, irritation and/or swelling in your penis, vagina, vulva, or anus).

3 Kommentare, 32 Angesehen, 10 Stimmen ,3.58 Gesamtpunktzahl
Jizabelle4u2 35 W
0  Artikel
Memoires of a Broken Stilletto   26.7.2017

If it feels good do it. What my date doesn't know wont hurt them. YOLO. I think Mr. Leonard Nimoy said it best, "Live long and prosper."

what happens in ______ does not stay in _____. At least not in this day and age. What I am referring to is the ever present but rarely addressed need for Sex Education like the good old days of Sue Johanson of the popular 90s Canadian Sunday Night Sex ...

4 Kommentare, 34 Angesehen, 18 Stimmen ,4.76 Gesamtpunktzahl
Safe sex   22.7.2017

Safe sex is good. Especially when you write about it for points. How do you safe sex? Comment and get points for your efforts. This is my article

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Mrid69 28 M
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I wish to welcome to all ma midnight bedroom   17.7.2017

Hard to trying pussy cream

1 Kommentare, 14 Angesehen, 6 Stimmen ,4.50 Gesamtpunktzahl
Maca1993 27 W
2  Artikel
Por qué a los hombres les gusta el sexo anal?   7.7.2017

Aunque el sexo anal no a todas las mujeres les atrae, algo que no entendemos es por qué a los hombres les gusta tanto, ¿no es cierto? No es que tengan gustos exóticos o les atraigan las prácticas homosexuales.

La primera razón es que ellos se sienten poderosos y su ego masculino aumenta. Con el sexo anal ellos tienen el control de la situación. Las terminaciones nerviosas del ano ...

7 Kommentare, 81 Angesehen, 26 Stimmen ,6.48 Gesamtpunktzahl
hornycyber69 41 M
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sexo com seguro   1.7.2017

gostava de meter gostoso numa mulher policiaaa ou militar . deve ser muita tesaooo mesmooo...

1 Kommentare, 5 Angesehen, 1 Stimmen ,1.10 Gesamtpunktzahl
tght14u03 42 M
5  Artikel
Always have used protection   25.6.2017

When I was single, I always used protection. Never once did I not, even when the girl would say "i'm allergic to latex" sorry, can't do it then. The first time I had sex without a condom was after I got married....pretty damn incredible the feeling. Pussies feel amazing and fucking an ass bare is out of this world.

1 Kommentare, 39 Angesehen, 10 Stimmen ,4.18 Gesamtpunktzahl
bqsex69 43 P
2  Artikel
你有「恐愛症」嗎   24.6.2017

這個大概都會發生在條件不錯的人身上?! (Maybe) 因為做事都很擔心 怕自己表現不夠好 所以就特別費心的人 有位大學同學就是這樣子 先從他大學至研究所時糜爛的生活開始說起 上大學的他對性非常著迷 幾乎都去泡夜店 隔沒幾天就去玩 交往的女生不是一夜情 就是找援交妹/性工作者 ...

3 Kommentare, 54 Angesehen, 26 Stimmen ,4.86 Gesamtpunktzahl
lonlyhaha 26 M
5  Artikel
感謝那位性感厲害的姐姐   21.6.2017


雖然你說一開始看到我有些失望 太清秀了...

還好床上沒讓你失望 哈哈哈哈

希望下次還有機會 第一次約真難忘~~


我超愛熟女姐姐 歡迎私訊~~

5 Kommentare, 67 Angesehen, 11 Stimmen ,3.17 Gesamtpunktzahl
raprock98 21 M
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Mas rico con o sin condon?   14.6.2017

Para mi es mas rico sin condon pero obviamente me siento tranquilo con condon y a ustedes?

1 Kommentare, 22 Angesehen, 7 Stimmen ,2.79 Gesamtpunktzahl
jcherr022 47 M
5  Artikel
Sex on the first date   13.6.2017

How many times have you had sex on the first date?

5 Kommentare, 25 Angesehen, 9 Stimmen ,4.28 Gesamtpunktzahl
safe sex   8.6.2017

Its hard to describe safe sex,

we all want sex and to be safe how do we do that? We choose wisely.

1 Kommentare, 17 Angesehen, 11 Stimmen ,1.86 Gesamtpunktzahl
thedarkone87 33 M
4  Artikel
Interested?   2.6.2017

I hope so! I've been looking for some time... single male, interested in all but single males

1 Kommentare, 10 Angesehen, 2 Stimmen ,2.42 Gesamtpunktzahl
bird77tweety 42 W
1  Artikel
Why no condoms in the pictures?   17.5.2017

In this day in age safe sex should be a must. I understand some do it for picture purposes, but it is a turn off.

3 Kommentare, 45 Angesehen, 12 Stimmen ,4.92 Gesamtpunktzahl
daveb19827 35 M
9  Artikel
Period   17.5.2017

Can you really fuck a girl on her period?

2 Kommentare, 30 Angesehen, 3 Stimmen ,2.45 Gesamtpunktzahl
harsh4ffucking 29 M
1  Artikel
use Condom and have safe sex   5.5.2017

i am not an expert but i have seen the disaster which happen after unsafe or unprotected sex. One of my friend who is very popular in girls just because he is tall and handsume due to that many girls like him. it started when we are in our first year of college at that time he is having 2 Gf one in College and one at his nearby and he is having sex regularly with both of them some time with ...

5 Kommentare, 61 Angesehen, 15 Stimmen ,4.20 Gesamtpunktzahl
jeff3171 37 M
2  Artikel
safe   5.5.2017

always have sfe sex never unsafe

1 Kommentare, 13 Angesehen, 5 Stimmen ,3.80 Gesamtpunktzahl
meeting new mates   5.5.2017

getting to know people is fun tell you meet them the first thing is if they got any std and if you brought cumdoms. first thing that goes threw your mind is i just want to get laid that will come last. not everybody practice safe sex. it suck using a comdom because of the feel. and it suck feel like your using a bag but the good thing is when you get done you feel better that you used a comdum

2 Kommentare, 27 Angesehen, 10 Stimmen ,4.18 Gesamtpunktzahl
wildcountrygirlz 48 W
1  Artikel
Who needs it   3.5.2017

I like it raw, dripping wet, and taking each drop of cum in me....such from nasty boys that like pumping it into me for hours and hours.

6 Kommentare, 88 Angesehen, 27 Stimmen ,6.92 Gesamtpunktzahl
TheCaveman76 44 M
3  Artikel
Bareback in UK   30.4.2017

Are there many females here who like bareback or do you insist on playing safe ?

1 Kommentare, 19 Angesehen, 4 Stimmen ,3.63 Gesamtpunktzahl
Chanduboycool 24 M
2  Artikel
Safe sex   21.4.2017

Hello friends my name is chandu and i am gonna tell u about safety u should take while doing sex.U should always use a condom while doing sex it prevents transmission of diseases.if u done a sex without condom then girls should take pills like sayali in way to avoid pregnancy

4 Kommentare, 31 Angesehen, 7 Stimmen ,2.02 Gesamtpunktzahl
criss4011 48 M
2  Artikel
Que es el sexo anal?   8.4.2017

El sexo anal es la práctica sexual en la que se introduce el pene (o un juguete sexual en el caso de la masturbación anal) en el ano y en el recto de la pareja con la que se está practicando el coito.

Desde la Edad Media el sexo anal se ha considerado un tema tabú y a lo largo de los siglos casi todas las religiones lo han condenado. Las razones de este rechazo variadas, por un ...

1 Kommentare, 12 Angesehen, 5 Stimmen ,4.77 Gesamtpunktzahl
With or without   28.3.2017

Curious to see what most of the women's view points are of condoms. I have never had an issue using them and prefer them especially in newer relationships until you reach the point of a commitment. There are too many risks to gamble going without. No doubt, it always feels better without them for a number of reasons but we have to take care of ourselves!

2 Kommentare, 26 Angesehen, 8 Stimmen ,4.64 Gesamtpunktzahl
caliente1243671 45 M
6  Artikel
el sexo seguro se consigue solo con tu pareja ??   2.3.2017

el sexo seguro se consigue solo con tu pareja ??? o hay otra forma de poder tener sexo seguro ??? que opinion te merece

1 Kommentare, 10 Angesehen, 4 Stimmen ,3.25 Gesamtpunktzahl
Traumtyp73 46 M
1  Artikel
Welches Verhütungsmittel nehmt Ihr?   14.2.2017

Hallo, mich würde mal interessieren, welches Verhütungsmittel hier am meisten verwendet wird und weshalb.

Danke fürs mitmachen!

12 Kommentare, 227 Angesehen, 14 Stimmen ,2.50 Gesamtpunktzahl
76plan 40 M
4  Artikel
第一次   14.2.2017


現在自己做木材生意,經過10年的打拼從一個小業務到自己做生意,一步 步打拼下來,現在也算小有成就。尤其是這兩年生意好了,每年多少也能賺個幾 百萬。


1 Kommentare, 15 Angesehen, 7 Stimmen ,3.55 Gesamtpunktzahl
VooDooCurse 21 W
2  Artikel
Hablemos sobre condones :)   21.12.2016

Me gustaría que ustedes, queridos lectores, me dieran su opinion referente a diversos aspectos de los preservativos. Supongo que no soy la única que piensa que al contactar con usuarios por Transen Kontakte para planear encuentros el sexo seguro es algo muuuuuy importante.

¿Qué marca prefieren usar? ¿Porqué? ¿De qué tipo (delgados, texturizados, con sabor, etc)? ¿Has hecho sexo ...

6 Kommentare, 176 Angesehen, 37 Stimmen ,4.25 Gesamtpunktzahl
js17011717 30 M
1  Artikel
How Much Trust Is Needed?   15.12.2016

Can you ever really trust someone you meet on here enough to not use protection?

0 Kommentare, 17 Angesehen, 3 Stimmen ,2.94 Gesamtpunktzahl
joezghbi 41 M
5  Artikel
How do I have phone sex?   14.12.2016

Phone sex is the perfect way to make a carnal connection when you and your man are apart. And while the thought of it may leave you speechless, tantalizing talk isn't as tricky as you think. Just use your erotic imagination. Share your steamy desires, describe details from your favorite fantasy or tell him, step-by-step, what you wish you were doing to him.

Remember, aural sex isn't all ...

1 Kommentare, 21 Angesehen, 10 Stimmen ,3.78 Gesamtpunktzahl
bestpen4 44 M
1  Artikel
anal sex lover looking females only   12.12.2016

i m very hungry for sex like DOG. from long time i am try but not get any one. any age women or girls once meet me then u decide any thing . mail your likes or choice .i come to meet on your place...or where u feel safe . sweet love n kisses . i m wait for your mail ....

1 Kommentare, 38 Angesehen, 8 Stimmen ,2.32 Gesamtpunktzahl
play4curiousfun 48 M
4  Artikel
Annoyance with condoms   11.12.2016

I'm all for safe sex, but do you guys ever lose your hard-on once u slip that condom on after few minutes. It never seems the same when I put one on. I'll lose my boner and lose the excitement that was going on for a bit until I get hard again. Interested to hear some male thoughts on subject.

5 Kommentare, 65 Angesehen, 20 Stimmen ,2.61 Gesamtpunktzahl
rikirikardo80 39 M
1  Artikel
never bored :)   7.12.2016


1 Kommentare, 9 Angesehen, 1 Stimmen ,2.40 Gesamtpunktzahl
akshay1513000 37 M
5  Artikel
safe sex   6.12.2016

Safe sex is having sexual contact while protecting yourself and your sexual partner against sexually transmissible infections (STIs) and unplanned pregnancy. Sexual contact that doesn’t involve the exchange of semen, vaginal fluids or blood between partners is considered to be safe sex.

Condoms and safe sex

Condoms offer the best available protection against STIs by acting as ...

1 Kommentare, 20 Angesehen, 4 Stimmen ,4.80 Gesamtpunktzahl
stonecoldsw89 47 M
5  Artikel
Vsafe Men   6.12.2016

Inquiring minds want to know... Does a man being vasectomy safe mean no condom for most women/couples? Or, do you still require a condom to be even more safe?

3 Kommentare, 19 Angesehen, 6 Stimmen ,3.37 Gesamtpunktzahl
DerLecker3 41 M
2  Artikel
Kondom ein Spasskiller   3.12.2016

was denkt ihr darüber

3 Kommentare, 129 Angesehen, 11 Stimmen ,1.86 Gesamtpunktzahl
prostop 54 M
2  Artikel
lets get busy   25.11.2016

I allways like to know who you are

5 Kommentare, 35 Angesehen, 17 Stimmen ,6.52 Gesamtpunktzahl
reyya 33 T
1  Artikel
Always use condom with me darling   7.11.2016

My darkness skin

2 Kommentare, 57 Angesehen, 12 Stimmen ,3.68 Gesamtpunktzahl
bestpen4 44 M
1  Artikel
secret safe sex enjoy . anal sex   3.11.2016

i m hungry for sex like dog. i m crying for sex. i m begging sex. if any female like to enjoy secret sex enjoy . i m your pet or servant for sex. bestpen4 is my gmail id . tell me your choice or likes. i m traveling for work . come to meet you where u like . i like anal sex . long time i m try on line but not get any one . help me to get sex partner .

0 Kommentare, 32 Angesehen, 3 Stimmen ,2.45 Gesamtpunktzahl
LegoCam02 50 M
1  Artikel
Seguroidad En una cita sexual   23.10.2016

Si haz logrado establecer contacto con alguien y tu interes a llegado al punto de aceptar un encuentro sexual, toma en cuenta los siguientes tips:

1. Conocerse por Cam. Saber el aspecto de la persona por cam, no es malo, no se trata de tener cybersex, simplemente de saber quien es la persona del otro lado del ordenador. Te vi me viste, ya se con quien tendré el encuentro si me gustas ...

1 Kommentare, 16 Angesehen, 5 Stimmen ,3.14 Gesamtpunktzahl
bigguy9in707 57 M
2  Artikel
Sex partners   17.10.2016

How many sex partners at one time is preferred? Do you need the same amount of men and women

1 Kommentare, 10 Angesehen, 2 Stimmen ,1.04 Gesamtpunktzahl
B4 SAFE SEX CUMS WISDOM   15.10.2016

Hi my fellow Transen Kontakte brother and sisters,

I want to offer some friendly advice, not only to men but to women too. Please beware of the little foxes and wolves on this site who are on here targeting us innocent people on here just trying to have fun and meet great people.

We have to remember that some people are on here with BAD and DESTRUCTIVE motives. Be sure to keep ...

2 Kommentare, 35 Angesehen, 13 Stimmen ,4.99 Gesamtpunktzahl